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AP: Shooting ‘After Two CO Legislators Recalled’

From an always pushing their agenda, Associated Press:

Obama laments shooting as gun debate has gone cold

By NEDRA PICKLER | September 16, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Monday wearily lamented "yet another mass shooting," this time in the nation’s capital where the debate that raged earlier this year over tightening firearms laws has stalled amid opposition from gun-rights advocates.

The shooting at the Washington Navy Yard came a week after voters recalled two Colorado legislators who supported tougher gun measures, illustrating the strong political headwinds faced by lawmakers seeking to respond to the violence.

Oh, the bitter irony of it all.

Obama, for one, has been powerless to get legislation passed despite a string of mass shootings during his presidency.

In the wake of the shooting at the Navy Yard, Obama spokesman Jay Carney said the president is implementing executive actions and reiterated his commitment to strengthening gun laws, including expanding background checks to sales online and at gun shows.

In other words, Obama is going to try to use this lastest incident to further attack the Second Amendment via executive orders.

"The president supports, as do an overwhelming majority of Americans, common-sense measures to reduce gun violence," Carney said.

Which "common-sense measures" would have stopped this shooting? According to reports the shooter, Aaron Alexis, didn’t enter the Navy Yard with an AR-15. The assumption currently is he got it from one of the guards he shot during the attack. No, Alexi seems to have entered the Navy Yard with Vice President Joe Biden’s weapon of choice: a shotgun.

Moreover, the Washington Navy Yard is already a ‘gun-free zone.’ Only the security guards there have guns. In fact, guns are already pretty much banned in Washington, DC. (Which just makes everyone there a sitting duck.) So what good would any more gun control laws have done?

Even as it was unfolding, the Washington shooting was reigniting talk about guns. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a leading advocate of gun control legislation, mourned "the litany of massacres" the country has suffered in the form of mass shootings.

"When will enough be enough?" Feinstein asked. "Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. We must do more to stop this endless loss of life." …

Does Feinstein want an ‘assault weapons ban’ for the military and all of the federal agencies?

In Mexico, the average citizens is practically banned from owning guns. And yet the gun violence rate there is astronomically high. In fact, the people down there are now resorting to forming local militias to try to protect themselves from the drug cartels.

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2 Responses to “AP: Shooting ‘After Two CO Legislators Recalled’”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    “….the president is implementing executive actions and reiterated his commitment to strengthening gun laws….”

    So in other words, he could have done more after the other mass shootings, but he didn’t. He really means it this time, or until we move on to the next distraction.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Sweet Yodeling Eleanor Holmes, the stupid is strong with this one …

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