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Axelrod: Obama Talked With ‘Top Nat’l Security’

From the archives of CNS News:

Axelrod on Why Obama Campaigned Hours After Benghazi: ‘Everything Was Put in Motion That He Could Put in Motion’

By Patrick Goodenough | November 5, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – President Obama returned to the campaign trail hours after terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate and a safe house in Benghazi, killing four Americans, because “everything was put in motion that he could put in motion,” Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday [November 4th].

Axelrod was asked by “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace about the president’s decision to fly to Nevada for a campaign event “within hours” of the Sept. 11 attack – compared to the decision late last month to suspend campaigning for three days to deal with superstorm Sandy.

“Chris, as I said, immediately when word of the attack came, the president was meeting with his top national security folks. He was talking to them well into the night. He was in touch with them during the day, as – during the next day as well. So, there is no question about the fact that he was focused on this.”

“But, why did he feel he could campaign within hours after a terror attack?” Wallace asked.

“Well, everything – everything was put in motion that he could put in motion,” Axelrod replied. “Everything – every conversation that needed to be had was being had between him and his top national security officials.”

Which "top national security folks" would these be? Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairmen, General Dempsey, both said they only spoke to Obama once, at the start of the attack. And only then because they were already meeting with Obama about another issue. And, at that time, Obama just told them (paraphrasing) to ‘do what they had to do’ about the Benghazi attack.

So who were these "top national security folks" that Obama was talking to "well into the night," and "the next day"? Where is there any evidence that Obama was "focused" on this? Where were his follow-up phone calls for updates on the situation? Instead, Obama went to bed without even bothering to ask for any updates on what was going on in Benghazi.

And that is because he didn’t want to know. Because he didn’t want to get involved. Because he didn’t want to do anything to undercut his campaign claim that he had defeated Al Qaeda.

According to the official White House schedule for Wednesday, September 12, Obama left the White House for Andrews Air Force Base and the flight to Las Vegas at 2:05 pm. That was less than 24 hours after the drawn-out attack in Benghazi began; less than 16 hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Twitter first reported that an unnamed State Department “officer” had been killed in Benghazi; and about six hours after Clinton tweeted confirmation that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were dead…

Obama had his priorities.

Axelrod disputed Wallace’s suggestion that Obama was not answering questions about Benghazi because he had decided “to run out the clock until the election and not answer questions about Libya.”

“The president has said, we want to get to the bottom of it. We want to share it with the American people. We want to get it right,” he said.

Axelrod said Obama was “100 percent committed” to the safety of U.S. diplomats…

Yes, his concern was obvious.

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One Response to “Axelrod: Obama Talked With ‘Top Nat’l Security’”

  1. snix says:

    Good catch! What liars they are.

    But right before the election they’d say anything. And at every other time, too.

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