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AP Reminds Illegals They Get Free Education, Healthcare

From a tear-drenched Associated Press:

Schools a haven for many unaccompanied minors


ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) — After 14 years of separation from her parents and a harrowing journey across the U.S. border, Milsa Martinez finds solace in the northern Virginia high school where she’s perfecting her English and learning civics and math…

What a heart breaking story. So her parents abandoned her for 14 years? That is true love. (And note too that we now have ‘anchor parents.’) But couldn’t the headline have just as easily have been: ‘Schools A Haven For The Diseases From Third World Illegal Aliens’?

For children and teens crossing the border alone like Martinez did two years ago, America’s schools are one of the few government institutions where they are guaranteed services, from science instruction to eye exams.

Bear in mind that we are constantly told illegal aliens are not given any welfare benefits. It’s against the law.

But the purpose of this AP piece is two-fold: To tell us the heartbreaking stories of these poor alien kids, so we won’t send them away. And, secondly, to send yet another signal to the people of Central American to send their kids to the US muy pronto, if they want them to get a free education and healthcare.

While their cases are being processed by immigration authorities, most of these minors are released to family members or sponsors who are told the children must be enrolled in school…

After all, we can’t have them missing their three free meals a day. And we don’t want our own kids to miss out on any exotic third world diseases. Besides, it’s all free. Property taxes don’t go up just because untold numbers of illegal aliens attend school. That is another Republican myth.

In school, they frequently require special resources like English language and mental health services that already are strained because of budget cuts.

What budget cuts? But don’t worry. Property taxes will be increased on the suckers who are foolish enough to work for a living.

In Miami, the school board voted to seek federal aid after Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said 300 foreign-born students, many from Honduras and traveling alone, enrolled toward the end of the school year. He said the district has both a "moral and legal requirement" to educate the students, some illiterate in both English and Spanish. The cost is about $1,950 more per student than it gets from the state, he said…

"They need to be fed. They need to be clothed. They need to be cared for and then taught," Carvalho said.

Does a home owner have a ‘moral and legal requirement’ to feed and shelter a house breaker or squatter?

The rest of this article, another 17 paragraphs, is spent tell us about these courageous illegal aliens and the terrible challenges they face getting free education, free food and housing and other welfare benefits in the US of A.

But we had to stop reading because we could no longer see through our streaming tears.

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2 Responses to “AP Reminds Illegals They Get Free Education, Healthcare”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    UH-OH! Bibles, Jesus, American flags, immigration lawyers, feel-good stories? Must be another immigration report by our media who can sneak into Iraq and tell us the war is a failure, but can’t seem to get a camera to our southern border or immigration centers.

    BTW. The cost of educating Spanish-speaking students is WAY higher than reported. Each school MUST hire E.S.L. teachers (who are also conveniently union dues-paying members) to tutor students throughout the day. It’s works out to be about a 1:3 teacher to student ratio. The teacher attends class, translates from English to Spanish, rotates around for other students, then does a group work area in the E.S.L. room where students go to basically to have their classwork done for them at the end of the day.

    As English and Spanish are very closely related languages, those immigrants are still too stupid to learn it well enough to be cost-effective. All Spanish speaking students should be required to attend language classes on the weekend with 1 teacher in a giant auditorium, not 1:3 ratio in their schools for $45,000 / year with benefits. The flood across the border gets:
    1. Democrat voters.
    2. Turn red states blue just in time for the 2014 elections.
    3. Increase in social services.
    4. Any number of medical or budget crises, which democrats love, because they can get more power and money to create even more crises.
    5. Increase in UNION police services to keep tabs on all those illegals. (remember the Mariel Boat Lift?)
    6. UNION prisons will be stocked fresh with criminals other countries were more than willing to get rid of.
    7. UNION ESL teachers will be more in demand to handle the flood of stupid / uneducated brats coming into the U.S.

    Remember: High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Do you think all the scandals Obama has done qualifies as at least a misdemeanor?

  2. Helena says:

    How about all future foreign aid to Mexico and Central America will be birth control?

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