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AP: US Not Admitting Enough Somalis

From a teary-eyed Associated Press:

The Somali man charged with the attempted murder of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard is carried into court on a stretcher in Aarhus, Denmark, Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010.

Desperate Somalis seek ‘back-door’ route to US

By Amy Taxin, Associated Press Writer

January 2, 2010

LANCASTER, Calif. – The asylum seeker from Somalia hung his head as an immigration judge grilled him about his treacherous journey from the Horn of Africa. By air, sea and land he finally made it to Mexico, and then a taxi delivered him into the arms of U.S. border agents at San Diego.

Islamic militants had killed his brother, Mohamed Ahmed Kheire testified, and majority clan members had beaten his sister. He had to flee Mogadishu to live.

The voice of the judge, beamed by videoconference from Seattle, crackled loudly over a speaker in the mostly empty courtroom near the detention yard in the desert north of Los Angeles. He wanted to know why Kheire had no family testimony to corroborate his asylum claim.

Kheire, 31, said he didn’t have e-mail in detention, and didn’t think to ask while writing to family on his perilous trek.

It seemed like the end of Kheire’s dream as he waited for the judge’s ruling. He clasped his hands, his plastic jail bracelet dangling from his wrist, and looked up at the ceiling, murmuring words of prayer.

Kheire is one of hundreds of desperate Somalis in the last two years to have staked everything on a wild asylum gamble by following immigration routes to the United States traditionally traveled by Latinos.

With the suspension of a U.S. refugee program and stepped-up security in the Gulf of Aden and along Mediterranean smuggling routes, more overseas migrants from Somalia are pursuing asylum through what one expert calls the "back door." …

About 1,500 people from around the world showed up in U.S. airports and on the borders seeking asylum during the 2009 fiscal year, according to statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Somalis were the biggest group to make the journey, with most arriving in San Diego. More than 240 Somalis arrived during that period — more than twice the number from the year before.

Why San Diego? Are they really trying to pass as Mexicans?

Like Kheire, they have been shuttled to immigration detention centers in California while legal advocates have scurried to find lawyers and translators to help them navigate the country’s immigration courts.

Many end up defending themselves. Those who lose may remain temporarily. Somalis may be deported, but immigrant advocates say authorities often do not send them back immediately because of difficulties making the trip

Once … Kheire decided to leave. His wife and then-nearly 4-year old son went to stay with family. He sold his taxi and used the money to go to Kenya, where a smuggler arranged for him to travel to Dubai, then to Cuba, using fake documents.

He then went to Ecuador and Colombia, where he boarded a small boat with about 20 African migrants. It took them a week to reach Costa Rica. They traveled by night, bailing out sea water with plastic bins. During the day, they hid in forests along the shoreline and waited for smugglers to bring them food.

In Nicaragua, Kheire was herded into the back of a sweltering truck container for 18 hours, fearing he would die of suffocation or be caught by police.

In Guatemala, he crossed a river atop two rubber tires bound together to reach Tapachula, Mexico. He spent 12 days in immigration detention before authorities released him with a piece of paper ordering him to leave the country in 30 days. He would carry the paper on a plane to Tijuana and in the taxi to the U.S. border.

In other words, Mr. Kheire was brought to our country by the very same people who smuggle in illegal aliens from south of the border.

Luckily, Janet Napolitano has assured us that our borders are secure, so this can no longer be a problem.

Most Somalis have reached the United States — there are some 87,000 here — through U.S.-sponsored refugee resettlement programs. But the State Department in 2008 suspended a family reunification program for refugees over fraud concerns. The number of Somalis admitted by refugee programs dwindled to about 4,000 last year

Yes, it is a crying shame that we only let in 4,000 potential Muslim terrorists last year.

Those now traveling through Latin America are taking a path well-worn by asylum seekers from other countries. Immigration attorneys say they have worked with clients from Ethiopia and Iraq who also reached the United States via Mexico.

Ronald Smith, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said most asylum seekers arrive in U.S. airports — not on the southern border. However, asylum experts said more people may now be seeking to come here by land due to tighter travel restrictions.

"To get a flight from Africa to Europe is very hard. The easiest place to go is America," said Yahya Idardon, an asylum seeker who fled Somalia last year after his father and brother were killed. "Africa to Latin America is easy … when you are going to Latin America, no one is concerned about you, no one is asking, so it is easy to go there and cross all these countries."

