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AP Poll Proves Voters Doubt Palin’s Ready

From those champions of crashing the glass ceiling at the Associated Press:

Palin facing voters who doubt her readiness

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin enters her debate Thursday night with Democratic rival Joe Biden as many voters harbor serious doubts about her readiness for the nation’s highest office.

An AP-Gfk poll released Wednesday found that just 25 percent of likely voters believe Palin has the right experience to be president. That’s down from 41 percent just after the GOP convention, when the Alaska governor made her well-received debut on the national stage.

Thursday night’s debate in St. Louis gives Palin a chance to overcome the doubts in a 90-minute showcase, her first lengthy give-and-take session since joining the GOP ticket with presidential candidate John McCain…

Palin has granted just a handful of interviews and has appeared at times to be uninformed about national issues. For example, in a CBS News interview aired Wednesday she appeared unable to cite a Supreme Court decision with which she disagreed while saying many decisions had divided Americans

Isn’t it strange how those thinking Mrs. Palin has enough experience seems to have gone down:

An AP-Gfk poll released Wednesday found that just 25 percent of likely voters believe Palin has the right experience to be president. That’s down from 41 percent just after the GOP convention, when the Alaska governor made her well-received debut on the national stage.

How could that be after all the fawning press she has received?

As usual, this poll was skewed by the AP to get the results they sought:

Methodology for AP-GfK Poll on presidential race

By The Associated Press

The Associated Press-GfK Poll on the 2008 presidential race was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media from Sept. 27-30, 2008. It is based on landline and cell phone telephone interviews with a nationally representative random sample of 1,160 adults which included 808 likely voters from all states. Interviews were conducted with 889 respondents on landline telephones and 271 on cellular phones.

Likely voters completed the entire survey; the balance of the sample completed a shorter version of the questionnaire.

Digits in the phone numbers dialed were generated randomly to reach households with unlisted and listed landline and cell phone numbers.

Interviews were conducted in both English and Spanish.

As is done routinely in surveys, results were weighted, or adjusted, to ensure that responses accurately reflect the population’s makeup by factors such as age, sex, education, and race. In addition, the weighting took into account patterns of phone use — landline only, cell only and both types — by region.

Looking at the poll itself (a pdf file) we find:

(Click images to enlarge)

Then, in the next chart, these number inexplicably change to:

We’re not sure which it is. Do only 51% think Mr. Obama has “the right type of experience to successfully serve as President of the United States”? Or is it 56%

Either way, why isn’t the headline that only 51-56% of those polled think Mr. Obama has the right experience to be President?

Isn’t that the far more shocking story?

Meanwhile, our one party propaganda machine grinds on relentlessly:

Alaskans cringe after month of listening to Palin

By MATT VOLZ, Associated Press Writer

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anchorage, Alaska (AP) — Alaskans’ two-year honeymoon with Gov. Sarah Palin may have ended around the time the Republican vice presidential candidate started saying that she told Congress “thanks but no thanks” on the Bridge to Nowhere…


Palin draws skepticism even in conservative South

By BEN EVANS, Associated Press Writer

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Huntsville, Ala. (AP) — John Thomas has lots of reasons to support John McCain for president. Like McCain, Thomas is a former Navy officer. They’re about the same age, and Thomas considers himself a political independent with a conservative bent.

But Thomas, a one-time supporter of President Bush, said McCain running mate Sarah Palin’s recent interviews sealed his decision to vote for Democrat Barack Obama.

“She’s not prepared at all,” Thomas, 70, said as he loaded groceries into his car outside a Sam’s Club warehouse store on the outskirts of Huntsville. He said listening to Palin argue that Alaska’s proximity to Russia was a foreign policy credential “frightened me to death.” …


Skepticism of Palin Growing, Poll Finds

By Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, October 2, 2008; Page A01

With the vice presidential candidates set to square off today in their only scheduled debate, public assessments of Sarah Palin’s readiness have plummeted, and she may now be a drag on the Republican ticket among key voter groups, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll…


Mind you, this last is yet another “poll” masquerading as news.

