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AP: Poll Proves Election Not GOP Mandate

From the shameless (and tireless) disinformation agents of the Associated Press:

AP-GfK Poll: Public mixed on GOP tax, health plans

By Alan Fram, Associated Press Writer Thu Nov 11, 2010

WASHINGTON – People back Republican tax cut plans but not the GOP campaign to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, according to a poll suggesting that the Republicans’ big Election Day win was not a mandate for the party’s legislative wish list.

Of course not. No election where Republicans win is ever a mandate. Whereas every election a Democrat wins is always a mandate. In fact, you can get a mandate by winning less than 50% of the vote. (Just ask Mr. Clinton.)

Fifty-three percent say income tax cuts that soon will expire should be renewed for all — including the highest earners, as Republicans want — according to an Associated Press-GfK Poll conducted just after last week’s elections. But 44 percent would continue the cuts only for those earning under $250,000 a year — which Obama favors — or let them lapse for everyone.

Let’s see. 53% to 44% means people are "mixed" on extending the Bush tax cuts to everyone. But when Mr. Obama received 52.9% to Mr. McCain’s 45.7%, that was considered a landslide and an unmistakable mandate. Go figure.

When it comes to the health care law Obama signed in March, just 39 percent back the GOP effort to repeal it or scale it back. Fifty-eight percent would rather make even more changes in the health care system or leave the measure alone.

Once again, note how artfully the AP grouped these questions. We suspect that the number of people who believe that Obama-care should be repealed or changed is huge compared to those who think it should be left alone. But the AP would never put things that way.

Still, why are we even having this discussion? Didn’t we have an election just last week? Already, the shameless propagandists at the AP are trying to convince us that it was all a mirage. That it was meaningless.

Two-thirds want the Senate to ratify Obama’s nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia, including most Democrats, about 6 in 10 Republicans and independents — and even about half of conservative tea party supporters…

Not that we believe these numbers, either. But exactly how many people in this poll could even begin to explain what the START treaty with Russia is all about?

Tax cuts and Obama’s health care law were top-tier issues in this fall’s congressional election campaign, which ended with the GOP gaining a majority of seats in the House and narrowing their Senate minority…

And yet it turns out that the November 2nd elections were meaningless. We have to have contorted polls from over-sampled Democrats to find out really what we were thinking.

(For the record, the respondents to this AP/GFK poll identified themselves as 39% Democrat to 38% Republican, and 6% "Independent" – meaning Democrats.)

"I think everybody wants change," said Steven Lamb, 60, a Tennessee state government worker in Nashville who voted Republican last week despite opposing the party’s stance on tax cuts and health care

The AP never fails to find such people to buttress their current line of agit-prop. Or make them up.

The poll also found:

— Sixty-three percent rarely or never worry about being victims of terrorism.

Almost two-thirds think Obama is handling terrorism effectively.

Sixty-two percent don’t want any countries to have nuclear weapons, while just 6 percent said any country that develops them should be able to keep them

Oh, yeah. These people have a great grasp on reality. Did the AP do their polling at a California pot farm?

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6 Responses to “AP: Poll Proves Election Not GOP Mandate”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, although lots and lots of people voted Republican courtesy of the amazing effort by the nascent Tea Party (Go Tea!) there’s such a long way to go it’s breath taking …

    Hat Tip

    Incumbent Re-Election Rates In The 2010 Mid-Terms

    Back in June, I wrote about the 2010 elections and made this observation:
    If history is any guide, then it seems very likely that we’ll see something in the range of 90-94% of the incumbents in the House of Representatives who are up for election win their races. As 1994 demonstrates, of course, this still means that there could be a change in party control, but a change in party control is not the same thing as a change in personnel. In the Senate, on the other hand, a change of, say, six seats would drop of the incumbent re-election rate to 81%, but would not give the Republicans control of the Senate. To do that, they’d need to pick up 11 10 seats, which seems incredibly unlikely.
    Given all the natural advantages they have, I think it’s fairly clear that most incumbents in Congress will survive this wave of anti-incumbency just like they’ve survived all the others.

    It turns out that I was off, but not by much.

    In the House of Representatives, 87% of the incumbents who stood for election were re-elected. This is slightly below the historical trend over the last several decades, and lower than the re-election rate in 1994, 2006, and 2008:

    In the Senate, and assuming Lisa Murkowski’s write-in bid is successful, 84% of the incumbents who stood for re-election were successful (the number drops to 80%). Again, this is fairly consistent with the historical rate over the past forty years or so:

    So, despite the changes that many are calling “historic,” the fact of the matter is that incumbents were, for the most part, as safe in 2010 as they have been in previous elections.

