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AP Shows Heroic Sheehan – In Wheelchair

From her rabid fans at the DNC's Associated Press:

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan leaves Providence Health Center in Waco, Texas, Sunday, Aug. 13, 2006, after a two-day stay for treatment of a minor gynecological procedure and treatment for dehydration. Pushing Sheehan in the wheel chair is Kourtney Bailey.

And back in the saddle, doing what she does best — talking about herself:

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan speaks to the group of activists after she arrived at 'Camp Casey,' her peace camp near Crawford, Texas, Sunday, Aug. 13, 2006.

Note the artful framing and lens selection, to make Mother Sheehan seem as thin as possible.

Funny how the AP couldn’t be bothered to run any photos of Cindy’s historic meeting with (purported) members of the Iraqi parliament in Jordan during their "peace talks."

I guess they thought that might lose her some sympathy.

(Thanks to JLO for the heads up.)

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