And the beat(ing) goes on.

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19 Responses to “AP Poll Proves Voters Doubt Palin’s Ready”

  1. BillK says:

    Palin-bashing of the day, from the Los Angeles Times:

    A less-popular Sarah Palin heads to debate

    John McCain’s running mate still appeals to many on a personal level, but other voters have grown wary of her experience.

    By Maeve Reston

    When Sarah Palin was introduced five weeks ago as John McCain’s running mate, her impact seemed seismic. With her injection of youth and energy to the Republican ticket, McCain’s advisors predicted she would be a strong draw to women — particularly independents and supporters of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton who were reluctant to back Barack Obama.

    That seemed plausible as the Alaska governor attracted large crowds to rallies and was credited with a surge in the polls for McCain.

    But as she faces her biggest test, tonight’s debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, Palin’s star power appears to have faded. She dropped out of the headlines as the financial crisis captured attention, and her shaky performance in interviews with CBS anchor Katie Couric was widely seen as a potential problem for the McCain campaign.

    Palin is still enormously popular among Republicans and continues to stoke enthusiasm in the party’s base, but as voters learn about her, many have started to view her unfavorably. After the GOP convention, more than half of the voters surveyed by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press said she was qualified to be president. In a Pew poll released Wednesday, just 37% said she would be ready to take over for McCain.

    And polls now show little evidence to support the McCain campaign’s hope that she will attract female swing voters in significant numbers.

    A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll last month found that Palin held no particular sway with women. Among independent voters, she was more popular with men: 44% said they were more likely to vote for McCain because of Palin, whereas just 31% of women said so. The poll also found just a quarter of Clinton’s former supporters were more inclined to choose the Arizona senator because of his running mate.

    Irene Holcomb, a retiree from Duluth, Minn., is an independent voter who favored Clinton but now backs Obama. Initially, she said, she saw Palin as “the perfect woman,” but she has watched her interviews and now says she “comes off like she really doesn’t what she’s talking about.”

    Like Holcomb, a number of female Clinton supporters surveyed said they were concerned about Palin’s qualifications. Nearly all singled out her lack of foreign policy experience. …


    In short, the liberal Pew center says Ciinton and Obama voters don’t like Palin.

    Got it.

    I also love:

    Such negative impressions of Palin are on the upswing after her unsteady interviews and unflattering news reports about her record, including her decision not to cooperate with the investigation into her firing of Alaska’s public safety commissioner.

    In polling by Pew between Saturday and Monday, 4 in 10 voters said they viewed her unfavorably, compared with 32% in a poll taken two weeks earlier.

    MSM bashes Palin, impression of Palin goes down.

    How shocking.

  2. Diane says:

    An AP-Gfk poll released Wednesday found that just 25 percent of likely voters believe Palin has the right experience to be president. You know, I actually agree with them. The problem is that Palin isn’t running for President. Her qualifications for Vice-President are just fine. I’d be far more interested in a poll that asked people to rank the four candidates in terms of their readiness to be President. Mr. Obama would definitely end up on the bottom of that poll.

    And just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea why you would want to take into account “patterns of phone use — landline only, cell only and both types — by region.”? What the heck does that have to do with this poll?

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    WHAT SARAH NEEDS TO SAY! “I wasn’t brought in to make John McCain seem credible on foreign policy, military affairs, the inner workings of Washington like my opponent was!”

    “If you want to know how to balance a payroll with 20,000 people on it & balance a 40 billion dollar budget, then I’m your guy!”

    “If you want to know how to get Washington out of the way of the people, then I’m your guy!”

    “If you want to know how oil gas gets pumped out of the ground, put into a pipe and delivered 1,500 miles away to a ship that then delivers it to Asia, then I’m your guy!”

    “If you want to know how to win a war, negotiate wtih friends and deal with our enemies, THEN ASK JOHN McCAIN!”

    “Next Question! And make it a good one this time!”