Once reaching the U.S. border in San Diego, Somalis are frisked and fingerprinted and screened by an asylum officer to gauge whether they have a credible fear of returning home.

They have then been shuttled to an immigration detention center until their cases go to court.

Roughly 80 Somalis are being held in Lancaster, a detention center 50 miles north of Los Angeles. Dozens more have been held in San Diego and the remote border town El Centro, immigration attorneys said.

In Lancaster, Somalis and other asylum seekers wear light green jail jumpsuits. There, Somalis take vegetarian meals, since their Muslim faith prevents them from eating the lunch meat served to other detainees.

Several Somalis said they never expected to be detained — especially since they didn’t try to sneak across the border.

"They’re coming to the United States, which is a symbol of freedom and democracy around the world," said immigration attorney Lyall, who represented Kheire. "They’re not expecting to go to jail and be fed bologna sandwiches."

On Jan. 4, the government plans to start releasing many asylum seekers while they wait for their immigration cases to be heard. It is unclear how many Somalis will be let out as they must prove their identity and many don’t have documents. And still others say they have nowhere to go even if they were freed, their attorneys said.

Compared with asylum seekers from other countries, Somalis have been more likely to win their cases, according to immigration court statistics.

But in the courtroom in Lancaster, Kheire spent the last few moments of his asylum hearing in agony, worried the judge would send him back to Mogadishu to face the threat of death — even after he had survived such a harrowing journey.

The attorneys for Kheire and the government sat quietly in the courtroom, listening to the judge read the ruling as Kheire prayed.

A Somali interpreter whispered urgently into Kheire’s ear. He broke into a hesitant smile. He would be allowed to stay.

Kheire left the courtroom in his black, laceless sneakers and jail jumpsuit, escorted by sheriff’s officials. Later that night, he was dropped off by authorities at a nearby train station. He had five dollars in his pocket.

"They said, ‘This is America. Welcome to the United States of America,’" Kheire said.

This is criminally insane.

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16 Responses to “AP: US Not Admitting Enough Somalis”

  1. GetBackJack says:


    I wonder how Maine feels about that?



    And this ASTONISHINGLy laughable, completely PC’d bone chilling statement from the State Government of Maine ..

    [snip] – Although Maine is a great place to live, it has never been considered a cultural melting pot until recently. Luckily, the Somali influx into Lewiston has given many people, both Mainers and Somalians, opportunities they would have never experienced otherwise. Maine citizens have been exposed to beneficial cultural aspects such as new traditions, beliefs, art, and values. Somalians, on the other hand, have benefited from an improved lifestyle, a better education, and the chance to preserve their cultural history. While it has caused a few problems, the Somali influx should be looked upon as a blessing for Maine people. [end]


    (laughing so hard I made a boo boo)

    So, I gather there is a large transfer of wealth going on between the Federal Government and the State government of Maine in order for (a) DownEasters to get saddled with this nonsense, (b) for this to be tolerated by Somalis themselves (it ain’t equatorial Africa, let me tell you) and (c) this much PC to be shoveled in one place. It’s always Follow The Money.

    In fact, anyone know how this whole “Somalis Go To Live In Maine” thing got proposed, sold and carried out? I know we’re talking Olympia Snowe and company, and that’s an order magnitude of hair-raising crazy that’s pegged out on the Batsh## meter … but still … this is a gigantic wow.

    Even for Insane Lefties.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Just do a quick headline search on ‘Somali Community’ or anything similar and you can see we have enough Somalians. I can’t say how many horribly violent crimes I have read about this year, which were perpetrated by Somali immigrants. We certainly don’t need to up our quota for the sake of ‘diversity.’

  3. proreason says:

    Maybe someday our little boy king will list all of the Samali contributions to civilization for us to relish.

    That will certainly make us all feel a lot better in the unlikely case that there there are a couple of little incidents by some of the Somali youths who get their blood up by having to deal with right-wing American Christians, Veterans or Tea-baggers.

  4. Petronius says:

    Today everyone on the planet is an “American.” The only difference being between those who are here now, and those who are on their way.

