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AP Runs My Lai Photo Above Haditha News

In the crudest of propaganda fashion, the DNC’s Associated Press is running a photo of My Lai as an entry for Haditha news:

American soldiers look over the remains of a home in My Lai, South Vietnam in this Jan. 8, 1970 file photo. The GIs are in a safe area marked off with white tape, having been swept for booby-traps that have already wounded five soldiers since the investigation of the killing of unarmed civilians by members of the U.S. Army; what would come to be called The My Lai Massacre, began. Nearly four decades later, the notorious name of that hamlet My Lai has been summoned from memory again, as the U.S. military investigates allegations of mass civilian killings by a group of Marines in the western Iraqi town of Haditha.

Not only is the AP trying to convict the Marines involved in the public’s mind, but they are comparing My Lai, where between 300 and 500 Vietnamese were killed, with an incident where 15 to 24 Iraqis were killed.

But propaganda doesn’t concern itself with such details apparently.

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