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Zeituni Deportation Ruling Put Off To May

From a tear soaked Boston Globe:

President Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango departs with unidentified companion after requesting asylum at a closed immigration hearing Thursday in Boston.

Obama’s aunt battles deportation order in Boston court

By Brian R. Ballou, Globe Staff

February 4, 2010

An immigration hearing that could lead to the deportation of President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, ended today without a decision being issued.

Onyango has been living in Boston and has been under a deportation order since 2004 when her request for asylum was denied by a US Immigration Court judge.

Actually, Ms. Onyango was first ordered to be deported in 2003, according to another Boston Globe article.

She appealed that order in a closed-door hearing at the John F. Kennedy Building in downtown Boston, testifying for about three hours today.

Onyango, who leaned on a cane as she moved around the building, did not speak with reporters. Neither her attorney, Margaret Wong, nor Wong’s spokeswoman, Amy Cohn, would discuss her testimony.

Wong said the president has not submitted any letter on behalf of his aunt.

At the White House today, spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama is staying out of the matter. Obama learned about his aunt’s legal plight in 2008 during his campaign, Gibbs said.

"We said then and we would continue to say that everybody in this country should and must follow the law,” he said, according to a transcript supplied by the White House. "We have not been involved at all in that hearing, and we’ll let the law play out as it should.”

The aunt’s legal team said they were calling two medical doctors as witnesses. They identified the doctors as Dr. David Stone and Dr. Robert Weiss. Stone, they said, is Onyango’s personal physician. They declined to identify Weiss’s medical specialty or hospital affiliation.

"The doctors are here in relation to her medical condition, but that’s not every aspect of the case,” Cohn said…

Judge Leonard Shapiro ordered Onyango’s defense team and the federal government to submit written closing arguments and set the next court date for May 25. However, the judge could issue a ruing [sic] before then, attorneys said today.

Why is this hearing being held behind closed doors? That is not the convention. Is national security involved?

And why has Ms. Onyango’s case taken so long to decide? She has been ordered to be deported twice; first in 2003, and then in 2004.

And, lest we forget, her deportation hearing was postponed from April of last year until yesterday. And now the decision has been postponed again.

Meanwhile, in the past seven years nothing whatsoever has occurred to change the circumstances of the case. Certainly the political situation in Kenya is no worse now, since one of her relatives, Raila Odinga, is the current Kenyan Prime Minister.

No, all that has changed is that Ms. Onyango has added to her list of illegal acts. Which include an illegal $260 contribution to her nephew’s Presidential campaign.

She has also continued to bilk the US taxpayers out of money for public housing as well as expensive operations and, of course, for her immigration lawyers.

As the article suggests, Ms. Onyango’s attorneys are now claiming that her medical condition prevents her from returning to her native Kenya.

In fact, her lawyers now claim that Ms. Onyango cannot walk.

Indeed, her taxpayer supplied attorney, Ms. Margaret Wong claims, “she has to go in a wheelchair but because of her pride she tries to give the impression that she can walk.”

We have to say, it’s a mighty convincing “impression.”

Besides, nobody is saying she has to walk back to Kenya.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 5th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

25 Responses to “Zeituni Deportation Ruling Put Off To May”

  1. canary says:

    Such a blatant lie from Gibbs, who knows every time Obama uses the toilet.

  2. mr_bill says:

    ‘Personal doctor,’ expensive attorneys, political contributions, and she appears to be dressed well for somebody who can’t afford to pay rent and has to sponge off the productive members of this country. I don’t see why the court is taking so long. She’s a liar and thief (must run in the family), deport her.

    • NoNeoCommies says:

      You are spot on!
      The first thing I noticed was that she has more money to spend on clothes (and ridiculous glasses) than I do.

  3. BigOil says:

    Stone, they said, is Onyango’s personal physician.

    An illegal alien with a personal physician? Maybe living in the shadows isn’t such a bad thing after all.

