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AP: Only Illegal Aliens Will Do Farm Work

From La Raza’s water carriers at the Associated Press:

Despite economy, Americans don’t want farm work

By Garance Burke, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 27, 2010

VISALIA, Calif. – It’s a question rekindled by the recession: Are immigrants taking jobs away from American citizens? In the heart of the nation’s biggest farming state, the answer is a resounding no.

Government data analyzed by The Associated Press show most Americans simply don’t apply to harvest fruits and vegetables. And the few Americans who do usually don’t stay in the fields.

"It’s just not something that most Americans are going to pack up their bags and move here to do," said farmer Steve Fortin, who pays $10.25 an hour to foreign workers to trim strawberry plants at his nursery near the Nevada border.

Then that settles it. We can’t give amnesty to the illegal aliens living in our country or we will lose our farm workers and starve to death.

The AP analysis showed that, from January to June, California farmers posted ads for 1,160 farmworker positions open to U.S. citizens and legal residents. But only 233 people in those categories applied after learning of the jobs through unemployment offices in California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona.

One grower brought on 36. No one else hired any.

And this is enough data for the AP to pronounce this as settled.

Sometimes, U.S. workers also will turn down the jobs because they don’t want their unemployment insurance claims to be affected, or because farm labor positions do not begin for several months, and applicants prefer to be hired immediately, Ruelas said

Once again, if we make the illegal aliens citizens who will be collecting unemployment insurance, who will do this work?

The majority of farmers rely on illegal labor to harvest their crops, but they can also use the little-known H-2A visa to hire guest workers, as long as they request the workers months in advance of the harvest season and can show that no Americans want the job.

Of the estimated 40,900 full-time farmers and ranchers in California, just 34, including Fortin, petitioned to bring in foreign farmworkers on the visas, according to government data for the first eight months of the year…

Once more, it’s clear the workers are illegal aliens who are living in this country. After they are made citizens, the farmers will have to turn to find more illegal aliens – and the cycle will continue.

More than half of farmworkers in the United States are illegal immigrants, the Labor Department says. Proponents of tougher immigration laws — as well as the United Farm Workers of America — say farmers are used to a cheap, largely undocumented work force, and if growers raised wages and improved working conditions, the jobs would attract Americans…

Or, the farmers will simply continue to find more illegal aliens. Luckily, Mexico seems to have an endless supply of poor people.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “AP: Only Illegal Aliens Will Do Farm Work”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Only illegals will do farm work?

    There is no way Steve would allow my REAL post to be printed here … after years spent farming and ranching.

    Here’s a direct unaltered copy of an email from my brother just this morning …


    while picking beans on my knees in rain and thinking about
    how to help Barney Frank’s challenger, this came to mind

    Are all the faggots in Congress tops, or does it
    just work out that way for the rest of us?

    I would have liked to be a speech writer, but I’d have
    been often unemployed…

    (end quote)

    Picking beans, on his knees, in the rain. 60 years old. Farming. Doing the hard work.

    I can only hope for God’s vengeance like Sodom and Gomorrah rains down on the AP one day. Nothin less will purify them of their corruption.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    “Doing the work Americans won’t do” has been the rally cry from those who turn a blind eye on the real damage being done by illegals.
    I do construction work on or around Fort Bragg, N.C. and American workers in my trade are being underbid by start up illegal run companies.
    One person learns English and subcontracts out to companies stating that his team can do the same work for half the regular price. These people live 15 to 20 in a trailer so there is no real cost to them in financial terms. Work and sleep is all they do except for the weekend soccer games at the parks.
    Of course the work is substandard. I know this from personally witnessing the work at the Wounded Warriors Barracks on Ft. Bragg. Bowed walls, walls offset by 2 inches in bathrooms to which plumbing did not fit between the drywall area. There was nothing in square anywhere throughout the building. The list goes on and on but it is the companies that sub this work out to them that are at fault. All for the lining of pockets…….mainly their own.

    Off Base construction sites are even worse but no one seems concerned as long as pockets get greased. (the magic envelopes that are left in pre-designated areas)
    $200,000.00 homes falling apart in a year or less………..
    “Doing the jobs Americans won’t do”

    • misanthropicus says:

      I remember that immediately after Katrina, these type of operations flourished around New-Orleans, construction “companies” with no record setting up shop around, bidding, getting bids, bringing in mystery workers, then doing a really crappy job –
      I don’t know what happened later – moved back to Chicago?

  3. wardmama4 says:

    Here are some thoughts on this drivel from the AP:
    1) Why are American farmers using humans at all? There are machines to do it – you pay one (financed & subsidized) payment and then it’s fuel and maintenance – saw one (well actually 3) doing a cornfield on Sept 17th – no need for all those illegals.
    2) The ‘farmers’ are cheating both the government – by probably paying in cash, thus skipping out on taxes and the consumer – bet you good money they are not selling at cut rate prices
    3) When these illegals become citizens – they will have to pay taxes – why in the world would they want to scr*w up the good thing they have going?

    Which leads me to the only conclusion I can come to – given how common sense deductions above seem to be being ignored by all involved – Something horrible toward the destruction of America is what is behind Shamnesty. Be afraid.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  4. misanthropicus says:

    I agree, it’s hard labor, and this is the situation, we have to import workers for this –
    However, are there now in the USA 13 million people sweating in the sun, picking up radishes?
    Nope – then, do we have 1 million people doing this?
    Nope – much less than that –
    Then… what’s going on?

    And why can’t we bring the 14th. to its originar intention, which wasn’t to grant any baby born from non-US citizens, the US citizenship –

  5. beefeater says:

    The late, great César Chávez Estrada, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, was vehemently opposed to illegal immigration. There are plenty of American citizens to do the work.

  6. canary says:

    We have a farm in my state which serves other states and they turn down U.S. citizens for Mexicans.

    If anything read Michelle Obama’s statement as to her pushing children to learn to grow food.
    She gives one reason that the children need to also get exercise for move forward, but their communities are too dangerous for them to go out and play. How the heck does she expect them to grow a garden in a dangerous neighborhood. And if she knew anything about the depression, she’d know, you couldn’t grow food without guarding your garden or farm with guns.

    In her speech Michelle also says computers make children fat.

    Meanwhile her husband lives with blackberry keeping up with the celebrities & interviews, and checking ratings.

    Since, Michelle does not practice what she preaches, and toasts wine as she says stupid things like children need to learn to make their own home made ketchup, and learn french fries come from potatoes? She’s nuts.

    Michelle Obama repeatedly told Huckabee that the government, namely Congress will change regs to enforce her program.

    When Senator Tom Coburn repeatedly asked the new Supreme Justice if she’d pass a bill that’s in Congress ordering people what they could eat, she refused to answer it.

    Michelle is hypocrisy & program for children to grow food at school. Obama is on target with children learning math & science, because Obama sucks at both of them. He can’t do math, and he has no idea about the environment. They are frauds; stars in a reality show that’s a true nightmare.


  7. AcornsRNutz says:

    This is BS and it makes me angry as hell. And the media have the audacity to ignore the strikingly high youth unemployment rates as well, which besides being a product of business killing legislation, is a victim of the illegal problem as well. Where I and many real Americans are from, there are really only a few jobs for unskilled laborers, and they are traditionally filled by teenagers. But even in my younger days in Maine of all places, we began having a hard time getting work picking blueberries and doing summer farm work because of waves of migrant workers. And my rinky dink town became like a city each summer, with filthy bums wandering the streets drunk and begging outside of mom and pop stores. Then a given harvest would end and they would all vanish. They were exploited and we lost jobs.

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