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At Last! BP Is Suing Halliburton For Spill

From an overjoyed Reuters:

BP hits Halliburton in latest oil spill claim

By Tom Bergin
April 21, 2011

LONDON (Reuters) – BP and its partners involved in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have unleashed a $100 billion-plus barrage of legal claims a year after the rig blast killed 11 workers and created an environmental disaster.

On the anniversary of the disaster, BP filed suits totaling more than $80 billion against Transocean and Halliburton.

It only took a year, but the news media have finally gotten the headline and lead that they want. And never mind that that BP is really suing Transocean, and that suing Halliburton is basically an after thought. In fact, as we will learn later, all of these suits just amount getting in under the deadline for lawsuits, in order to try to reach some kind of shared liability settlement.

Besides, shouldn’t BP be suing the US government? Didn’t the federal government’s Minerals Management Service sign off on every step of the procedure that led to the oil well explosion?

And, more importantly, wasn’t it the US government that has forced BP and other oil companies to drill in extreme conditions they should never have had to face, by pushing them so far off shore? They would never do that to Brazil or Cuba or China.

And in a separate action on Wednesday, BP sued Cameron International Corp, the maker of the blowout preventer, the so-called fail-safe device that failed to automatically shut down the well

Which was ‘modified’ in China.

Wednesday was the deadline — one year after the disaster — for companies connected to the spill to file claims against each other

So, what the hell, just sue everybody while you still can — and let Gaia sort them out.

Analysts said the companies probably did not want the cases to ever get to court, as this would lead to a spectacle which would only further damage their already battered images.

Instead, the suits were seen as tactical moves ahead of settlements that could see some of the burden shared

It doesn’t matter. The media now has ‘closure.’ They will now claim that the Gulf spill was all Halliburton’s fault. And by extension, Bush and Cheney’s.

BP said Halliburton concealed critical information which could have prevented the disaster. "Halliburton’s improper conduct, errors and omissions, including fraud and concealment, caused and/or contributed to the Deepwater Horizon incident," BP said in a court filing.

"Halliburton knew and understood it was misrepresenting material information," BP added…

Naturally. That is Halliburton’s job — to hide unsafe drilling operations. Everyone knows that.

Service providers’ contracts with operators usually provide indemnities against any environmental damage which may result from their work and one analyst said this limited BP’s opportunities to recoup cash from Transocean or Halliburton.

If BP can establish gross or willful negligence on the part of the contractors, it may be able to void such indemnities but this is seen as hard to achieve.

"I don’t think it’s built into peoples’ expectations," said the second analyst, who also declined to be named due to the legal sensitivities…

Again, none of this matters. Least of all to our news media.

They have their scapegoat at last.

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  1. River0 says:

    Of course Bush and Cheney engineered the whole thing, you racist, sexist, homophobe, warmonger, capitalist polluters!

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