  4. GTBurns says:

    With these polls getting skewed it is going to be a shock if McCain wins in November. This will lead to a total collapse of the DEM party and the MSM’s credibility will be shot. There will be only one winner..Hillary Clinton who can run in 2012 as the “see I told you so candidate”.

    I do not think Obama is getting all the support the MSM is saying he has. Sure he gets the large crowds mostly made up of activist groups who are given tickets to fill the seats like some low attendance televised awards show. How many of the crowds at these rallies are being made up of the same people from ACORN, NAACP, the DNC and whatever to swell out the numbers.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    As a NYG fan, there is nothing sweeter than watch the vacuum of defeat from your boastful opponent.

  6. therightguy says:

    Jeez, they never called me. McCain has the cards stacked against him. Why are we comparing Palin and Obama? Obama is running and he has no more experience (less really) than she does, and he’s running for the top job. What you have here is agism and sexism. Agism in that people see that there is a good chance that Palin could succeed McCain because he is OLD. There is sexism because the choice is between a black man and a white woman. Who loses that EEO poker game? I guess the white woman does, at least with democrats.

  7. wardmama4 says:

    Well the phone polls is the problem – we don’t answer the phone unless your name & number show up (apparently the guy who had this number prior to us (2004) was a deadbeat and we got sick and tired of telling credit collections that we weren’t Joseph over and over again) – We however are getting daily calls for Obama (not to mention those little Vote Early, Vote Often flyers with appy for absentee voting (w/Obama ads, just to make sure the point is made).

    I really think (seeing Shamnesty and now Bailout) that these guys would be loathe to govern by polls’ but since the msm is in the tank for them – these polls are as meaningless as the headlines.

    In my world of reality Palin will knock BIden out of the ring – however with the ‘moderator’ in the tank for Obama – I guess a draw is the best we can hope for. But really, just one real good zinger will be enough to undo Biden (he is just so stupid).

  8. Colonel1961 says:

    John Thomas from Huntsville, AL? I’ll look him up in the phone book and give him a call…

    Just another man-on-the-street interview from the NYT playbook.

  9. Consilience says:

    Reality Bytes, You’re spot on! McCain did his best to throw the right a bone by selecting Gov Palin. McCain frustrates the right because he’s not one of us, but he’s a damned site better than the high-holy-anointed lord obama. I believe Gov Palin can do all the things you list, and more. The good people of Alaska know her intimately and like her—the anointed messiah has no one vouching for him or his journey to the nomination. All of his associations are suspect and covered-up—but the msm continues to focus on Gov Palin. We should put the msm out of business—stop buying their products and watching their shows.

  10. Anonymoose says:

    My cynicism about MSM polling was confirmed during the “Million Mom march” gun control fiasco. The “Director of Polling” for one of the big three news organizations (And, no, I don’t remember which one now) was on a message board and people were grilling him about the tactics and methods of the polls; he accused anyone of disagreeing with him of being told to be there by a “membership organization,” a thinly veiled slight at the NRA.

    If the guy running the polls has his mind set, how can we trust anything he says? Also, all this weighting and adjusting of the polls, either report the numbers and what you asked, or don’t bother. If you only got ahold of 25 college students in Berkeley for your survey about how Obama will save us or McCain will lose, then say so.

    As for Palin, it’s time to let her personality roar. I’m about 100 miles from Ground Zero on this debate and I can hear the Liberals rubbing their palms from here; let’s just hop Biden helps her out by sticking his foot in his mouth again.

  11. Icarus says:

    Only the Devil itself could deceive so many!

    I’m not saying that BHO is the anti-Christ… :-)
    But the fact that very many know little about him…

    -and what is known is either of; puzzling and lacking details, or it leaves one gobsmacked-

    …tells me a great deal!

    Add to this, that a majority of the populace don’t seem to mind one little bit…. Well?

