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Attkisson’s Computers Were Hit By Skilled Hackers

From the Politico:

Attkisson: ‘Outraged’ by computer hacking

By MACKENZIE WEINGER | June 17, 2013

CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson on Monday said she is “outraged” her computer was hacked and called it “a very serious and disturbing matter.”

Attkisson told “CBS This Morning” she reported her concern that her work and personal computers were being compromised to CBS News management in January, and they hired a cyber security firm to conduct an investigation. CBS News on Friday said Attkisson’s computer had been compromised and accessed “by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions” in late 2012.

Lest we forget, the Benghazi attacks occurred in September 2012. And Sharyl Attkisson and Catherine Herridge over at Fox News were the only reporters pursuing the story. The rest of the news media didn’t want to rock the boat before Obama’s re-election.

“There were signs of unusual happenings in my home for many months and that included odd behavior of both my work and my personal computers,” Attkisson said. “ One example was the computers began turning themselves off and then back on again during the night. I was able to verify and obtain some of the information on the suspicious activities and I reported that to CBS News management in January.”

The investigation ruled out the ordinary malware or phishing programs, she said.

"The analysis found very unusual activity buried deep in the computer," she said. "The unauthorized party accessed the CBS computer at my home on multiple occasions, and specifically in December they used sophisticated methods to cover their tracks, meaning they tried to remove the indications of their previous unauthorized activity. We’re not prepared to talk more about the whos and who did that today, but the intruder is considered highly skilled and used very sophisticated methods.”

Attkisson said she was “outraged that anyone would do such a thing” and noted that CBS News is taking the findings “very seriously.”

“When any unauthorized party comes into the home of an American, whether it’s a private citizen or a journalist, and searches through their computers, inserting and removing material for whatever their reason is, it’s a very serious and disturbing matter,” she said.

But she needs to realize that it’s also "a serious thing" to report news that might hurt Obama’s re-election chances. Maybe next time she will think twice before putting a Democrat at risk.

By the way, has anyone thought to check James Rosen’s and Catherine Herridge’s computers for similar activity?

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2 Responses to “Attkisson’s Computers Were Hit By Skilled Hackers”

  1. untrainable says:

    The tricky part here is, when will the outrage be replaced by a sense of security. I mean the weasels in the media keep telling us that our government spying on us is for our own good. For the common good. For the safety of everyone.

    If the government is just trying to keep us safe, why is Attkisson “outraged”? But wait a minute, I thought the terrorists were defeated by Obama, so why do they need to spy on us to keep us safe? Who are they keeping us safe from? Terroris… Workplace violence? Manmade disasters? Overseas contingencies?

    The mental gymnastics are beyond me.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    If the NSA and related agency citizen spying acts are so good for us, why are they secret?

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