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At Least 2,000 Pose Terror Threat In UK

From those defenders of the faith at BBC NEWS:

‘Thousands’ pose UK terror threat

There are at least 2,000 people in the UK who pose a threat to national security because of their support for terrorism, the head of MI5 has said.

Jonathan Evans said there had been a rise of 400 since November 2006.

He said children as young as 15 were being recruited for terrorist-related activity by al-Qaeda.

Resources that could be devoted to counter-terrorism were instead being used to protect the UK against spying by Russia, China and others, he added.

There had been “no decrease” in the number of Russian covert intelligence officers operating in the UK since the end of the Cold War, Mr Evans said in a speech in Manchester.

“A number of countries continue to devote considerable time and energy trying to steal our sensitive technology on civilian and military projects, and trying to obtain political and economic intelligence at our expense.”

It was “a matter of some disappointment”, he said, that this ongoing threat continued to take up significant amounts of equipment, money and staff…

Mr Evans said attacks on the UK were “not simply random plots by disparate and fragmented groups”, but part of a “deliberate campaign” by al-Qaeda.

In the past 12 months, MI5 had found links between an increasing range of countries and terror plots in the UK, he said.

In Iraq, Algeria and parts of East Africa, especially Somalia, he said, the “al-Qaeda brand” had expanded and now posed a threat to the UK.

Mr Evans said he did not think the level of terror threat against the UK had “reached its peak“.

“We will do our utmost to hold back the physical threat of attacks, but alone, this is merely containment.

“Long-term resolution requires identifying and addressing the root causes of the problem.”

He said it was “inevitable” there would be individuals who came to police or security service attention, but were still able to go on to carry out acts of terrorism.” …

But the Ramadhan Foundation said it was concerned Mr Evans had not stressed the 2,000 people suspected of involvement in extremist activity made up only a small proportion of the 1.6 million Muslim population.

Mohammed Shafiq, a spokesman for the Muslim youth organisation, said the language was inflammatory and called for responsible dialogue.

He said the group was prepared to talk to the police and security services, but in order to defeat terrorism it was important to acknowledge the threat existed mainly due to foreign policy

You see, if we would just submit to the caliphate there would be no problem.

Sadly, one suspects that the number Mr. Evans cited is just typical British understatement.

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