  4. JohnMG says:

    Why, indeed!! I’ll just repost something I wrote from yesterday’s ‘Selected News’ thread:

    …..“She’s the aunt of the president of the United States — the most famous man in the world,” Mike Rogers, spokesman for the Ohio law firm defending Onyango, told the Herald.

    Rogers said Onyango was not trying to “capitalize” on favoritism as a member of the president’s family. She is the half-sister of Obama’s late Kenyan father……”

    This guy actually uttered this nonsense with a straight face. More to the point, Onyango is fighting deportation because she’s scamming a good gig here, and she doesn’t want to go back to living in a mud hut amid the squallor to which the rest of her relatives (sans the One) are consigned.

    Don’t expect the Moron to intercede one way or the other. He won’t give of himself financially on her behalf, nor will he risk further arousing the ire of conservatives by advocating for her. What he WILL do is manipulate the system behind the scenes so that the US taxpayer picks up the tab for her continued welfare fraud.

    I believed this yesterday when I first posted it. I believe it more strongly today.

  5. proreason says:

    Why doesn’t Obamy ever help his “relatives”?

    What does he know that we don’t know about his “family”?

    • Right of the People says:


      It’s your typical liberal crap. Do you remember back in 2000 when Bush was first elected and Sarah Jessica Parker remarked now that Bush was president she worried that he was going to cut welfare and her family wouldn’t be able to make ends meet? At the time she was pulling down something like 4 or 5 million a picture but she couldn’t afford to help her own family? Liberals are generous people as long as it’s with YOUR money not theirs.

      And by the way, who is that guy with Michael Jackson anyway?. I thought Michael passed away or is that an earlier stock photo of him and his lawyer?

    • U NO HOO says:

      “What does he know that we don’t know about his “family”?”

      Does seem really weird.

      If Obama pardoned her and streamlined her route to “documentation” we would all be mad for a day and it would be all over.

      I guess liberals don’t really care for people.

      Wouldn’t you “pardon” the black sheep in your family just so people would stop talking?

  6. Petronius says:

    SG: “And why has Ms. Onyango’s case taken so long to decide?”

    Because unlike Federal judges, who are appointed for life, immigration judges (in this case, Immigration Judge Leonard Shapiro) serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General.

    And the current Attorney General is Tigellinus-Holder.


  7. Confucius says:

    From Massachusetts’ medical board:

    –There are two listings with the name Robert Weiss, M.D., and neither have a Boston address.

    –There is one listing for David Stone, M.D., and it has a Boston address. Dr. Stone states he is boarded in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He also reports being published in the areas of immunology, virology and AIDS. He states he won the “2000 Community Recognition Award, AIDS Action Committee Boston, MA.”


  8. TheOriginalDonald says:

    Auntie Z, an illegal immigrant, gave $260 to her nephew, and Obama has the GALL to say the SCOTUS repealed part of McCain-Feingold will lead to foreign interests contributing to political campaigns?

    The Original Donald
    Justice Alito was right(THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!)

  9. canary says:

    Obama’s Auntie Z wears wigs so no can catch a hair and do DNA testing and see if maybe Frank is really Obama’s father, as Obama looks nothing like his father or any relatives, and no evidence according to Auntie Z and sister Alma that Obama is the son of Obama Sr. Latest brother Mark is spitting image of his white mother Ruth, and only one, according to lawyers with proof George is related to Obama Sr.]

    It makes no sense that Obama does not let her stay in the WH with so many rooms.

    She could teach his daughters the Lou language, which Obama can’t speak. This is a chance for his girls to learn their roots, when Obama himself was so obsessed
    with his he grew up wanting to go back & give to Africa.

  10. canary says:

    I think Glenn Beck was right about possible reverse racism
    Obama angry at white people in Africa, even though he wasn’t born there either. White people have done more missionary work in Africa than Obama has ever done, or ever will.

    Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama 1994

    I took the opportunity to study these tourists as Auma and I sat down for lunch in the outdoor cafe’ of the New Stanley Hotel. They were everywhere—
    Germans, Japanese, British, Americans—-taking pictures, hailing taxis, fending off street peddlers, many of them dressed in safari suits like extras on a movie set. In Hawaii, when we were still kids, my friends and I had laughed at tourists like these, with their sunburns and the pale, skinny legs, basking in the glow of our obvious superiority. Here in Africa, though the tourists didn’t seem so funny. I felt them as an encroachment, somehow; I found their innocence vaguely insulting. It occurred to me that in their utter lack of self-consciousness, they were expressing a freedom that neither Auma nor I could ever experience, a bedrock confidence in their own parochialism, a confidence reserved for those born into imperial cultures.

    • Steve says:

      “a freedom that neither Auma nor I could ever experience, a bedrock confidence in their own parochialism, a confidence reserved for those born into imperial cultures.”

      Really. Exactly what culture was Obama born into?

      He was the son of a bank Vice President. He went to one of the best private schools in Hawaii.

    • canary says:

      Obama doesn’t understand the economy in Hawaii boosted by the tourism to Hawaii, inspite of obnoxious islanders. He forgets his white grandparents moved there.
      Also, the tourism that helps Africa, as Obama paid for a Safari and asked how they killed lions. Duh. I imagine he was something to laugh about. And to think his Aunt Z was an absolute sweet heart. Even pushed her and his half-sisters car to get it running, while Obama stood there. Aunt Z told him not to laugh, the car was beautiful, and she was greatful.

      Imagine setting foot in a country that’s not yours but angry towards others that do. Obama even prejudged and sneered at white missionaries in Africa, when he just uses it as a vacation spot.

      Also, he chewed his supposed half-brother Mark out so bad, when Mark said he didn’t not plan to come back after Sanford and live in Africa, Obama knew they wouldn’t stay in contact. Yet, did Obama go back and live in Africa?

      Obama is King of deciding what everyone else should do, or being doing.

      Obama was a lousy professor who taught his own way, what he wanted, yet he boasts of firing teachers that don’t measure up, across the America.

  11. wardmama4 says:

    So canary – (White, I am to assume) tourists being ripped off in HA is a-ok to the -‘our obvious superiority’- Obama but (White I am to assume) missionaries attempting to help in Africa are not but rather an ‘encroachment’ by -‘those born into imperial culture’-

    And isn’t Auntie Zeituni living on Welfare – thus she (illegally?!?) used taxpayer funds to ‘donate’ to her nephew?

    I am an American citizen possibly facing a legal battle over an estate – do you think I am going to find a ‘public defender’ to help me to get what is legally mine?

    This is just so clustered up – It should stop now.

    Deport her – Yesterday

    And then prove that her ‘nephew’ is even Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS – and if not – jail him – for life.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”And then prove that her ‘nephew’ is even Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS – and if not – jail him – for life…..”

      By his convoluted reasoning, wardmama4, he’s lived his life in a prison–the color of his own skin. Nothing will assuage the bitter irony of his own birth so he must act out his angst by showing contempt for his perceived tormentors.

      He inadvertantly displays his self-loathing through his projection.

    • canary says:

      Ward mama, yes, Obama is allowing an illegal to live in a home, that an
      American war-vet who lost his legs can’t find a home or someone to push his wheel-chair.

      What’s an aunt visiting, compared to Obama’s rich & famous visitors, partys, beer summits, big football game bash, skate-boarder Tony Hawk, on Father’s day chipping the WH marble floors on his skate-board, eating breakfast.

      She and other illegals are clogging up our court systems, robbing Americans of their constitutional rights for justice.

      And it’s only going to get worse as Obama will give them amnesty to get their votes.

  12. MinnesotaRush says:

    My money’s going on “She’s Stayin’!

    Won big on the “She Can Walk” bet, too.