  5. Enthalpy says:

    Criminal insanity! Our governments at all levels are simply insisting that we all drown together due to their irresponsible policies. Islam is not simply a religion, but an all encompassing tribal entity. Islam trumps all things to its adherents. True Muslims (moderate Muslims are not true Muslims) will not, and cannot be assimilated by our American culture. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, perhaps the world’s most famous Somali, has written extensively about this. I know, there are those who claim that we do not have an American culture, but we do. If these people are unwilling or unable to assimilate (become Americans- with allegiance to America) they should not be allowed to remain here. Larry Auster addresses this point in his excellent post.** It’s really not a hateful position to take. Islam and our American culture cannot co-exist. Sharia law and our sovereign Constitutional Republic are at odds with each other. This is why, in part, Obama and Soros want to see a new Constitutional Convention. And, this is why we must not have this “new” Constitutional Convention. America is not broken!

    ** http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/006250.html

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    Hell .. must be o-blah-blah’s counting team keepin’ track. Here in Minneapolis – St Paul, we get 4000 a week!?!?!?

  7. rocketman says:

    What a guy! Leaves his wife and 4 year old son to save his ass.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Don’t worry, he can upgrade on the next three wives. And divorce his first wife with a few sentences over the phone, if he pleases. It’s the respected tradition of dropping a wife with ease – called talaq in Islam. Sure you can find an imam to certify it, too. It’s not as if proponents of Shariah law respect U.S. laws on marriage anyway.

      By the way, Somalis are some of the least integrated Muslims to live in Western countries. Somalia is currently in a war between rival Islamic factions and public “stoning” to death of adulterers (buried in the sand to their neck) has revived among some militants, who force women and children to watch the “ceremony.” Do we really want the multicultural blanket of diversity to include thugs and people who loathe freedom?

      Here in the U.S., legal Somali immigrants have been known to sue their companies of employment alleging fake Muslim discrimination because a said company doesn’t have special foot baths or prayer times.

      It’s suicide to make the United States an “international” country for everyone who wants to come here, because not everyone who wants a buck has an interest in freedom or enriching our society. We are not “citizens of the world,” a popular catch phrase growing on the left.

      And I thought the people of the United States had a choice in who was allowed to immigrate here. But I guess the AP and others would prefer to open the door to anyone who sneaks in illegally, as long as they have a good sob story. In that case, be prepared for millions more. And as for legal immigration – forget skill – pie graph diversity must rule (a certain percentage of people from every region of the world should live here irrespective of education or compatibility, because the left wants to appear tolerant).

  8. Jesusland says:

    >>>”They’re not expecting to go to jail and be fed bologna sandwiches.”

    Has anybody ever noticed how when Western go overseas to other countries we are expected to adapt to them, but when they come over here we’re still expected to adapt to them? That ain’t right.

  9. joeblough says:

    This item puts me in mind of Francis Fukuyama’s “The End of History and the Last Man” which was based on, by my lights, a fairly silly premise.

    Nonetheless, he had a number of interesting and valid things to say.

    One of his better essays, if my memory serves, painted a vivid picture of western medicine and western charity growing vast new populations of ignorant foreign peasants, living in wildly oppressive economies which are incapable of supporting such large numbers because of their inefficiency and injustice. Those hungry and frustrated throngs must inevitably pile up outside the walls of western civilization, basically demanding goods to live on and a chance to survive and multiply.

    I think we’re pretty much there now.

    The problem for charitably minded civilized folks is that the extent of the suffering and the extent of the problem vastly outstrips our capacity to help, or to manage the consequences of our help.

    We MUST orient ourselves realistically toward the origin of the problem, which lies in the horrifying oppression imposed by most of the governments of the world.

    We would, in strict moral terms, be thoroughly justified in saying, this is not our problem, so deal with yourselves! But I suspect that too many of us would find that possible until it was far too late, and we were in WAY too much hot water to say anything else.

    Our only other alternative however, is to get seriously aggressive about promoting freedom and individuality, through propaganda and/or through brutal military intervention.

    (Remember Coulter’s post-9/11 joke about killing their leaders and converting their people to Christianity. Whether or not she was actually kidding, it wasn’t an altogether inappropriate idea. Certainly it would work. And the greatest beneficiaries would be the presently poor and oppressed.)

    If, for example, we were really serious about killing ALL the jihaddis and ALL the miscellaneous other totalitarians in Somalia, and that includes their preachers and fund raisers, the normal people of Somalia might have a chance at a decent life at home, and would no longer need to come here just to get by.

    As it happens, I don’t think we have the budget or the belly for that kind of business.

    I think about this sort of thing every time I see one of those “save the children” charity commercials on the tube. “Little Maria is too poor for shoes or even feet and has to eat rocks for breakfast. But for 37 cents a day she can survive in slightly less abject poverty“.

    37 cents my butt!