    Update: A commenter brings up the issue of incumbent retirements so I went and took a look at the numbers:
    There were 15 open Senate seats (8 Democratic, 7 Republican). Of those 4 flipped to the opposing party, all of those were seats formerly held by a Democrat being won by a Republican. That gives us a party open seat retention rate of 73% in the Senate
    There were 45 open House seats (24 Democratic, 21 Republican). Of those, 16 flipped to the opposing party, all but one of those (Delaware-At Large) were Democratic seats that went Republican. that gives us a retention rate of 64%

    So, although we happy few, we merry band of Real Americans soothe ourselves that America turned it’s back on Obama and ObamaCare, the SAME LOUSY CLUB OF OLD BOY TAX AND SPEND VAMPIRES IS STILL FIRMLY ENSCONCED, DUG IN LIKE TICKS AND READY TO FEED ON THE HOST EVEN MORE.

    The People have yet to un-Elect the problem.

  2. bobbymike says:

    Interesting how the poll results for the nuclear weapons question is the exact opposite of a poll I saw at the Heritage Foundation that said roughly 70% of Americans wanted to maintain and strengthen the strategic nuclear deterrent.

    So who did they poll?

  3. proreason says:

    AP’s latest poll……..brought to you by the same people who created Obamy’s autobiography.

  4. canary says:

    The media does not want to pay health benefits to their employees. So many part time journalists with so much time on their hands in the rat race.

    So, the media moguls & hobbyists see eye to eye in what they believe is free health care. Never any problem with the media finding journalists who’ll write or not write what their bosses want.

    Voters just wanted change? Voters realized that “Obama’s change” meant change America into a different country.

    The word “America” has always caused a bad taste in Obama’s mouth. The word “America” has always caused his blood to boil. Eventually, he would get around to changing the name of this country if he could.

    Obama has now learned that he can never reside in any of the muslim countries and be treated as a King. Africa, too poor & backward for him. South Korea may be a winner for him. They don’t understand a word he says.

  5. tranquil.night says:

    Noticing some fraying around the edges on our side when it comes to this idiocy. Have to call out Morrisey http://hotair.com/archives/2010/11/12/is-liberalism-dead/ because he’s usually not this careless and short-sighted in marginalizing the Tea Party, unlike his chump centrist counter-part:

    “More people vote now as independents, and seem less motivated to vote on ideology or philosophy than for what they think will work. That will force politicians and the two parties to narrow their focus to the priorities that bring the most people together and give a clear explanation of how their policies will deliver results.”

    The Democrat priorities are irreconcilable with what needs to be done to save this country. It’s either going to be a compromise on their end to those of our principles they can politically shift to without being thrown out of their Ruling Class clique, or it’s going to be gridlock for two years, with us explaining (as we are) why such a course is healthy and necessary. This is going to be the reality, as everyone on both sides who understands ideology knows. The mythical center is a total fantasy since 2008. Anyone living there now is doing so because they’re too spineless to want to acknowledge that there’s war happening for the soul of our country, they don’t want to choose a side or too spooked of the consequences, or worse – they want to rebrand an authentic movement in their own image.

    The idea that Independent voters are non-partisan, non-philosophical, is also a stupid post-election myth, that dozens of polls over the past couple of years have invalidated. 40% or more now call themselves Conservatives, like Todd Palin they just knew from experience that you can’t always trust the Republican brand. But again, if you’re a beltway insider elite who sneers at ideology for the elated science of studying polls and focus groups of different classified stereotypical demagogues, then you think there’s this great unwashed centrist America which represents the true majority that really doesn’t care if we are a Constitutionally limited government or overbloated bureaucratic behemoth. Just everyone play nice and put something together, ahem non-ideological, that nevertheless works. Just make a government that works. That’s all the Peasants want. Well even that is an ideology, so drop the manipulative wordplay.

    Rapidly losing interest in HA especially following Zero’s departure. They’re slacking on the issues for the web traffic of intra-party political horse-racing, which is all meaningless and counter-productive to the challenges the movement faces for the time being. Everyday it’s a new poll and “What Will Sarah Do” (WWSD)!! Christ Almighty grow up..

  6. Tater Salad says:

    Are you a Barack Obama supporter and did you vote for him? If so, then you voted for Socialism in America.


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