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AP Sobs: US Muslims Fear A ‘Backlash’

From an all too predictable Associated Press:

A United States soldier enters the III Corps and Fort Hood Spiritual Fitness Center [sic] at the Fort Hood Army Post in Fort Hood, Texas November 7, 2009.

Another attack leaves US Muslims fearing backlash

By Eric Gorski, AP Religion Writer Sat Nov 7

As word spread that a gunman had opened fire at Fort Hood leaving a trail of carnage, a chilling realization swept across the U.S. Muslim community: He has an Islamic name.

From a professor who just testified in Congress, to a White House adviser appearing before a Jewish group and a former Marine driving home from work, Muslims across the country were shocked, angry and afraid that the attack would erode efforts to erase anti-Islamic stereotypes…

Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, is a Muslim who attended his former mosque daily and had an "Allah is Love" bumper sticker on his car. Soldiers reported Friday that the shooter shouted "Allahu Akbar!" — Arabic for "God is great!" — during the rampage.

Other troubling details also emerged, including reports that authorities suspect Hasan posted online messages about suicide bombers and violence, was struggling with a pending deployment to Afghanistan and was being harassed in the Army for being a Muslim.

While a motive remains unclear, the confirmation of Hasan’s faith alone prompted major Muslim groups and mosques to issue statements condemning the killings as contrary to Islam and praising the service of the many Muslim Americans in the U.S. military.

Of immediate concern was security at mosques Friday, Islam’s main day of communal prayer.

In Washington, Chicago and elsewhere, mosques asked police for extra patrols. In Garden Grove, Calif., officers stood watch outside a mosque as a precaution.

Muslim leaders warned people to be vigilant and avoid exposing themselves unnecessarily — including walking alone, said Hussam Ayloush, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Southern California.

"This is one of those moments where we have to sit and pray that most Americans will come out stronger, more united, and more tolerant," said Ayloush, adding that Muslim organizations have received dozens of death threats and hate e-mail.

At the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Md., which Hasan attended before moving to Fort Hood, Imam Mohamed Abdullahi urged worshippers Friday to tell their non-Muslim neighbors that Islam was not responsible for the deaths. He also advised them to keep their tempers in check.

"Whenever we hear the name turns out to be Arabic or Muslim we feel a double shock" about such incidents. "And then we worry about backlash," said Imam Mostafa Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County in Costa Mesa, Calif.

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, an Indiana Democrat who is one of two Muslims serving in Congress, cautioned against focusing on the alleged shooter’s religion and instead said the discussion should be about mental health issues.

"This is no way a reflection of Islam any more than Timothy McVeigh’s actions are a reflection of Christianity," said Carson, who supervised an anti-terrorism unit in Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security and comes from a family of Marines…

But other Muslims were weary of what has become a routine: a Muslim does something unspeakable, and Islamic organizations issue statements condemning it.

"Truth be told, we’re getting a little exhausted because we’ve done this to death," said Robert Salaam of Maryland, a former Marine who converted to Islam shortly after the 9-11 attacks and now blogs and hosts a radio show on Muslim affairs. "We’re apologizing for people we don’t know." …

Given that every fatwa rules that Muslims should not live among the infidels, why don’t these devotees simply move back to Islamic countries where they can enjoy the wonders of Sharia Law and leave the rest of us in peace?

But other Muslims were weary of what has become a routine: a Muslim does something unspeakable, and Islamic organizations issue statements condemning it.

Gee, that’s terrible that Muslims are getting so worn out apologizing for their co-religionists’ terrorist acts.

"Truth be told, we’re getting a little exhausted because we’ve done this to death," said Robert Salaam of Maryland, a former Marine who converted to Islam shortly after the 9-11 attacks

Truth be told we are getting a lick sick of people like Mr. “Salaam.”

