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Atlantic: Obama Lets Seniors Keep ‘Gym Perks’

From the Atlantic Magazine:

Obama, Democrats Back Off Medicare Advantage Cuts So Seniors Can Keep Their Gym Perks

By Arit John | April 8, 2014

The Obama administration reversed cuts to Medicare Advantage on Monday, after pleas from the insurance industry lobby and congressional Democrats who want seniors to vote for them, The Hill reports. Advantage is the private insurance option offered by Medicare, and many plans entice seniors with free gym memberships, hearing aids, and other perks.

Yeah, ‘perks’ like being able to hear and see. ‘Perks’ that these Medicare Advantage customers actually pay extra for. Anyway, yesterday, we got the news that Obama was once again delaying Obama-Care cuts to Medicare Advantage, until after the midterms. (He delayed the cuts back in 2012, as well, for the same reason — upcoming elections.)

But that was a clear signal to his media minions that they need to start trashing Medicare Advantage for giving away ‘free’ gym memberships.

Besides, we thought Obama and the rest of the Left were supporters of ‘wellness programs.’ We’re told they save billions of dollars in treatment down the road. Why wouldn’t they want seniors to go to the gym?

Whether the plans actually offer better care is up for debate — what’s certain is that the government pays 6 percent more for Advantage over regular Medicaid [sic].

Note that the ‘reporter’ here is upset that the taxpayers pay 6% more for services under Medicare Advantage than they do for Medicaid. (Note: Medicaid. Not Medicare.) And that is money that could be going to free sex change operations for Obama’s base.

Republicans and the insurance industry have argued that the cuts to Advantage would lead to fewer plan choices and higher premiums for the elderly, but studies have shown that most of the extra money is profit.

Sure they have. But, if you want to demonized something, just call it the ‘P Word.’

Medicare Advantage is kind of a scam..

Yep. This probably twenty-something reporter from the Atlantic knows this. While the more than 15 million Americans who currently enjoy Medicare Advantage don’t know what they are talking about.

Whether cuts to Advantage would actually be a threat to seniors isn’t clear…

You see? Cutting a government support by 2% doesn’t hurt it. Remember that the next time ‘The Sequester’ is discussed.

Last month, the Los Angeles Times’ Michael Hiltzik argued that Advantage is an "insurance industry scam." …  Hiltzik writes. "Where does the money go? Insurers pocket much of it as pure profit." The study didn’t find any evidence that the higher payments led to better service for seniors.

Well, okay then. If a LA Times reporter says so. Those 15 million seniors don’t realize that they aren’t getting any benefit for their hard earned money.

Despite the evidence supporting cuts [sic], Advantage reimbursements are going up. On Monday the Obama administration announced that, instead of cutting the reimbursement rate by 2 percent, they would raise it by 0.4 percent…

Hilarious. These reimbursement rates are only ‘going up’ a whopping 0.4% because of the midterm elections and nothing else. If it weren’t for Democrats wanting to be re-elected they would have been cut by 2%.

So now Republicans have one less thing to attack Democrats over, Democrats have one less issue to worry about, insurance companies will keep making money and seniors can keep their gym memberships and free glasses…

Which, once again, they are paying for. But this is what passes for ‘journalism’ in the Golden Age Of Obama.

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