  12. wardmama4 says:

    At American Thinker


    is an article with a really great point -‘If she is not qualified, none of them are, and we’d better dump ‘em all and start over.’-

    The drivel I’ve been reading lately (when one can get past the bs on the economy) is that Gov Palin isn’t experienced enough to be President, well: 1) newsflash: she isn’t running for President, 2) Did that mean President Carter & Clinton weren’t experienced enough to be President (yes, I know the answer to that – but once again, see #1).

    The only thing that keeps me going is that Obama has nothing to offer beyond his blackness (remember he is bi-racial) and his desire to keep and expand abortion (and of course most liberal social programs).

    And that isn’t enough to win – 2000 and 2004 proved it. We wouldn’t be in the mess we are in (economy, Obama, McCain) if so many Repubs hadn’t wanted to ‘teach’ the Rs in Congress a lesson – and held onto our majority.

    A 9% approval rating – should mean that Dems in Congress are going to lose and lose big. And of course chosing the worst candidate that they could – means that the Dems probably will also lose that one – I just hope that McCain can control McAmnesty long enough to win big in Nov.

    Otherwise, things are going to get worse – and in a hurry.

  13. Colonel1961 says:

    ‘As is done routinely in surveys, results were weighted, or adjusted, to ensure that responses accurately reflect the population’s makeup by factors such as age, sex, education, and race.’ Yeah, right.

    Or, said another way, to fit our preconceived notions.

    Or, said another way, to ignore the actual results.

    Or, said another way, we’ll tell you what is ‘truthy’…

  14. Enthalpy says:

    The self-fulfilling prophecy raises its ugly head once again. Only our MSM would consider its own polls and assessments valuable after having beaten the Republican VP candidate close to death since the announcement of her selection. All of the vile descriptions of the press have been made; they are all of those things and much more. More than any of those things, they are liars. They don’t know the truth or won’t use the truth. The damage to our nation brought about be these treacherous people may never be known.

  15. sheehanjihad says:

    the reason we havent had a terror attack in seven years, in my opinion, is because Al Qaida is telling every terrorist to just sit back, and let America destroy itself. The democrat party is more guilty of terrorism than the muslims could ever hope to be. With political correctness and socialist agendas as their weapons of choice, they have successfully chopped a great country to pieces in less than two years.

    Democrats and muslims. Two of the most virulent plagues against liberty that ever crawled the earth.

  16. Steve says:

    From Time Magazine:

    Poll: Palin Less Popular with Women Voters Than with Men

    By Massimo Calabresi Thursday, Oct. 02, 2008

    As Sarah Palin braces for her vice-presidential debate tonight with Joe Biden, a new TIME poll shows the Alaska Governor is surprisingly unpopular among likely women voters.

    Overall, Palin is viewed favorably by 47% of likely voters and unfavorably by 40%. But her numbers are worse among women than men: 45% of all women surveyed have a negative opinion of Palin, compared to 42% who view her positively. Fifty-two percent of men have a favorable opinion, while 35% are in the unfavorable camp…


    Aren’t polls amazing things.

    They somehow always manage to tell us exactly what our one party media wants us to be told.

  17. U NO HOO says:

    Was FDR qualified?

  18. Media_man says:

    Yo, SG, why no Palin-Biden debate string? She’s holding her own, I think she’s winning.

    There’s only 10 minutes left & Joe looks like he’s having an aneuryism.

    She’s doing great.

    People will forget about Couric, Gibson after this.

  19. Lurkin_no_mo says:

    SJ, I think the reason we haven’t had another attack is because we took the battle to their doorstep.
    It’s easy to surprise a nation that isn’t looking for an attack; i.e. Pearl Harbor, the USS Maine, 9-11.
    It’s harder for the enemy to attack a nation that is prepared and alert. Although I disagree with the politically correct methods our airlines and Homeland Defense have set up to prevent the next set of hijackings. I’m also sure that if they are able to launch another attack, they will use a totally different tactic.
    But I do agree with your assessment that a dhimmi win will make it much easier for the terrorists to attack us… or just allow O’Bambi and the dhimmi congress to surrender.
    Hey! Burkhas for all! Death to all pork eaters! One Nation, under Alllahallahallahhh.

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