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Australia Offers Asylum Seekers Lifeboats – For India

From spittle-flecked with outrage Agence France Presse:

Australia ‘offered asylum-seekers lifeboats to go to India’

August 4, 2014

Asylum-seekers held on an Australian customs vessel at sea for weeks were given lifeboats and told to make their own way back to India, a lawyer for the group said Monday.

The boatload of 157, who lawyer Hugh de Kretser said were mostly Christian Tamils fleeing persecution in Sri Lanka, set sail from India hoping to get to Australia.  "The clients we spoke to were absolutely terrified at what lay ahead for them," said de Kretser, who is executive director of the Human Rights Law Centre.

"They were terrified of the prospect of being dumped in the ocean on lifeboats, without experience in navigating or operating a boat and having to take responsibility for the families that were on the boat."

The group, which includes 50 children [sic!], were picked up by Australian authorities towards the end of June…

Not children, too! Doesn’t Australia remember the movie ‘Exodus’?! How heartless can you get?

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who claims they are mostly economic migrants, said they could be returned to India — even if not citizens of that country — under an agreement with New Delhi. But all refused interviews with Indian consular officials on Australian soil and were instead transferred to a detention camp on the Pacific island of Nauru.

If only they had thought to claim that they were refugees fleeing poverty and violence. Then the UN would have stepped in.

They were instructed in English that there would be 50 to 60 people on each boat and they would have to navigate them back to India.

"When they refused, saying they had no experience in operating or navigating a boat, and couldn’t take responsibility for ensuring the safety of those onboard, the officers told them that it was an Australian government decision and they had to obey," he said…

Australia used to have an illegal alien problem as bad as ours, if not worse. They turned it around by sending everybody home. What a crazy idea, huh?

But, of course, now Australia has to be treated like a pariah, even though every other country in the world is doing the same thing. Except ours.

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