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AP Skews New Poll: GOP Will Lose Congress

Behold this breathtaking "news" from the DNC’s Associated Press:

Poll: Americans want Democrats in power

By DONNA CASSATA, Associated Press Writer

Fri Jul 14

WASHINGTON – Republicans are in jeopardy of losing their grip on Congress in November. With less than four months to the midterm elections, the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin hold the GOP-controlled Congress in low regard and profess a desire to see Democrats wrest control after a dozen years of Republican rule.

Further complicating the GOP outlook to turn things around is a solid percentage of liberals, moderates and even conservatives who say they’ll vote Democratic. The party out of power also holds the edge among persuadable voters, a prospect that doesn’t bode well for the Republicans…

The AP-Ipsos survey asked 789 registered voters if the election for the House were held today, would they vote for the Democratic or Republican candidate in their district. Democrats were favored 51 percent to 40 percent…

The AP article goes on to reiterate in several variations how impossible it will be for Republicans to hold onto their majority in Congress.

But, as regular readers of this site will recall, the French company Ipsos always over-samples Democrats.

And this case is no different:

That’s a 12% advantage to the Democrats.

So a group of people comprised of 12% more Democrats than Republicans was asked who should run Congress. And they answered Democrats by a 11% advantage.

That actually sounds like a 1% win for the GOP.

And how does:

Democrats were favored 51 percent to 40 percent…

Translate to:

Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin… desire to see Democrats wrest control after a dozen years of Republican rule.

As we have noted before, the Associated Press always polls more Democrats than Republicans at about a 12% clip. The AP then uses their bogus results to drive the news.

Just check out their the Ipsos News Center’s archives back to the eve of the November elections last year:

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* October 8, 2004: AP/Ipsos Presidential Poll 2004: Kerry Rebounds

Bias? What bias?

The Associated Press is just reporting what 12% more Democrats randomly selected people tell them.

It’s scientific.

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