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, November 7th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “AP Sobs: US Muslims Fear A ‘Backlash’”

  1. Media_man says:

    Is Islam a religion or a hate group? I heard the Major’s cousin talking to Shep Smith on FNC last night & he really didn’t give a rat’s ass about the 13 victims he murdered, in his opinion the good Major was the real victim. Unbelievable. He was laughing about the whole thing. Ah good old Major, poor & misunderstood by his infidel fellow soldiers.

    They damn well better fry this POS. If he gets anything less, this country is genuinely screwed.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Fear of backlash.

    Well, there’s the sad truth, no? “Come to Ameddica”, they said. “Live as a free man”, they said.

    And when you got here, you found….*gasp* rock and roll, ice cream, pork and (horrors) Christian women all wearing almost nothing. SACRILEGE!!! How it offended you!!!! Then…..your own kids embraced western ways and it infuriated you!!!!

    So did you move back to dirt-land? No. Did you decide that maybe you had adopt the lands of your new home? No.

    Instead you formed private little groups that encouraged and expressed your outrage at how westerners live their lives….flaunting it for all to see and offending allah so greatly.

    And in many cases, your wag-the-dog efforts paid off and our overly tolerant but patient citizens let you have your way.

    “Freedom of religion”, we said.

    “To each their own”, we said.

    And there were those of YOU who saw this as an opportunity; A weakness and exploited it, and will again and again.

    Maybe it’s not YOU I’m worried about. But I can no longer take that chance. Get out. Go. I am not going to adapt to your ways. If I moved to your homeland, I would no doubt be forced to adopt your ways. But see, it’s a one-way street. They don’t want me there. I couldn’t become a citizen of Pakistan or Iran, not that I want to. You came HERE. Therefore, you should have been prepared to understand how we do things here.

    If you can’t or don’t’ want to then I’ve no sympathy for you.

    Religion of peace? My ass. I have a horrible, nasty, sneaking suspicion that on the morning of September 11, 2001, a HUGE number of American mooselimbs said “allah akbar” under their breath as the towers came down. I wonder, did visions of an American continent that was all mooselimb dance through your thoughts at that moment?

    To be fair, I’m sure many felt as the rest of the United States did and that it was a cowardly heinous act. But I still can’t trust you. We are diametrically opposed, you and I. I wish you no harm if you’ve done no harm but I want you to leave.

    Steve, feel free to delete my politically incorrect post if it doesn’t meet your criteria.

    • Hell no.. no deleting there.

      His uncle says he is 110% American! “He loves America”

      Sorry mister Hasam that’s not an appropriate method of demonstrating affection.

      The method I would suggest in mercifully releasing this man from our world into the next wouldn’t be tolerated even here.

  3. GL0120 says:

    Muslims don’t want to leave our decadent country, they want to make it over.
    Leaving would be contrary to their goal of a worldwide caliphate; one world, under Muslim control.
    Yes, they’ll express shock and any other appropriate emotion when something like this occurs, but it’s all BS; Islam teaches that it’s okay to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to promote Islam.
    We need to wake up; these people are not here to live in peace, they’re here to subjugate us. The Chosen One himself proclaimed that the U.S. is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

    • proreason says:

      “Muslims don’t want to leave our decadent country, they want to make it over.”

      kind of reminds you of somebody else, doesn’t it

    • Right of the People says:


      That might because he is a mooselimb. You can’t convince me otherwise.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Here’s a perfect example of headline abuse:

    The AP’s headline:

    Suspect asked for advice on going to fight Muslims

    Now, what would you tend to think when reading that? That this major was being sent off to go kill “fellow” muslims, right?

    But read further and the the very first line explains it:

    By ANGELA K. BROWN, Associated Press Writer Angela K. Brown, Associated Press Writer – 20 mins ago

    FORT HOOD, Texas – The Army psychiatrist suspected of going on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood recently asked for advice on what he should tell fellow soldiers concerned about fighting Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan, a local Muslim leader said Saturday.


    Osman Danquah, co-founder of the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen, said he spoke with the suspected shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, after two services in late summer. During the conversations, Danquah said Hasan never expressed anger toward the Army or indicated any plans for violence.

