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AP: Oil Is/Isn’t Seeping From BP’s Well

From a concerned Associated Press:

Feds look past oil leaking from BP’s cap

By Colleen Long And Matthew Daly, Associated Press Writers

July 20, 2010

NEW ORLEANS – Oil from BP’s blown out well is again seeping into the Gulf of Mexico, but this time, more slowly and scientists aren’t convinced the cap that stopped the flow last week is making things worse.

This sentence does not seem to be true, at least going by the rest of the AP’s article. There is no oil from BP’s well that is currently “seeping” into the Gulf. (See below.)

The government said Monday that oil was seeping into the Gulf after days of warning that the experimental cap on the oil well could cause more leaks.

Despite what at first seemed a setback, though, the federal government declared the development insignificant and forged ahead with BP’s plan for finally sealing the hole in the ocean floor.

Ever since the cap was used to bottle up the oil last week, engineers have been watching underwater cameras and monitoring pressure and seismic readings to see whether the well would hold or spring a new leak, perhaps one that could rupture the sea floor and make the disaster even worse.

Small amounts of oil and gas started coming from the cap late Sunday, but "we do not believe it is consequential at this time," retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said.

So there are some small amounts of oil and gas coming "from the cap." This is not ‘seepage.’

Also, seepage from the sea floor was detected over the weekend less than two miles away, but Allen said it probably has nothing to do with the well. Oil and gas are known to ooze naturally from fissures in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

That is, whatever “seepage” has been found is from miles away and is believed to have nothing to do with the BP well. So why did the AP lead off with the claim that the BP well was still “seeping” oil?

(Still, isn’t it nice that the AP has finally discovered that oil actually seeps naturally from the floor of the Gulf and other areas.)

At a Monday afternoon briefing in Washington, Allen said BP could keep the cap closed at least another 24 hours, as long as the company remained alert for leaks.

Since the cap was closed Thursday, beachgoers have reported less oil fouling the shore.

Bob Broadway, 41, of Huntsville, Ala., said his vacation spot in Orange Beach, Ala., has improved from a month ago.

Then, he said, the oil was thick "like chocolate" and the beach smelled like "an old mechanic’s garage."

"The beach looks better now than before," he said Monday

Hilarious. Does the AP really think that the effects of having the cap closed for four days would already be showing up on the beaches? And, moreover, that the beaches would suddenly be cleaner than they were before?

Articles like this should encourage anyone who is afraid that they might be too dumb to ever work for the news media.

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4 Responses to “AP: Oil Is/Isn’t Seeping From BP’s Well”

  1. bobbys says:

    The cap and the yellow police tape, The yellow chalk lines of Cheney and Bush just need to hold on past November .

  2. Right of the People says:

    “NEW ORLEANS – Oil from BP’s blown out well is again seeping into the Gulf of Mexico, but this time, more slowly and scientists aren’t convinced the cap that stopped the flow last week is making things worse. ”

    AP speak for Darn, we’ve got to look for a new story to beat our breasts and wring our hands about!

  3. canary says:

    What’s insane is talk of removing the cap. They could just use another cap.
    Glad there are all these articles saying it’s normal in seas and oceans as there is so much untapped oil. Time to drill.

    How come the news isn’t talking about the two drill sites on the side of the spill. There is seepage 2 miles away from the spill. Are the two new wells drilling that far from the hole?

    If it’s seeping it might mean it’s ripe for drilling it. Then years down the road, when the spot naturally replenishes drill again.

    God gave us natural things. Just like rabbits breed. Oil replenishes.

  4. untrainable says:

    Since the beaches look and apparently smell so much better after only 4 days, what’s the problem with drilling new wells? The danger has obviously been overstated.

    Now that the well is capped, and the leaking is from 2 miles away and is not related to the blown well, I guess it’s time for Obama to go down to the gulf, scoop a handfull of clean sand and proclaim himself our messiah once again. Making sure of course that there are legions of photographers there to document his return. I can almost hear the cries of “Yes We Can” all over again. I feel sick.

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