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Arab Spring (Al Qaeda) Is Busting Out All Over

From Reuters:

Heavy gunfire heard in central Beirut

By Dominic Evans | Sun October 21, 2012

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Heavy gunfire erupted in central Beirut on Sunday after protesters tried to storm the offices of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, demanding that he quit over the assassination of a top intelligence official…

Hundreds of protesters, waving flags from the anti-Syrian opposition Future Movement – a mainly Sunni Muslim party – and Christian Lebanese Forces as well as black Islamist flags, marched on Mikati’s offices after the funeral of Wissam al-Hassan.

They accused Syria of being behind Hassan’s killing and called for Mikati to resign…

Those "black Islamist flags" are the official flags of Al Qaeda.

From ABC News:

Jordan Foils ‘Major Terrorist Plot’

By Alexander Marquardt | Sun October 21, 2012

Eleven men have been arrested by Jordanian intelligence services which accuses them of planning a "major terrorist plot," attacking shopping centers, residential buildings and foreigners, including diplomats.

Jordan’s state-run news agency, Petra, reported today that the … accused terrorists carried out surveillance on potential targets and armed themselves with explosives, guns and mortars.

The men were described as "terrorists associated with the ideology of Al Qaeda."

Being associated with "the ideology of Al Qaeda" would seem to make them Al Qaeda.

Photos posted on the agency’s website showed four of the men with the bushy beards often associated with Salafism, an ultra-conservative brand of Islam

For the record, the Salafis are also the second largest party in Egypt now, where they are now working hand in glove with the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Their objective was to create a highly destructive explosive that would cause the highest number of casualties and extensive physical damage," said the statement on the Petra web site…

Lest we forget, Jordan is probably the closest thing we have to an ally in the region, apart from Israel.

From the Associated Press:

Al-Qaida in Afghanistan is attempting a comeback

By DEB RIECHMANN and ROBERT BURNS | Sun October 21, 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A diminished but resilient al-Qaida, whose 9/11 attacks drew America into its longest war, is attempting a comeback in Afghanistan’s mountainous east even as U.S. and allied forces wind down their combat mission and concede a small but steady toehold to the terrorist group.

The AP is finally admitting the obvious. But they are still doing their best to downplay it was much as possible.

That concerns U.S. commanders, who have intensified strikes against al-Qaida cells in recent months. It also undercuts an Obama administration narrative portraying al-Qaida as battered to the point of being a nonissue in Afghanistan as Western troops start leaving.

Another stunning admission.

When he visited Afghanistan in May to mark the one-year anniversary of the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama said his administration had turned the tide of war. "The goal that I set — to defeat al-Qaida, and deny it a chance to rebuild — is within reach," he said.

But he has refused to grasp it. Instead, just like in Iraq, Obama is trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

As things stand, however, an unquestionably weakened al-Qaida appears to have preserved at least limited means of regenerating inside Afghanistan as U.S. influence in the country wanes. The last U.S. combat troops are scheduled to be gone by Dec. 31, 2014, and security matters turned over to the Afghan government.

"They are trying to increase their numbers and take advantage of the Americans leaving," the police chief of Paktika province said this month… He mentioned no numbers, but said al-Qaida has moved more weapons across the border from Pakistan…

Huh. Now where did Al Qaeda ever get the idea that all they had to do was wait until we pulled out?

U.S. Gen. John Allen, the top commander of international forces in Afghanistan, has said al-Qaida has re-emerged, and although its numbers are small, he says the group doesn’t need a large presence to be influential

A more immediate worry is the threat posed by the growing presence of al-Qaida and affiliated groups in Yemen, Somalia and across a broad swath of North Africa, where it is believed al-Qaida-linked militants may have been responsible for the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans

That simply can’t be. Mr. Obama has told us time and again that he has Al Qaeda on the run.

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2 Responses to “Arab Spring (Al Qaeda) Is Busting Out All Over”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The British Peel Commission and subsequent Foreign Office shenanigans drew the map lines of the Region according to some sort of scheme only they understand.

    The Democrat World Cabal is redrawing them again, to empower the Caliphate.

    Buy more ammo, lads.

  2. Rickuh says:

    Those “black Islamist flags” are also the flag of jihad, same as that which was hoisted above our Egyptian embassy in Cairo by those insulted defenders of Muhammad.

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