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AP: Romney Now Plunging Onto Democrat Turf!

From an outraged Associated Press:

Romney, GOP suddenly plunging onto Democratic turf

By BRIAN BAKST and THOMAS BEAUMONT | Tue October 30, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Mitt Romney is suddenly plunging into traditionally Democratic-leaning Minnesota and Pennsylvania, and his GOP allies are trying to put Michigan into play. It’s forcing President Barack Obama to defend his own turf — he’s pouring money into television ads in the states and dispatching top backers — in the campaign’s final week.

You can almost see the veins bulging in the neck of this ‘reporter.’

The question is: Why this Republican move?

If the situation were reversed do you think the AP would have any trouble figuring it out?

GOP efforts in the trio of Rust Belt states could indicate that Romney is desperately searching for a last-minute path to the needed 270 Electoral College votes — without all-important Ohio. Or just the opposite, that he’s so confident in the most competitive battlegrounds that he’s pressing for insurance against Obama in what’s expected to be a close race.

Or perhaps the Republican simply has money to burn. Use it now or never.

Oddly enough, the first and last of these explanations are exactly what the Obama campaign is saying.

Former President Bill Clinton was dispatched [to Minnesota] in response on Tuesday. "Barack Obama’s policies work better," he declared on the University of Minnesota campus, one of his two stops in a state that offers 10 electoral votes and hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1972…

You see? Romney is desperate and just finding an excuse to waste his money. Which is why the Obama campaign has sent Bill Clinton to Minnesota and Joe Biden to Pennsylvania and Michelle Obama to Iowa.

This late-game expansion of a campaign playing field that, until now, had focused on just nine states was taking place exactly a week from Election Day…

Of the nine states where the two men have spent more than $1 billion in advertising since June, Romney is in the strongest position in North Carolina. But public and internal campaign polls show he’s locked in stubbornly tight battles in Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Virginia and is fighting to overtake Obama’s advantage in crucial Ohio as well as Iowa and Wisconsin.

Something tells us both campaign’s internal polling are telling them things that our news media is not telling us.

By the way, even according to the public polls Romney is ahead in a number of those states listed. Including Florida and Virginia. But apparently the AP does not follow the polls.

That said, Romney still could win. Anything can happen in the race’s closing days — including Democratic-leaning states like Minnesota, Pennsylvania or Michigan going Republican…

How gracious of the AP to admit this.

Clinton’s Minnesota visit came just days after Romney and his allies started airing TV ads in the state…

Obama’s team cast Romney’s moves into the three states, which have trended Democrat for more than 20 years, as a desperate act by a candidate who hasn’t locked up the states he needs for a White House win…

Which, you will notice, was also the AP’s first explanation of these moves.

Romney political director Rich Beeson argued that Romney was playing to win, saying in a campaign memo: "With one week to go, and 96% of the vote on the table on Election Day in Pennsylvania, this expansion of the electoral map demonstrates that Governor Romney’s momentum has jumped containment from the usual target states." …

Still others said it was simply a matter of Romney’s campaign and backers having so much money that they can afford to make low-probability efforts in the off-chance that one might bear fruit…

"If they didn’t have so much money, they wouldn’t be able to do something with so little chance of success," said Tad Devine, top electoral strategist for Democratic nominee Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004…

John Kerry had more money than Bush did in 2004. Did he do this? Besides, the Obama campaign has more money than Romney’s.

He called the Minnesota and Pennsylvania efforts by Romney more a "head-fake than a strategic move" because of what he called enormous Democratic voting trends and electoral advantages. Those include a heavy union presence in both states and a large minority population in Pennsylvania.

Sure. Just look at how they won in Wisconsin last year.

Obama carried Pennsylvania and Minnesota each by 10 percentage points in 2008.

Guess what, AP? It’s not 2008 anymore.

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5 Responses to “AP: Romney Now Plunging Onto Democrat Turf!”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    It’s called: burning through the firewall.

  2. untrainable says:

    “If they didn’t have so much money, they wouldn’t be able to do something with so little chance of success,”

    Or maybe they are running ads in those states to force Obie to defend while continuing the assault in the swing states. It has always bugged me that Obie won Pennsylvania in 2008. He clearly stated that his goal was to bankrupt the coal industry, and they voted for him anyway. But now that they’ve endured 4 years of government assault on their bread and butter, we’ll see how it goes. If none of those other states bear fruit, I think the suffering that dear leader has caused the coal industry may just help Romney in Pennsylvania.

    I love watching the libs squirm as they watch, and make excuses for, their messiah’s mask falling off to reveal a snotty little brat. “Whaaaa, why is he trying to take MY STATES? They’re MINE!”

  3. amber says:

    Isn’t it interesting they used the word “plunging”?

  4. Right of the People says:

    “–Former President Bill Clinton was dispatched [to Minnesota] in response on Tuesday. “Barack Obama’s policies work better,” he declared–”

    Work better than what? A ball peen hammer to the noggin? Setting yourself on fire? Pissing into the wind?

    The libtards arrogance is what is most annoying about them. Since Obi-I-Won took those states 4 years ago the arrogant bastards think they own them. How dare Mitt go and campaign there!

    I once thought about becoming a reporter for the AP but I discovered I wasn’t qualified to be one. You see, my parents were married before I was conceived.

  5. amber says:

    I, on the other hand, had such a colorful upbringing that my lifestory qualifies me to be a Supreme Court Justice!

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