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Muslim “Rape Expert” Turns His Sights On Bush

From Australia’s Herald Sun:

Senior Australian Muslim cleric Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali.

Now sheik bags Bush

Andrew Carswell and Evelyn Yamine

October 28, 2006

AUSTRALIA’S leading Muslim cleric says he will resign only when the world is "clean of the White House".

Under pressure to quit after comparing immodestly dressed women with "uncovered meat" waiting to be raped, Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly said yesterday that he would rather die than give up his teachings.

After another fiery sermon in which he described the uncovered meat controversy as "a storm in a teacup", the sheik was asked if he would step down.

"After we clean the world of the White House first," he said.

Followers chanting "Allah Akhbar" (God is great) applauded the comments, which were directed firmly at US President George W. Bush and indirectly at Prime Minister John Howard.

The sheik has previously described Mr Bush, Mr Howard and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the "axis of evil".

Despite earlier reports the mufti had been banned from preaching, he was back to his firebrand ways at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney yesterday.

There was no sign of the oxygen tank he reportedly needed to breathe the previous day when he claimed he was too sick to even walk outside.

He told 2000 worshippers he was going nowhere – apart from leading a pilgrimage to Mecca next month.

Sheik Hilaly launched straight into a defence of his comments, including the claim Satan used women to trap men.

Speaking in Arabic, the mufti said: "I will remain all by myself until God makes me a martyr.

"Whoever wants to, let them take their clothes off. It is a free country. But it is our right to tell our women those texts. I am guiding my daughters, my women.

I wonder if Mr. Taj el-Din al-Hilaly will be giving the Democrats’ response to President Bush’s radio message this weekend?

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