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Arab League Wants Timetable For Iraq Withdraw

From the DNC’s Al Jazeera:

Arabs urge Iraq pull out timetable

Turkey’s foreign minister, right, participated in the Arab League meeting for the first time [EPA]

The Arab League has called on the United Nations Security Council to set a timetable for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq.

Amr Moussa, the Arab League’s secretary-general, opening a one-day meeting on Sunday, listed what the Cairo-based organisation believed were the key issues for easing the crisis in Iraq.

As well as a timetable for the US-led forces to leave, the list also includes a call for the fair distribution of wealth and the disbanding of all militias.

Arab leaders have repeated the same demands many times.

In a speech to the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, Moussa said: “I suggest that these foundations be included in a binding UN Security Council resolution that all Iraqi and other parties with present roles in Iraq should respect and follow.”

But Arab governments have little influence in Baghdad.

The Arab League representative in Iraq resigned in January because of his frustration over the situation in the country, and what he said was apathy among Arab nations.

Developments in the Middle East peace process, the Palestinian issue, and Iran’s nuclear ambitions also feature high on the Arab League’s meeting agenda.

Moussa, in his speech, called on Iran to co-operate with the IAEA and asked anew for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, saying Israel should be “no exception”.

Who knew that the United Nations decided when and where our trooops are sent?

By the way, the next time Kuwait or some other Middle Eastern country gets gobbled up, we should make sure we call the UN.

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