    But during their second conversation, Hasan seemed almost incoherent, Danquah said.

    “But what if a person gets in and feels that it’s just not right?” Danquah recalled Hasan asking him.

    “I told him, `There’s something wrong with you,'” Danquah told The Associated Press during an interview at Fort Hood on Saturday. “I didn’t get the feeling he was talking for himself, but something just didn’t seem right.”

    But Danquah was sufficiently troubled that he recommended the center reject Hasan’s request to become a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood.

    Authorities have accused Hasan of opening fire on fellow soldiers on Thursday at Fort Hood, in a stream of gunfire that left 13 people dead and more than two dozen wounded in the worst mass shooting on a military facility in the U.S. At the start of the attack, Hasan reportedly jumped up on a desk and shouted “Allahu akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” Hasan was seriously wounded by police and is being treated in a military hospital.

    The military has said he was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan, but family members suggested he was trying avoid serving overseas.

    Hasan’s relatives who live in the Palestinian territories have said they had heard from family members that Hasan felt mistreated in the Army as a Muslim.

    The AP clearly is trying to indicate that it’s as if the major was being sent to kill people, for after all, that’s what the Army does, right? The real truth is that the major was being sent as part of a normal overseas rotation to do his job counseling soldiers who have done the fighting. Granted, that can be a heavy burden for any person, but he himself need not condone the killing as his job is to get the patient to come to a place where they can live with what they’ve had to do.

    Severe warpage in the news pages must not deter us from our goal of defeating terrorism.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      The AP have now changed the headline to read: Muslim leader had troubling talks with suspect

      I wonder why.

  5. sheehanjihad says:

    What frosts my tush is why we are even having this as a discussion! SOMEBODY!! Realize the threat of Islam, not just the crystal clear posters on this site! Trolls! Read what is being said here….this country will NEVER subjugate itself to Islamic anything! What Muslims fail to realize is that the more people they kill in the name of Allah, the more of this population will take another step towards fixing the problem themselves. Trust me all of you of the Muslim faith…you do NOT want that to happen. This country isnt like the sheep weakling European countries you have successfully infiltrated and infected with the disease of Islam. We will take matters into our own hands, and once that threshold is crossed, there will be no stopping it. So take heed all of you closet jihadists who secretly approve of the killing of innocent unarmed people in the name of your God….there is a limit to our ability to tolerate your bullshit murdering ways….and it is fast approaching the tipping point. And you, my horribly misinformed religiously challenged adherents to a religion that embraces death over life….you can stop it, or discover to your dismay that you wont be able to “sit out” the consequences of wanton genocide against the Infidel. This is one time I can guarantee that “We”, the American citizen, will prevail, and do it in such a way that all of your efforts at terrorism will pale by comparison. Keep that in mind as you keep your mouths closed while your fellow muslims plot their next murders……..

  6. GL0120 says:

    PR – “Muslims don’t want to leave our decadent country, they want to make it over.”

    “kind of reminds you of somebody else, doesn’t it”

    Golly gee PR, you wouldn’t be referring to our Muslim in Chief, now would you?

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    Personally I want the mooselimbs looking and hunkering and scared. Just the same way they are training us to be!
    Soooooo … I’ll say it, “Pack your camels, take your twisted religion and go pound sand where you belong. You have used up whatever acceptance we had for you and your sickness!”

    “Our welcome carpet does not face Mecca!”

  8. Tater Salad says:

    Muslims world wide do not give a damn about NON-Muslims….period. Why? Because you are not a Muslim. This is the ONLY religion and all others should just die! Muslims say that this religion is a religion of peace. Here is proof otherwise:


  9. Tater Salad says:

    Seems our President knew this Fort Hood killer all along and how he operated: Mr. President….resign!

    Read the comments below the article:


  10. beautyofreason says:

    You know who should really fear a backlash?

