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David Axelrod Doing Documentary On Pfleger

In case anyone missed this nugget from the real life journalist, Lynn Sweet, of the Chicago Sun Times:

Pfleger a headache for Obama. Axelrod documentary on Pfleger

May 31, 2008

WASHINGTON — The Rev. Michael Pfleger’s “I’m white! I’m entitled … black man stealing my show” outburst about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton from the pulpit of the Obama family church, Trinity United Church of Christ, created a political problem for likely Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama that won’t disappear…

Pfleger is the subject of a documentary being made by Chicago-based David Axelrod, Obama’s top strategist. On Friday, Axelrod told me in an e-mail that the film project has “been dormant for much of the last two years due to other commitments.”

As the song goes, everything old is new again. CNN just did an “investigative” piece on how Obama knocked former state Sen. Alice Palmer (D-Chicago) off the ballot so he could run for her seat in 1996 without opposition. That Pfleger welcomed Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to his St. Sabina Church on the South Side — of interest to out-of-town reporters — hardly caused a stir in the city because Farrakhan has long lived in Chicago and, well, he’s part of the scene, having preached from his own mosque for decades.

With that context, consider the headache Pfleger created for Obama, whom Pfleger told me last April he has known since Obama came to Chicago as a community organizer.

Of course Mr. Axelrod is much more than Mr. Obama’s “top strategist.” We know now that he puts the words in his charge’s mouth, and probably many of the thoughts in his head.

And, in fact, Mr. Axelrod is heavily involved in fundraising for Mr. Pfleger’s church, as one can see from this “Raising the Roof for Saint Sabina” fundraising letter on St. Sabina’s website:

And yet Mr. Obama had no idea that Reverend Pfleger entertained such crazy notions.

Some judgment he has.

Some “moral compass.”

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