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AP Puts Mall Killing Of Non-Muslims In 23rd ‘Graph

From the Associated Press:

Shabab: 137 killed in Kenya mall attack


NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The militant group behind the takeover of a Nairobi mall claimed Wednesday that Kenyan government assault team carried out "a demolition" of the building, burying 137 hostages in rubble. A government spokesman denied the claim and said Kenyan forces were clearing all rooms, firing as they moved and encountering no one.

In a series of tweets from a Twitter account believed to be genuine, al-Shabab also said that "having failed to defeat the mujahideen inside the mall, the Kenyan govt disseminated chemical gases to end the siege." It did not specify which gases, which could theoretically include anything from tear gas to poison.

Government spokesman Manoah Esipisu told The Associated Press that no chemical weapons were used, that the collapse of floors in the mall was caused by a fire set by the terrorists and that the official civilian death toll remains 61.

"Al-Shabab is known for wild allegations and there is absolutely no truth to what they’re saying," he said. But officials said the death count will likely rise. Estimates varied between only a few bodies to dozens of bodies possibly still inside the mall…

Hey, accusing your enemy of using poison gas has worked before.

President Uhuru Kenyatta told the nation the night before the terrorists had been defeated and declared three days of national mourning beginning on Wednesday.

That’s funny, our President use to tell us that the terrorists had been defeated, too.

The attack claimed by Somali militant group al-Shabab killed at least 61 civilians, six security officers and five extremists, the president said. Another 175 people were injured, including more than 60 who remain hospitalized…

A high-ranking security official involved in the investigations said it would take time to search the whole mall before declaring that the terrorist threat had been crushed. That official insisted on anonymity in order to discuss information not publicly disclosed…

The al-Shabab extremists stormed the mall on Saturday, throwing grenades and firing on civilians. The group used Twitter to say that Somalis have been suffering at the hands of Kenyan military operations in Kenya, and the mall attack was revenge.

"You could have avoided all this and lived your lives with relative safety," the group Tweeted Tuesday. "Remove your forces from our country and peace will come."

The militants specifically targeted non-Muslims, and at least 18 foreigners were among the dead, including six Britons, as well as citizens from France, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Peru, India, Ghana, South Africa and China. Five Americans were among the wounded

The AP waited until their 23rd paragraph of this 25 paragraph article to mention that "the militants specifically targeted non-Muslims." And, in fact, that is their only use of the term Muslim. And Islam or Islamists are not mentioned anywhere. Why is that?

Also, might this be a good time to mention that importing more and more Somalians to the US is not a good idea?

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2 Responses to “AP Puts Mall Killing Of Non-Muslims In 23rd ‘Graph”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    You ever get the idea that America’s Elites are behind all this turmoil, chaos, upheaval and terror?

    If yes, go to the head of the class.

    If no, you need to stay after class.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Not just the American elite, but mostly European elites as well. Presidents and Prime Ministers come and go, but the real power lies with those who choose who they will be.

      Every four years we get to choose from among two heads of the same snake. then we wonder why we keep getting bit.

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