    Going into court – wheelchair. Comin’ out – “I can walk! It’s a miracle! I can walk!”.

    Need to sieze whatever assetts she might have from connin’ us and send her packin’; but it just ain’t gonna happen – she’s stayin’.

    Just sayin’.

    • canary says:

      She worked at Kenya Breweries, a large, drab complex, as a computer programmer. She also told Obama she was the best dancer in Kenya, and busted out some moves to prove it.

      Obama wrote it angered him during his Kenya visit when ever his family members pointed out how lucky he was to live in America. He goes into feelings of blending in, and the freedom from not having to obsess & try and read minds of white people are saying about his hair behind his back. That’s through-out. His constant feeling of being talked about behind his back.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      That’s through-out. His constant feeling of being talked about behind his back.

      Which speaks volumes about his insecurity. Being talked about behind the back happens to everyone. It’ through our faith in our own ability as to how we deal with that. If we let others’ perceptions of us completely run our lives, we would never be able to function as it would result in exactly what your seeing with the boy-king. He gets angrier by the minute. He has no idea which lie to tell next. He is going to come completely unraveled and most likely become a bitter, vicious, screamer after his one failed term as president. His thin veneer of “control” and “poise” are peeling away. His frustration becomes more obvious every additional, unnecessary annoying moment that he appears before the public to sing that familiar tune, “It’s Bush’s Fault…Love Me, Not Him”

      You hit the nail on the head, canary.

  13. canary says:

    Obama explains how fun it is for he and some blacks to play the race card & trick people. Obama’s paranoia that white people just pretend to like blacks. Appears his life pretty good, when he slandered his loving white grandmother to America. I put *s where Obama uses every profane name in the book. Maybe he taught rev wright a few things.

    Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama (excerpts page 80-83)

    White folks. The term itself was uncomfortable in my mouth at first;… Sometimes I would find myself talking to Ray about white folks this or white folks that,..and I would suddenly grow quiet, as if I had secrets to keep.
    …It was obvious that certain whites could be exempted from general category of our distrust: …The term white was simply a shorthand for him,…
    ..”There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherf***kers like you, ” I had finally told the coach before walking off the court that day)–Ray assured me that we would never talk about whites as whites in front of whites without knowing exactly what we were doing. Without knowing that there might be a price to pay.
    But was that right? Was there still a price to pay? That was the complicated part, the thing that Ray and I never could seem to agree on. there were times when I would listen to him tell some blond girl he’d just met about life on L.A.’s mean streets, or hear him explain the scars of racism to some eager young teacher, and I could swear that just beneath the sober expression Ray was winking at me, letting me in on the score. Our rage at the white world needed no object, he seemed to be telling me, no independent confirmation; it could be switched on and off at our pleasure. Sometimes, after one of his performances, I would question his judgment, if not his sincerity. We weren’t living in the Jim Crow South, I would remind him. We weren’t consigned to some heatless housing project in Harlem or the Bronx. We were in g*dd*****d Hawaii. We said what we pleased, ate where we pleased; we sat at the front of the proverbial bus. None our white friends, guys like Jeff or Scott from the basketball team, treated us any differently than they treated each other. They loved us, and we loved them back. S**t,
    seemed like half of ’em wanted to be black themselves–or at least Doctor J.
    Well, that’s true, Ray would admit.
    (BO) Maybe we could afford to give the bad-a**ed
    n*****pose a rest. Save
    it for when we really needed it.
    And Ray would shake his head. A pose, huh? Speak for your own self.
    And I would know that Ray had flashed his trump card, …
    As it was, I learned to slip back and forth between my black and white worlds…..Still, the feeling that something wasn’t quite right stayed with me, a warning that sounded whenever a white girl mentioned in the middle of conversation how much she like Stevie Wonder; or when a woman in the supermarket asked me if I played basketball; or when a school principal told me I was cool. …There was trick there somewhere, although what the trick was, who was doing the tricking, and who was being tricked, eluded my conscious grasp. …
    One of the seniors, a stout defensive tackle named Kurt, was there, and he shouted loudly as soon as he saw us.
    “Hey, Ray! Mah main man! Wha’s happenin’!”
    Ray went up and slapped Kurt’s outstretched palm. But when Kurt repeated the gesture to me, I waved him off.
    “What’s his problem?” I overheard Kurt say to Ray as I walked away. A few minutes later, Ray caught up with me and asked me what was wrong.
    “Man, those folks are just making fun of us,” I said.
    “All that `Yo baby, give me five’ bullsh*t.”
    “So who’s mister sensitive all of a sudden? Kurt don’t mean nothing by it.”
    “If that’s what you think, then hey—-”
    Ray’s face suddenly glistened with anger. “Look,” he said, “I’, just getting along, all right?? Just like I see you getting along, talking your game with the teachers when you need them to do you a favor. All that stuff about ‘ Yes, miss Snooty B*tch, I just find this novel so engaging, if I can just have one more day for that paper, I’ll kiss your white a**’ It’s their world, all right? They own it, and we in it. So just get the f**k out outta my face.”

