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AP Says Defeated Jobs Bill, G.O.P.’s Fault

From the Ministry of Truth, the Associated Press:

Senate Republicans vote to kill Obama’s jobs bill

By Andrew Taylor and Ben Feller
Published: October 11, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans have voted to kill the $447 billion White House jobs bill despite weeks of barnstorming by President Barack Obama across the country. Forty-six Republicans joined with two Democrats to delay the plan…

Even despite weeks of barnstorming? Wow, that IS brazen! And what’s with the ‘kill’ language? Didn’t A.P. hear Obama scold everyone over such political speech after Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot? I guess only some of us are required to listen.

A.P. admits later that it would have taken 60 votes to have won anything, but that is not the point of this bill and its desire to have it be defeated in the first place. It was meant to be a stinker, it was meant to fail, it was meant to have sacrificial lambs as its defense (hire more teachers, support veterans, save puppies and kitties), it was meant be a campaign defense against Republicans.

If you want to read what adults and professionals wrote about all this, click to read The Washington Times.

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3 Responses to “AP Says Defeated Jobs Bill, G.O.P.’s Fault”

  1. kterry says:

    These two authors are so twisted up i their liberalism they seem to forget that the Senate is controlled by 62 liberal/independant (still liberal) senators. The Republicans can’t stop anything in the Senate. It was the Democrat majority that killed the Jobs/Tax bill of Obuma. Harry Reid can’t even get his caucus to follow step behind him. Dems are leaving Obuma and Reid in herds. Sorry AP, nice try…you are all a bunch of big fat liars.

  2. I would expect nothing less from Dear Leader’s dutiful stenographers who wish to get all the mileage they can out of their “i (heart) Obama” knee pads.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    A couple of things went through my head as I read this VERY important article, which really turned Obama into the first President in history to be a lame-duck this early in his first term. It was basically a vote of NO CONFIDENCE —from Democrats!

    1. A.P. hires shrill freelance 7th graders to write their reports.
    2. Yahoo caters to their A.D.D. clientele that can’t read more than 3 1/2 paragraphs.
    3. Nobody at the A.P. or Yahoo News rejected this garbage.
    4. It took 2 liberals to write it?

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