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AP On ‘Byline Strike’ Over New Healthcare Costs

From an unfazed Politico:

AP reporters go on byline strike

By HADAS GOLD | 1/30/14

Reporters and editors of The Associated Press are not putting their bylines on stories published Thursday in order to protest affordability issues with new health care and job-transfer proposals.

Oh, the irony. These AP reporters are so blinded by their love for Obama that they refuse to see how his mandates in Obama-Care have driven up their own health care costs.

The "byline strike" is for 24 hours, and 110 of 115 bureaus are participating, according to the News Media Guild, which represents many, though not all, AP employees.

“The intent of the byline boycott is to tell AP managers that staffers support their bargainers at the table and oppose AP’s proposals that include health care that would shift $10 million in costs to Guild-covered staffers; the ability to transfer staffers anywhere at anytime; and changes to expenses that could cost some staffers thousands of dollars,” Guild President Martha Waggoner said in a statement." …

The Huffington Post’s article on this ‘strike’ includes this line: "Members of the News Media Guild are taking action against the AP’s new health care proposals that the Guild says are largely unaffordable to most staffers."

Don’t these AP employees realize the $10 million dollars in healthcare costs that is being ‘shifted’ on to them is due to Obama-Care’s new mandates? That their old health care insurance is now illegal? Aren’t they supposed to be journalists?

If they really wanted to protest this problem at its source they would stop carrying Obama’s water for a 24 hours.  But then what would they write?

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2 Responses to “AP On ‘Byline Strike’ Over New Healthcare Costs”

  1. captstubby says:

    no byline is more like no paper trail for “Subversive Treason Against The State”.
    or like “Brave” Wisconsin Lawmakers running away from their duty and hiding out .
    and a “66 percent, he cast no vote ” Illinois Senator during his Presidential Campaign on Taxpayers time.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So they stuck their fingers in their ears, closed their eyes tight and are yelling, “I can’t hear you!” repeatedly at the top of their lungs.

    A very mature approach, considering.

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