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AP Poll: US Aimed Wrong Way, Most Want New Leaders

From the whirling dervishes at the Associated Press:

With US aimed the wrong way, most want new leaders

By JENNIFER AGIESTA | August 6, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress has checked out, and the American people have noticed. Three-quarters of Americans doubt the federal government will address the important problems facing the country this year, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

All told, only 28 percent of Americans think the nation is heading in the right direction, the lowest level in August of an election year since 2008. It’s about on par with 2006, when Democrats took control of the U.S. House amid a backlash to the Iraq war. This time around, it’s not clear whether either party will benefit from the disaffection.

No, it’s a complete mystery which party will do better in the midterms.

One-third say they hope the Republicans take control of Congress outright this fall — which the GOP can accomplish with a net gain of six seats in the U.S. Senate while holding the U.S. House. The same share want to see Democrats lead Congress — a far less likely possibility. The final third? They say it just doesn’t matter who takes control of Congress.

This is the third that the AP and the rest of the news media love. In fact, it’s clear this article has just one single purpose, and that is to suppress the turnout for the midterms.

After all, why bother to vote when there is no difference which party controls the government? Just stay home and watch cartoons.

[T]he GOP now holds narrow advantages over Democrats on handling an array of top issues, including the economy, immigration and the federal budget. But neither party is trusted much to manage the federal government, with 27 percent having faith in the GOP to 24 percent in Democrats. More people, 31 percent, say they trust neither party to run the federal government…

So don’t bother to vote in the midterms. It’s not going to make the slightest difference in the final analysis.

Overall, few express faith in those currently on Capitol Hill. Just 36 percent say they’d like to see their own member of Congress re-elected, 62 percent say they want someone else to win this November. So far, just three House incumbents have been ousted in primaries this year, and none in the Senate. The Congressional approval rating, 13 percent in the new poll, lags behind President Barack Obama’s 40 percent…

This is the first mention of Obama’s name in this 863 word article — which is supposed to be about the public’s hunger for new leaders. And it is buried in the 13th paragraph, three paragraphs from the end of the piece. And it is only mentioned in order to point out that Congress’s approval rating is even lower than his.

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