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AP Says ‘Police Clashes Mar Occupy Protests’

From the gladly ‘Occupied’ Associated Press:

Police clashes mar Occupy Wall Street protests

November 18, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, the New York Stock Exchange and the subways to raise their voices against what they say is corporate excess.

But since police in riot helmets, batons and riot shields ousted them from their two-month encampments, Occupy Wall Street protesters singled out officers as another enemy, saying their crowd control tactics were an excessive, chilling use of force against free speech

You see, before they were "ousted" the protesters loved the police and respected them.

Still, don’t you hate it when the police "mar" such a beautiful thing as the Occupy Wall Street movement? They really should stand back and allow these protesters to enjoy their free speech. Like the police did during the Rodney King riots.

Tear gas in Oakland, Calif., pepper spray that hit an 84-year-old Seattle woman in the face and hundreds of arrests of demonstrators and journalists at Occupy protests across the U.S. this week shone the spotlight on the varying crowd control tactics of police, most who used helmets and riot gear as they broke up encampments in New York and other cities.

How outrageous. But notice the AP’s sudden respect for the elderly. If this 84 year old was a Tea Party supporter, we would only hear about what a Nazi-loving racist hater she is. But here she is presented as a sainted martyr.

"Police Brutality," protesters’ signs blared. New York officials have called for investigations of the police raid of Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan early Tuesday.

And the AP is right in there with the rioters. Trying to provoke the police into doing something dramatic for the cameras.

[T]he images that have played across the country have been disconcerting to some: 84-year-old Dorli Rainey’s face dripping with pepper spray and the liquid used to treat it, and police and protesters pushing each other in New York Thursday over metal barricades in downtown Manhattan…

Notice we will never hear what this 84 year old was doing to invite being pepper sprayed. By the way, notice that the liquid they use to treat pepper spray looks a lot like blood. (See the photo above.)

Also notice that according to the AP, the images of these hoodlums calling for violence, and smashing windows and defecating in the street have not been "disconcerting." But when the police try to restore order and enforce that law, that is "disconcerting."

The demonstrations Thursday — in such cities as Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington and Portland, Ore. — were for the most part peaceful. But at least 300 people were arrested in New York and dozens were arrested elsewhere, including five on charges they assaulted police officers by throwing liquid into several officers’ faces and tossing glass at another

The police are going to take away protesters rights to throw glass and liquids – probably urine? Do we live in a police state?

Chanting "All day, all week, shut down Wall Street," more than 1,000 protesters gathered near the New York Stock Exchange and sat down in several intersections…

Remember when all those uncivil Tea Party did this and got a pass from the police and the news media? We don’t either.

A dozen metal sleeves intended to lock protesters to fixtures on the street were confiscated, police said. Several thousand jammed Manhattan’s Foley Square Thursday evening and marched to the Brooklyn Bridge…

Which really showed those fat cats on Wall Street a thing or two.

Several of the demonstrations coincided with an event planned months earlier by a coalition of unions and liberal groups, including Moveon.org and the Service Employees International Union, in which out-of-work people walked over bridges in several cities to protest high unemployment

Yes! By the way, note the irony of the two month old ‘Occupy’ protests being funded by MoveOn.

Live television shots Thursday showed waves of police and protesters shoving back metal barricades set up to separate the protest from the public in downtown Manhattan. Some of the police hit protesters as they resisted arrest.

Or, more exactly, as the protesters acted up in order to try to get on TV.

Emmanuel Pardilla, 20, a political science and history major at Fordham University in New York, said the heavy police presence "added to the fear tactic."

Haberfeld and other policing experts said the crowd control was aggressive, but not excessive. But First Amendment experts said that every interaction with demonstrators, particularly when televised nationally, can thwart the goal of protests and discourage others from joining.

Because it if weren’t for the police presence, everybody would be Occupying Wall Street.

"That’s really is terribly inhibiting," said New York attorney Herald Fahringer [sic]. "Because people say, ‘Gee, well, I don’t want to go out there and join the protest if I run the risk of getting hit over the head with a billy club."

For the record, the last time anybody heard from Mr. Fahringer he was defending that American hero, Larry Flynt, from charges of criminal obscenity.

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One Response to “AP Says ‘Police Clashes Mar Occupy Protests’”

  1. yadayada says:

    “face dripping with pepper spray and the liquid used to treat it,” lmao

    yes, because the evil oleoresin capsicum used on her is such a highly exotic demonstrator abuse chemical that it must take a special “liquid” to “treat it.” I have been exposed, directly and indirectly, dozens of times. I can assure you, OC (pepper spray) can literally be sprayed on your taco and eaten, as it is made from a specially grown hot chili pepper. oh, and the “liquid used to treat it” is often referred to by those jack booted nazis, oops — law enforcement professionals— as “water.”

    ‘Gee, well, I don’t want to go out there and join the protest if I run the risk of getting hit over the head with a billy club.”

    umm, we in the jack-booted-thug business would call that “enlightenment.”

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