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AP: US Military’s Transgender Ban Is Endangered

From a cheering Associated Press:

U.S. military’s transgender ban may now be endangered

May 11, 2014

WASHINGTON — The prohibition on transgender individuals serving in the US military “continually should be reviewed,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday.

Hagel did not indicate whether he believes the policy should be overturned. However, he said “every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it.” …

A panel convened by a think tank at San Francisco State University [sic] recently estimated that about 15,450 transgender personnel serve in the military and in the National Guard and Reserve…

Sure they do. But if that’s true, the ban doesn’t seem to be working. So why bother to lift it?

In 2010, [the Democrat-controlled] Congress passed legislation allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly. Hagel said the issue of transgender serving in the military is more complicated. He said “these issues require medical attention” that at times cannot be provided in austere locations.

Huh? That’s Hagel’s only objection? (Whatever it is.)

The National Center for Transgender Equality said it welcomed Hagel’s comments, which were made on ABC’s “This Week.” The organization’s executive director, Mara Keisling, said the regulations that disqualify transgender recruits and service members are based on outdated prejudices and stereotypes…

We are such fuddy duddy sticks in the mud.

A military review of transgender issues could occur as it also deals with questions about how to treat transgender prisoners. Chelsea Manning, a former Army private serving a 35-year prison sentence for providing classified documents to WikiLeaks, is fighting to be treated as a woman.

Yes, Bradley Manning is a great testimonial for transgenders in the military. But we predicted he/she would become a hero/heroine for the cause.

She [sic] is seeking a counselor who specializes in gender issues and also wants to get hormone replacement therapy, which the military has said it does not provide.

Which is another motivation for this. Joining the military could be yet another way to get taxpayers to pay for sex change operations.

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