    What little Maria and hundreds of millions like her really need is for rough men with big guns to go to where she lives and slaughter the bastards that rob her father every time he makes 37 cents.

    Believe me, left alone he’d be making $37,000 before too very long. Or if not him, little Maria herself and her generation.

    There are good and convincing precedents for this. We’ve done it before — albeit with more civilized countries than Somalia. In WWII we conducted massive campaigns of destruction and slaughter followed by steely dictatorship. And the end result? Wherever we set our dictatorial foot there is now comparative peace and plenty, and even independence from us.

    There’s no historical precedent to suggest that anything else could have positive results — and our present confusions in Iraq and Afghanistan support that view.

    Kill the bastards. Destroy their oppressive traditions. Teach them freedom — whether they like it or not. Then go home (leaving a sizable military base behind). Or else reap the whirlwind.


    But as the man says above, bringing thousands of Somalians into the US is criminally insane.

    So what are we going to do about it?

  10. canary says:

    Samo Samo. Kheire’s story is like many other muslim stores that don’t make since. It’s always their brothers getting killed, and they flee leaving their wives & children in danger, write them, when these countries open their mail.
    One muslim refugee went into such detail of exactly where his wife & children were hiding, & gave newspaper photos of his wife & children, (on internet, so that the terrorists would have noooo problem, finding and killing them. They don’t mind their wife & children dying!!!!, because of course the man is most important in their culture. Oh, and such detail of fear he experienced on the long airplane flight he took using a fake passport. Snif.
    San Diego, at least 7ish years ago, was on the top 5 terrorist cities in the country. A couple of years ago, I took my son on a quick over-night trip to San Diego, and took him to quick trip to beach. Taxi’s were muslims, and the white taxi drivers (not to many of them in our state) are all muslims now. And we stopped to eat, and while the workers were as Obama calls them “brown” people, we noticed poor English, Russian Middle-eastern accents, and our friendly questions if they were from Russia, were ignored. Later it dawned on me, that while it’s normal where we live to tell where you’re from, they probably were there illegally.
    They just found a another tunnel uncompleted 800 feet on to America soil, 100 feet underground, uncompleted. Nice when they brag of smuggling in
    in 4lbs of anthrax.

    I think perhaps they should be told of the trip on the Mayflower to America, and the hell, our U.S. soldiers endure fighting for freedom in the world. The courts should show 9/11 footage.

  11. wirenut says:

    Isn’t this a gift from Uncle ted drunkennedy’s grave. If memory serves, I think he had a hand or two on immigration policies a couple of decades ago. The cowardly drunken murderer is still with us, and still haunts the freedoms we hold so dear today. Druncle ted was, what’s good for the party, Not what’s good for the Country.

    • joeblough says:

      Yes this definitely has Deadly Ted’s bloody thumbprint on it.

      Faded perhaps a bit by time, but identifiably his nonetheless.

      Our immigration policy — although the phrase hardly seems appropriate anymore — no longer makes any provision for America’s interests whatever.

      The health, wealth, skills, education, habits, attitudes or loyalties of our prospective national roommates are given no consideration. Nor are we.

      No brainless, beer-addled 17 year old picks their college roommates with the same casual abandon that we select our “immigrants”.

  12. Enthalpy says:

    Wirenut and joeblough points are spot on. Our representatives must swear allegiance to the United States and the constituents they represent. If they are unwilling, they should never become candidates in the first place.

  13. AcornsRNuts says:

    I happen to hail from a town roughly 10 miles from Lewiston. It is hardly a mecca of cultural enlightenment. IT is a former mill town, opposite the town of Auburn, which was where the better piad mill employees lived. Longa hotbed of white trashery, it has gotten absolutely awful since the somali influx. And Portland is no better, with a massive low rent housing project full of somalis turned from decent duplexes into a mogadishu slum within months of their occupation. Mainer’s would gladly lose the drugs and crime, even if it meant losing the rich art and culture these industrious and upstanding folks bring with them.

  14. Liberals Demise says:

    We have had our fill of skinnys and don’t need anymore. I lived in North Dakota in the 90’s when the Lutheran Services brought in about 100 men from Somalia. Talk about being out of place ……….. most ended up moving to Minnesota and becoming their headache.
    Now look at how many have gone back to the wasteland they call home for re-education and cat holes for toilets.
    They thank us by becoming our enemy………..I suggest AP hire some of these poooooooor little skinnys.(I’d like to see how they thank them)

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