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AP Sobs: US Might Not Punish BP Enough!

From a fretful Associated Press:

AP Enterprise: Spill bound BP, feds together

By Harry R. Weber, Associated Press Writer Sat Aug 21, 2010

NEW ORLEANS – For months, the U.S. government talked with a boot-on-the-neck toughness about BP, with the president wondering aloud about whose butt to kick.

But privately, it worked hand-in-hand with the oil giant to cap the runaway Gulf well and chose to effectively be the company’s banker — allowing future drilling revenues to potentially be used as collateral for a victim compensation fund.

Now, with a new round of investigative hearings set to begin Monday on BP’s home turf and the disaster largely off the front pages, there’s worry BP PLC could get a slap on the wrist from its behind-the-scenes partner. That could trickle down to states hurt by the spill and hoping for large fines because they may share in the pie

In the past few weeks, public messages from BP and the government have been almost in lockstep. The government even released a report — criticized by academic researchers and some lawmakers as too rosy — asserting that much of the oil released into the Gulf is gone, playing into BP’s message that its unprecedented response effort is working. A recent AP poll shows that BP’s image, which took a beating after the oil spill, is recovering

And we cannot have that. Not after BP purposefully committed the worst crime against the environment in history. And all just to make a few more bucks.

That differs from the atmosphere early on, when BP was the recipient of some very tough talk from the government. A little more than a week after President Barack Obama’s on-air comment about "whose ass to kick" in early June, BP executives encouraged White House officials at a meeting in Washington to back off on the rhetoric. They reminded the government that a bankrupt company pays no bills, according to a person who was briefed on the details of the meeting and spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the talks

BP threatened our President with bankruptcy?! The outrage!

The BP-government partnership raises questions about the government’s ability to be impartial in meting out punishment for the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Many of those investigating the spill are not independent.

"Whether the public accepts that remains to be seen," said Wayne R. Andersen, a retired federal judge and the only nongovernment member of a key spill investigative panel.

So on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we can’t trust the government.

The Deepwater Horizon joint investigation team that Andersen is on will hold its fourth set of hearings beginning Monday in Houston, where BP’s U.S. offices are located. The panel is charged with reaching conclusions about what happened.

Congress and the Justice Department also are investigating, and various government agencies will be determining how much BP and others should pay in fines for the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers and spilled 206 million gallons of oil.

The amount of spilled oil alone could mean a fine of up to $21 billion if BP were found to have committed gross negligence, and criminal charges could be in order if negligence is found

The Obama administration appears to find something magical in the figure $20 billion dollars.

[I]f the government reaches a settlement with BP on fines that are significantly lower or, on the criminal side, lets them off easy, that could rub a lot of Americans the wrong way.

And goodness knows the White House and the Associated Press are always sensitive to the feelings of the American people. (Cf., the ‘Ground Zero Mosque.’)

By the same token, if the government comes down too hard on BP, that might hurt the government’s interests, because BP’s financial health and its ability to meet its spill obligations are tied together.

What a conundrum. Once again the Obama administration has to carefully calculate how much blood it can suck from its host without killing the host.

But of course this is why they are paid the big bucks.

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8 Responses to “AP Sobs: US Might Not Punish BP Enough!”

  1. Melly says:

    Did you read what Brad Pitt said with regard to punishing those involved in the BP leak?
    Asked about the people responsible for the crisis, the ‘Inglourious Basterds’ star said: ‘I was never for the death penalty before – I am willing to look at it again.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1305215/Brad-Pitt-willing-look-death-penalty-bizarre-rant-BP.html#ixzz0xRq3mFJz

    (stick to acting Brad…stick to acting)

    • proreason says:

      Brad personifies the #1 problem we face.

      There are millions of people who have been 100% brainwashed by the msm and academia.

      Fix that and the country will be healthy again in no time.

    • Petronius says:

      Memo to Brad :

      The people responsible for the oil spill are already dead.

      They died in the explosion.

  2. Petronius says:

    SG : “Once again the Obama administration has to carefully calculate how much blood it can suck from its host without killing the host.”

    The regime’s thirst for money does seem to rival its thirst for blood, for more boots on the necks, and for kicking other people’s asses.

    Ask the British man-in-the-street and he will tell you frankly that he is ready to leave Afghanistan. More than ready.

    In fact, there is now some talk about closing down US bases in Britain.

    Because Britons are simply fed up with Nerobama’s insults, slights, and humiliations, his deceptions and betrayals, his gratuitous backstabbing, his bullying, his recent shakedown of BP, and what they rightly see as American ingratitude and ill will.

    Sir Richard Branson spoke for many Britons when he accused Nerobama of “unseemly behavior” in repeatedly “kicking a company while it was on its knees.”

    In particular, however, Britons are most recently aggrieved by Nerobama’s proposal to open sovereignty negotiations on the Falklands –– a proposal that –– typically –– ignores the wishes of the islanders. (The inhabitants are called Kelpers or Islanders, and they are Britons of Welsh and Scottish descent.)

    The regime seeks to reverse Britain’s successful military defense against the Argentine invasion in 1982, and thereby to reverse not only the legacy of Ronald Reagan, but that of Maggie Thatcher as well.


    The “special relationship” that was forged by Reagan and Thatcher is finished. It may take America many years to restore that degree of trust and friendship.

    • tranquil.night says:

      He’s slighted all of our allies in the most personal of ways, but you’re right in how he has a special cup of vitriol specifically for Mother Britain. His beef is in getting even with all of European Imperialism, but it’s clear that he has a special, very large cup of vitriol for Britain/British Common Law that probably only compares in size with the one he has for Israel and BiBi Yahoo (remember the soles of the feet next to the telephone)?

      I think Gordon Brown is still reeling with why he got thrown under the bus by Bam Bam after rolling out the largest red carpet in history for what he thought was an ideological counterpart.

      Sadly, while Britain’s attitude towards America is changing, and America is lead by a socialist, their attitude towards socialism isn’t changing much. They read mainly the international left’s propogandist and state-run media and all they hear about us is how we’re passing laws to round up illegal immigrants. So not only are we bad allies now, but we’re still more bigoted than even when Bush was in command.

  3. GL0120 says:

    They didn’t make Obama the top recipient of campaign donations to be excessively punished; he’ll find a way to save them from the crazed mob that he set on them.

  4. bill says:

    Doesn’t the penalty depend on how much BP gives to Democrats ?

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I have been perusing other sites like WSJ and FOX that allow comments and it’s unreal how many supposed conservatives are posting how they believe BP to be entirely at fault and think that the 20 bil extortion is a good thing but not enough.

    OMFG. We have truly entered the twilight zone. When a government, any government usurps whatever system of law exists, to bleed a company of income, there is a problem. We, the US are now, currenly, no better than Zimbawe, Kenya or Argentina. Thug socialists in power told BP to cough up 20 billion in hard cash or face “consequences”. That sounds more like the Bonano family than an established world power.

    Does it not?

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