    AND THEY THINK WHAT GLENN BECK SAID WAS BAD? Why won’t FOX media let Glenn Beck defend & explain why he had that feeling.
    Obviously, someone in the WH does not understand that God made man equal. All are sinners. All fall short. Except, mr. perfect.

  14. JohnMG says:

    …..”Besides, nobody is saying she has to walk back to Kenya…..”

    Indeed! I only ask that she walk to the end of the pier. She can swim the rest of the way.

  15. canary says:

    This is scariest thing I’ve read Obama write!!!! Kind of like the Christmas bomber becoming an extremist.
    Obama started lying to his grandparents,pretending to be in his room doing his homework. Instead reading books that built his hatred for whites to a boiler plate. Aside, his writing he connected most with MalcomX’s wishing he could purge the white blood from his veins, since that couldn’t be done, Malcom’s only solution, became Obama’s. The only hope that the black man & white man could live together was through Islam, and he was going to fulfill this dream. And he would become secret about it. Just may be a mosque in the WH. Maybe in Obama’s smoking room.

    excerpt from Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama 1994 pgs 86-87

    And, too: If Malcolm’s discovery toward the end of his life, that some whites might live beside him as brothers in Islam, seemed to offer some hope of eventual reconciliation, that hope appeared in a distant future, in a far-off land. In the meantime, I looked to see where the people would come from who were willing to work toward this future and populate this new world. After a basketball game at the university gym one day, Ray and I happened to strike up a conversation with a tall, gaunt man named Malik who played with us now and again. Malik mentioned that he was a follower of the Nation of Islam but that since Malcolm had died and he had moved to Hawaii he no longer went to mosque or political meetings, although he still sought comfort
    in solitary prayer. One of the guys sitting nearby must have overheard us, for he leaned over with a sagacious expression on his face.
    “You all talking about Malcolm, huh? Malcolm tells it like it is, no doubt about it.”
    “Yeah,” another guy said. “But I tell you what—you won’t see me moving to no African jungle anytime soon. Or some g**d*****d desert somewhere, sitting on a carpet with a bunch of Arabs. No sir. And you won’t see me stop eating no ribs.”
    “And p*ssy, too. Don’t Malcom talk about no p*ssy? Now you know that ain’t gonna work.”
    I noticed Ray laughing and looked at him sternly. “What are you laughing
    at?” I said to him. “You’ve never read Malcolm. You don’t even know what he says.”
    Ray grabbed the basketball out of my hand and headed for the opposite rim. “I don’t need no books to tell me how to be black,” he shouted over his head. I started to answer, then turned to Malik, expecting some words of support. But, the Muslim said nothing, his bony face set in a faraway smile.

    I decided to keep my own counsel after that, learning to disguise my feverish mood.

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