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AP Sobs: Background Checks For Guns Is In Peril

From a white-knuckled Associated Press:

Senate vote nears, background check bill in peril

By ALAN FRAM | April 17, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan effort to expand background checks is in deep trouble as the Senate approaches a long-awaited vote on the linchpin of the drive to curb gun violence. As the showdown draws near, an Associated Press-GfK poll shows ebbing public support for tightening gun control laws.

In reality, there is never any public support for tightening gun control laws, except for brief periods of media-created hysteria.

In the run-up to the roll call expected Wednesday, so many Republicans had declared their opposition to the background check measure that supporters — mostly Democrats — seemed headed to defeat unless they could turn votes around in the final hours. Supporters seemed likely to lose some moderate Democratic senators as well…

Elections do have consequences. Sometimes even before they happen.

Perhaps helping explain Democrats’ problems, an AP-GfK poll this month showed that 49 percent of Americans support stricter gun laws. That was down from 58 percent who said so in January — a month after the December killings of 20 children and six aides at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school propelled gun violence into a national issue.

Just over half the public — 52 percent — expressed disapproval in the new survey of how President Barack Obama has handled gun laws…

Which is why the Democrats and their minions in the news media always try to strike while the iron is hot. Before the public starts to actually think about the issues in any kind of serious fashion.

Democrats can only pass knee-jerk legislation.

In a climactic day, the Senate planned to hold eight other votes Wednesday besides the one on background checks, all of them amendments to a broad gun control measure.

Isn’t that horrible. Imagine the world’s foremost deliberative body wasting time by considering amendments to a bill?

They included Democratic proposals to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, which are expected to lose; a Republican proposal requiring states to honor other states’ permits allowing concealed weapons, which faces a close vote; and a GOP substitute for the overall gun measure.

The concealed weapons amendment, seen by advocates as protecting gun rights, was vehemently opposed by gun control groups, who say it would allow more guns into states with stricter firearms laws.

The votes were coming a day after former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, badly injured in a 2011 mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and her husband, Mark Kelly, tried galvanizing gun control support by visiting Capitol Hill and attending a private lunch with Democratic senators. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called the lunch — senators said it included emotional speeches from lawmakers — "as moving as any" he has attended…

In any case, would even a mental health background check have stopped Jared Loughner from buying a gun? Would anyone have reported him to the feds? They didn’t even report him to the college.

Background checks, aimed at screening out criminals and the seriously mentally ill from getting firearms, now apply only to purchases handled by licensed firearms dealers.

Wednesday’s first vote was on an amendment by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Patrick Toomey, R-Pa., extending the checks to firearms sales at gun shows and online. The compromise was widely seen as advocates’ best chance for winning enough GOP votes to muscle broadened checks through the Senate…

Again, most of these outlets also do background checks. As for requiring ‘regular’ background checks, any gun vendor at a gun show or online with a legitimate gun business is already required to do a background check just like at a store.

The only sellers at gun shows who are not required to do this are individuals who are selling their own collection and just renting a booth. These sellers are not in the business of selling firearms. It’s a personal transaction. They are a small minority, and their selection is usual small.

But notice how our media guardians are ‘fearmongering’ any deliberation on any legislation that advances Obama’s agenda. Isn’t this the opposite of what a responsible news media should be doing?

In the good old days, or whenever Republicans controlled Washington, the media used to call for Congress to slow down and consider the consequences. But now it’s full speed a head, and damn the torpedoes. Damn everything.

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4 Responses to “AP Sobs: Background Checks For Guns Is In Peril”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Associated Repress

    Can you even imagine the cost they will pay when the men and women who have led AP have to stand before God and account for themselves?

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Just saw this via National Review online: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/345714/free-cj-grisham

    You can also link it via Drudge.

    Seems even the cops in Texas aren’t aware of constitutional law. Unfortunately, cops being arrogant bastards is becoming the norm these days. It’s been a long, sad day for Americans. Real Americans. Not those wet-diaper crybabies who have to eat tofu and ginger snaps to keep thin, who don’t know how to be parents and who cannot discern what a government should and should not do.

  3. evansj42 says:

    But…but…but…it’s for the children.

  4. wirenut says:

    First and foremost, to not defend yourself, is an act of suicide. Most all religions find this to be true. Our Founders
    also believed this to be true. If background checks on law abiding citizens in the name of “safety” is in order, then
    when are we going to do background checks for those who run for high office?
    I never bought a firearm to become ‘somebody’, I’am, ‘somebody’ that bought a firearm.
    I’am a free man, and the NRA.

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