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AP Poll: Obama’s Approval Hits 60 Percent!

From a completely shameless Associated Press:

AP-Gfk poll: Obama approval hits 60 percent

By Liz Sidoti And Jennifer Agiesta, Associated Press
May 11, 2011

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years — 60 percent — and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll taken after U.S. forces killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

In worrisome signs for Republicans, the president’s standing improved not just on foreign policy but also on the economy, and independent Americans — a key voting bloc in the November 2012 presidential election — caused the overall uptick in support by sliding back to Obama after fleeing for much of the past two years.

Those ‘independents’ really hated Mr. Bin Laden, apparently. Or maybe they are just idiots with the memory capacity of mayflies. And they are swayed by the latest shiny object in the headlines.

Comfortable majorities of the public now call Obama a strong leader who will keep America safe. Nearly three-fourths — 73 percent — also now say they are confident that Obama can effectively handle terrorist threats. And he improved his standing on Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States’ relationships with other countries.

Never mind the steady stream of (thankfully botched) terrorist attacks that we have had under Mr. Obama. And ever mind the rifts that the US is now having with Pakistan, and for that matter the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq — and practically every other country around the world.

More importantly, wasn’t President Bush was "a strong leader" who would "keep America safe"? In fact, he did so for eight years. And look at his poll numbers back in the day.

Despite a sluggish recovery from the Great Recession, 52 percent of Americans now approve of Obama’s stewardship of the economy, giving him his best rating on that issue since the early days of his presidency; 52 percent also now like how he’s handling the nation’s stubbornly high 9 percent unemployment.

The economy remains Americans’ top issue.

It sure doesn’t sound like it, judging from this ‘bizarro world’ poll.

Impressions of the nation’s fiscal outlook have improved following last Friday’s positive jobs report, which showed American companies are on a hiring spree.

Is there no lie too big for our news media to tell? Unemployment went up in April. And almost half of our adult workforce has even given up looking for work.

No wonder the general public is so deluded — if we are to believe these poll numbers — which we do not.

More people now say that the economy got better in the past month and that it’s likely to continue doing so in the coming year.

Also, more Americans — 45 percent, up from 35 percent in March — say the country is headed in the right direction. Still, about half — 52 percent — say it’s on the wrong track, meaning Obama still has work to do to convince a restive public to stay with the status quo.

Damn that ‘restive’ public.

Some have seen enough to know they’ll stick with him. "I was happy about bin Laden," says Brenda Veckov, 42, of Hollidaysburg, Pa. "I put my fists in the air. To me, it was just a little bit of closure for the United States."

"The president made the right decisions on this one. And I will vote for him again."

And never mind that he has made the wrong decisions every other time. And God help this country with such a brain dead electorate.

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7 Responses to “AP Poll: Obama’s Approval Hits 60 Percent!”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I’m running out of room for more rays of sunshine to be packed up my arse.

    “Golly gee, Mrs Cleaver. The Beaver sure is swell!”

  2. proreason says:

    they bought a new ouiji board just in time

  3. untrainable says:

    convince a restive public to stay with the status quo
    So, in the beginning the mantra was hope and change, now it’s status quo? Yeah, we needed to change unemployment from 4% to a stubborn 9%. We needed to change our place in the world from superpower to international laughing stock. We needed to change our relationships with our allies around the world so that everyone would love America again. Yeah, those muslims sure love us now eh? What’s the new theme for the 2012 election? We go from hope-ity change-ity BS to we must continue the same failed policies of the past. Funny huh?

    The only hope I have is that the little bastard doesn’t get re-elec ted.

  4. DANEgerus says:

    The AP whored itself by oversampling (D)emocrats to (R)epublicans 2 to 1. The actual ratio is about 1 to 1. The blogosphere is lighting up on the subject but the real lesson should be that the AP goose-steps.

  5. Astravogel says:

    AP: “Oops, My Bad. That poll was for May 2012.”

  6. Not so fast says:

    The Associated Press is here at the White House to do a poll on Barack Hussein Obama. Here come someone, excuse me aren’t you Sasha Obama?
    we are doing a poll who do you like?
    For President?
    Sarah Palin.
    Scribling furiously

    Excuse me aren’t you Malia Obama?
    Who do want to be President?
    Sarah Palin.
    Scribling furiously

    Excuse me aren’t you Michelle Obama?
    Who do you want to be President?
    Barack Hussein Obama!

    Polling data by AP says 60% for Barack Obama!

  7. eaglewingz08 says:

    The poll relied upon 50 percent democrats will likely have these results. Of course they are nowhere near the actual voting percentages of the populace. But why let science get in the way of propaganda polls.

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