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Assad: Could Cost $1B To Hand Over Poison Gas

From the Agence France Presse:

Assad: One year, $1 bn needed to destroy chem arms

By Dave Clark | September 18, 2013

Defiant strongman Bashar Al-Assad promised he would surrender Syria’s chemical weapons but warned it would take at least a year to do so and cost one billion dollars…

Translation: Assad wants the US to give him a billion dollars. And who doubts it could happen? After all, if it saves Obama’s face, a billion dollars is cheap.

In a confident interview with US network Fox News, Assad insisted that Syria was not gripped by civil war but was the victim of infiltration by foreign-backed Al-Qaeda fighters.

And interview conducted by Fox’s Dennis Kucinich and Greg Palkot. Lest we forget, Mr. Kucinich previously met with Assad in 2011 and drew criticism after reportedly praising the foreign leader as “highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians.”

Kucinich later issued a statement saying he had been misquoted by Syrian media.

He insisted that his forces had not been behind an August 21 gas attack on the Damascus suburbs that left hundreds of civilians dead, but vowed nevertheless to hand over his deadly arsenal…

"I think it’s a very complicated operation, technically. And it needs a lot of money, about a billion," he told Fox.

Why? Despite the headline here, he is not planning to destroy the weapons, just hand them over. Presumably this would be done by the Syrian Army, who are already on the payroll. What exactly does it cost to have them pick up the chemicals and hand them to the Russians?

"So it depends, you have to ask the experts what they mean by quickly. It has a certain schedule. It needs a year, or maybe a little bit more."

Hilarious. So the mid-2014 ‘deadline’ is already being pushed back.

Asked why he had used force to repress a popular uprising and triggered a two-and-a-half year war that has claimed 110,000 lives, Assad insisted Syria was a victim of terrorism.

"What we have is not civil war. What we have is war. It’s a new kind of war," he said, alleging that Islamist guerrillas from more than 80 countries had joined the fight…

Assad hates the terrorists he doesn’t sponsor. Like the ones he sponsors in Iraq.

"We know that we have tens of thousands of jihadists… we are on the ground, we live in this country," he said, disputing an expert report that suggested 30,000 out of around 100,000 rebels were hardliners.

"What I can tell you is that … 80 to 90 percent of the underground terrorists are Al-Qaeda and their offshoots." …

He’s probably right on this point.

The disarmament plan will face its first big test on Saturday, the one-week deadline announced by Moscow and the United States for Assad to provide a list of his chemical facilities.

Assad said in his interview that he could provide a list "tomorrow," and Moscow said it had received assurances that he would cooperate.

Anybody can make up a list.

Britain, France and the United States have prepared a draft resolution that would invoke Chapter VII of the UN Charter but would not explicitly threaten force or sanctions…

So it is meaningless.

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3 Responses to “Assad: Could Cost $1B To Hand Over Poison Gas”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Oh! Oh oh oh!

    I get it now. Assad has played Obama to get the USA to pay for switching out his old chemical supplies for new ones. Putin sitting on the side lines enjoying the show. Obama left holding the check.

    • canary says:

      Yes, there are endless stockpiles of WMD in Russia. Still, I can’t trust the latest claim of the US saying they are 100% clear it was Syrian Army. It could have been Hezbollah the terrorists who first closed in on the chemicals, and whom Assad let join after Al-Qaeda joined the rebels. I wonder in comparison in Africa the spread of Islamic terrorists and their getting the upper hand
      and just leaving with new recruits when finally run out.

      Just as in all the middle-east countries most of the rebels want Islamic law to rule the land, and not a secular leader in charge.

      I enjoyed watching most of the interview where Assad said the people in America are unhappy and feel there is no democracy.

      Assad repeatedly as throughout this civil war said his first number priority even in the future is to get rid of the terrorists. Yet, he’s got Hezbollah terrorists on his side who no doubt are working with the rebel’s Al-Qaeda because there is no separating the two terrorist groups.

      Still, the US saying they have 100% proof and Assad saying Russia has satellite footage of proof Al-Qaeda is responsible for the chemical attacks is a toss up.

      There is a reason the video’s Obama had his 24/7 on site WH production team equipped with make-up and hair dressers helped him create that for some reason is being kept from the public because so much doesn’t appear real.

      It just doesn’t make since that they would bring the sarin contaminated people foot to foot into a hospital where the likelihood the staff and people treating them would become ill and die when it takes breathing a drop. The medical aids not wearing masks, nor gloves, and pouring water on the people in an enclosed unit. Deadly for all. And it’s not like there is urine, feces, or vomit
      anywhere. There is no mouths gapped open trying to breath or in pain.

      With Sarin the bodies are to be buried right away. There is no way they were decontaminated
      properly. So, many exposed faces up close looking into the faces of the dying?

      It’s 2013. Just as in Libya with a hundred video’s on the U.S. Ambassador with the man dragging him, camera in mouth, how there is not more evidence. And the cartoon images used in the footage for our lawmakers just doesn’t cut it with me.

      Gosh, I did find think I found some footage, but it turned out to be decades ago when Saddam Hussein, who Obama wrote there were more evil leaders that we should go after instead, so what if he poisoned all those people. And still, the footage could be from a movie the middle-easterners made as they do make their own movies and documentaries. It could have been a clip of history.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Assad is the puppet of the largest state sponsor of terror on the planet. I say let them fight each other, gas each other, nuke each other until there is only a toxic remnant that’s so steril they can’t reproduce.

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