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AP (Subtly) Pushes For Obama-Care For Illegals

From the Associated Press:

Fewer health care options for illegal immigrants


ALAMO, Texas (AP) — For years, Sonia Limas would drag her daughters to the emergency room whenever they fell sick. As an illegal immigrant, she had no health insurance, and the only place she knew to seek treatment was the hospital — the most expensive setting for those covering the cost.

The family’s options improved somewhat a decade ago with the expansion of community health clinics, which offered free or low-cost care with help from the federal government. But President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul threatens to roll back some of those services if clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed with newly insured patients and can’t afford to care for as many poor families…

Notice how our media watchdogs always write these sob stories the same way. But we never hear about the families who have to struggle because they are paying to support the burden of illegal aliens.

To be clear, Obama’s law was never intended to help Limas and an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants like her. Instead, it envisions that 32 million uninsured Americans will get access to coverage by 2019. Because that should mean fewer uninsured patients showing up at hospitals, the Obama program slashed the federal reimbursement for uncompensated care.

But in states with large illegal immigrant populations, the math may not work, especially if lawmakers don’t expand Medicaid, the joint state-federal health program for the poor and disabled.

In other words, yet another ‘savings’ supposedly in Obama-Care turns out to be a myth. But what does Medicaid have to do with it? Illegal aliens are not supposed to get Medicaid.

When the reform has been fully implemented, illegal immigrants will make up the nation’s second-largest population of uninsured, or about 25 percent. The only larger group will be people who qualify for insurance but fail to enroll, according to a 2012 study by the Washington-based Urban Institute.

And since about two-thirds of illegal immigrants live in just eight states, those areas will have a disproportionate share of the uninsured to care for…

The federal government has offered to expand Medicaid, but states must decide whether to take the deal. And in some of those eight states — including Texas, Florida and New Jersey — hospitals are scrambling to determine whether they will still have enough money to treat the remaining uninsured.

Without a Medicaid expansion, the influx of new patients and the looming cuts in federal funding could inflict "a double whammy" in Texas..

Again, it’s hard to see how this is relevant, since illegal aliens aren’t supposed to be eligible for Medicaid.

Realistically, taxpayers are already paying for some of the treatment provided to illegal immigrants because hospitals are required by law to stabilize and treat any patients that arrive in an emergency room, regardless of their ability to pay. The money to cover the costs typically comes from federal, state and local taxes…

How odd to hear the AP finally admit this.

California, which is home to the nation’s largest population of illegal immigrants, spent an estimated $1.2 billion last year through Medicaid to care for 822,500 illegal immigrants…

California can afford it. They’re rolling in money.

If large states such as Florida and Texas make good on their intention to forgo federal money to expand Medicaid, the decision "basically eviscerates" the effects of the health care overhaul in those areas because of "who lives there and what they’re eligible for," said Lisa Clemans-Cope, a senior researcher at the Urban Institute.

Seeking to curb expenses, hospitals might change what qualifies as an emergency or cap the number of uninsured patients they treat. And although it’s believed states with the most illegal immigrants will face a smaller cut, they will still lose money…

So what is the implicit argument the AP is making here? Since we are already paying for illegal aliens to get free healthcare, we might as well give them Obama-Care. In fact, it will save money.

Where does Joe Wilson go to get his reputation back? (Joe Wilson is the Republican Congressman who shouted out at ‘You Lie!’ when Obama claimed in his State Of The Union address that Obama-Care would never cover illegal aliens.)

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2 Responses to “AP (Subtly) Pushes For Obama-Care For Illegals”

  1. untrainable says:

    Here’s a crazy thought… why don’t we deport people when we find out that they’re in the country illegally? Then we wouldn’t have to pay for their healthcare, or their social security, or their food stamps, or their Obama phones.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    These “32 million” who are uninsured have been gaming the system forever–going to emergency rooms where they have to be treated, being belligerent about how much money they owe–which they’ll never repay. So now we have 11 million more illegals? Why not? There’s plenty to go around, I don’t mind working full time with insurance so slim it’s more of a discount than paying for anything. I don’t mind paying even more in premiums so they’re “insured,” even though they’ll just keep cheating the system. If they’re not paying bills now what makes the government think they’ll pay the uninsured “tax” or their bills now? I’m honest and pay my bills–if I wasn’t I could have a lot better care as I’d just demand it and skip out on paying.

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