    The Christians who have a cross in their homes in Saudi Arabia, who fear that the police will break down their doors, destroy their Bibles and throw them in jail…..the Jew who gets caught in a neighborhood of Palestinian youths….the Christians in Pakistan who get burned to death over rumors of defacing a Koran…the Baha’i who dare practice in Iran, whose holy sites were bulldozed by the mullahs….the Muslim who attempts to convert to another religion….the woman who tries to flee an honor killing from dear old dad.

    Oh, I could go on. But I guess I’m a racist bigot for pointing out the human rights abuses inherent in Islamic law.

    By the way, does it give me points that a great-great-grandparent of mine happened to be a Muslim woman, from a part of the Ottoman Empire that the Romans originally referred to as Palestine? Like, Bill Cosby can talk about the negative aspects ghetto culture because he’s black, but a white person cannot without being called racist?

    Muslims have it easy in the U.S. – to think otherwise is a joke. A few mean glances from random people are nothing compared to the hate that non-Muslims face under Islamic theocracies.

  11. Right of the People says:

    “While a motive remains unclear,” AP

    It might be unclear to you and the rest of the liberal fools at the ASSociated Press but to real Americans it is obvious. Major Whackjob is a jihadi ahole who hates America and all non-muslims. End of story.

    I can’t wait until we start playing Cowboys and Muslims.

  12. joeblough says:

    The whine of victimhood is the leper’s bell of an approaching criminal.

    We know how to read the absurdly inflated claims of feared violence coming from our mohammedan “neighbors”. It is a declaration of hostile intent. Pure and simple.

    It is a preemptive claim of justification for acts of violence.

    It is an excuse for their unshakable intransigent enmity.

    It is a threat disguised as a plea.

    We read you loud and clear.

    And the general consensus on our side is … bring it, bitch!

    Bear in mind as you dance around your plastic electronic campfire that the mohammedans have lost every single serious military engagement with the west of the last 500 years. Because, of course, orthodox mohammedan culture makes free inquiry next to illegal. You’ve been out-thought every time because your preachers have forbidden thinking.


    Our elites stand with you against us, but be under no illusions why that is happening. It is happening because our elites are solidly, absolutely convinced of your pitiable inferiority. They want you as pets.

    The rest of us … well, suffice it to say that we see you as you are.

  13. canary says:

    “He also advised them to keep their tempers in check.”

    huh? Such a loving peaceful religion, Hide their radical protests, and anti-America rants.

    “Whenever we hear the name turns out to be Arabic or Muslim we feel a double shock” about such “”incidents.””

    huh? “incidents”? Americans feel double shock too, everytime the name is Arabic or Muslim because they keep trying to blow up innocent Americans that they do not even know.

    Dear former marine Salaam, thank you for coming out of the closet after 9/11 and serving with our soldiers. Semper-Fy.

  14. canary says:

    “This is no way a reflection of Islam any more than Timothy McVeigh’s actions are a reflection of Christianity,” said Carson,

    McVeigh was not a Christian. He served in Desert Storm, sympathized with the muslims and hated the American government afterwards, yet tried to get in intelligence. Witnesses claimed seeing him with two separate muslims shortly prior. To this day the FBI will not release the video. WHERE IS THE VIDEO FROM FT HOOD?

    McVeigh wrote their first target of choice was the federal building in Clinton’s home-state Arkansas, but could not make the impact they wanted (much better to blow up a building with a day care and kill baby’s and children). Video and day-care witness at Denver Co trial, showed McVeigh being shown the 2nd floor day care, under the ruse daycare director said, that he was in the military and moving there and wanted his children to go there. There were the ATF, and on 5th floor a VA office. Also, records show he and another made a visit to a VA hospital, another target choice target. His attorney wrote a book, and many have tried to expose the cover-up by the Clinton Administration. Indiana was a governement as-kissing state way before McVeigh’s act of terrorism. There were many people involved in this, but Clinton tried to blame it on fairy-tale conservative militias in order to change gun-control laws.

  15. Chuckk says:

    As long as Islam doesn’t make any moves to right itself from within, it will be up to outsiders to try to fix it.

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