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Axelrod Wants To Overturn SC Primary

From those champions of open and honest elections at the Associated Press:

Obama adviser questions legitimacy of SC candidate

June 13, 2010

WASHINGTON — A senior adviser to President Barack Obama says the Democratic nominee for the Senate in South Carolina doesn’t appear to be a legitimate candidate.

South Carolina Democrats chose a political unknown, 32-year-old Alvin Greene, to run against Republican Sen. Jim DeMint this fall.

Greene is an unemployed military veteran who hardly campaigned for the office, and his victory last Tuesday has raised questions about who backed his candidacy.

And it turns out that he’s facing a felony charge.

Obama adviser David Axelrod says South Carolina Democrats deserve a strong, credible candidate. He says it’s a big mystery how Greene won.

Axelrod appeared Sunday on NBC’s "Meet the Press."

There is no “big mystery.” Mr. Greene won because he got the most votes. You would think Mr. Axelrod would understand such a basic principle.

What Mr. Axelrod really wants is a ‘do-over’ until they get a candidate he thinks will win.

But we aren’t Venezuela quite yet.

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29 Responses to “Axelrod Wants To Overturn SC Primary”

  1. RightWinger says:

    This just proves a point, that Democrats will vote for anybody with a (D) by their name. They don’t need to know anything more than that to cast their vote.

    I’d bet that had the ballot instead said – Saddam Hussein (D) -, Saddam would have been the easy winner.

  2. proreason says:

    This Alvin Greene story is much bigger than people think.

    Here is another example of why: the Moron’s top advisor seeking to overturn an election because he doesn’t like the outcome. And why doesn’t he like it? Is Alvin Greene somehow different than James Clyburn? Hardly.

    He wants to overturn it because it shows who liberals are. And it shines a bright on the mechanisms that idiots like Clyburn and Obama used to get elected.

    It’s like a test-tube experiment.

    And the creature that crawled out of the test tube is Barack Obama.

  3. Rick Caird says:

    I am willing to give Axelrod a “do over” as long as we can have a “do over” on Obama. I wonder if he would go for that.

  4. Right of the People says:

    “And it turns out that he’s facing a felony charge. ”

    Where’s the big surprise? He IS a dimocrap after all.

    Rick, I’m with you, if we could have a do over on the boy king they can have NC. No matter who they put up against DeMint will lose.

  5. jrmcdonald says:

    Does he suggest a ‘Jim Crow’ type law?

  6. canary says:

    Why is Obster Axelrod surprised? The country elected a muslim who doesn’t know what a billion dollars is, can’t talk without a teleprompter, has a brain damaged by drugs, hung around gangbangers, sex offenders, Trinity Church…”

    Axlerod is the one Obama said patted him on the back, that he had convinced the Republicans not to bring up Obama’s vote against a bill that would protect children from sex offenders. So, Alvin Greene better watch his back.

    Very similar comparison of the campaigning between Obama & Greene’s.

    “The Audacity of Hope” Barack Obama

    “…, I entered the race and proceeded to do what every first-time candidate does: I talked to anyone who would listen. I went to block club meetings and church socials, beauty shops and barbershops. If two guys were standing on a corner, I would cross the street to hand them campaign literature. And everywhere I went, I’d get some version of the same two questions.
    “Where’d you get that funny name?”
    And then: “You seem like a nice enough guy. Why do you want to go into something dirty and nasty like politics?”
    ….It signaled a cynicism not simply with politics but with the very notion of a public life, a cynicism that – at least in the South Side neighborhoods I sought to represent – had been nourished by a generation of broken promises. In response, I would smile and nod and say that I understood the skepticism, but there was – and always had been – another tradition to politics, a tradition that stretched from the days of the country’s founding to the glory of the civil rights movement,…..

    {Obama’s run for Senate}

    excerpts from pg.s 6-7
    “…I held press conferences to which nobody came. We signed up for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and were assigned the parade’s very last slot, so my ten volunteers and I found ourselves marching just a few paces ahead of the city’s sanitation trucks, waving to the few stragglers who remained on the route while workers swept up garbage and peeled green shamrock stickers off the lampposts….

    Mostly, though, I just traveled, often driving alone, first from ward to ward in Chicago, then from county to county and town to town, eventually up and down the state, past miles and miles of cornfields and bean fields and train tracks and silos. It was not an efficient process. Without the machinery of the state’s Democratic Party organization, without any real mailing list or Internet operation, I had to rely on friends or acquaintances to open their houses to whoever might come,……

    Sometimes I would sit after several hours of driving, I would find just two or three people waiting for me around a kitchen table….Sometimes I would sit through a church service and the pastor forget to recognize me,….

    And by the time I was back on the road, with a map on the passenger’s seat, on my way to my next stop,….

    I felt like working harder than I’d ever worked in my life….”

    “…a tradition that stretched from the days of the country’s founding..”

    note Obama’s detachment “the country’s founding” instead of “our country’s founding”.

    “..without any real mailing list or Internet operation..”
    (didn’t say if he had a cell phone or not”

    • proreason says:

      I don’t believe a word of pages 6 and 7.

      That moron has never done anything in his life that required the slightest effort.

    • heykev says:

      “I felt like working harder than I’d ever worked in my life….”

      Because it was the only time you’ve ever worked.

    • canary says:

      Pro, see how Obama complains of his hard work and suffering in his political career. Snif snif. He felt like a waitress. Still in the prologue, he says he lost the congressional run in 2000. A “media consultant” who had been encouraged him for sometime to run, and they met for lunch late Sept. 2001.

      The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama excerpts
      pg 3
      “You realize, don’t you, that the political dynamics have changed,” he said as he picked at his salad.
      “What do you mean?” I asked, knowing full well what he meant. We both looked down at the newspaper beside him. There, on the front page, was
      Osama bin Laden.
      “Hell of a thing, isn’t it?” he said, shaking his head. “Really bad luck. You can’t change your name, of course. Voters are supsicious of that kind of thing. Maybe if you were at the start of your career, you know, you could use a nickname or something. But now…” His voice trailed off and he shrugged apologetically before signaling the waiter to bring us the check…”

      {Obama goes into his envy of younger politicians succeeding where he had failed, moving into higher offices, etc. He was missing out on (snif)

      pg 3 “…The pleasures of (pg 4) politics – the adrenaline of debate, the animal warmth of shaking hands and plunging into a crowd – began to pale against the meaner tasks of the job: the begging for money, the long drives home after the banquet had run two hours longer than scheduled, the bad food and stale air and clipped phone conversations with a wife who had stuck by me so far but was pretty fed up with raising our children alone and was beginning to question my priorities. Even the legislative work, the policy making that had gotten me to run in the first place, began to feel too incremental, too removed from the larger battles – over taxes, security,
      health care, and jobs – that were being waged on a national stage. I began feeling the way I imagine an actor or athlete must feel when, after years of commitment to a particular dream, after years of commitment to a particular dream, after years of waiting tables between audition or scratching out hits in the minor leagues, he realizes that he’s gone just about as far as talent or fortune will take him. The dream will not happen, and he now faces the choice of accepting this fact like a grown-up and moving on to more sensible pursuits, or refusing the truth and ending up bitter, quarrelsome, and slightly pathetic.

      DENIAL, ANGER, bargaining, despair — I’m not sure I went through all the stages prescribed by the experts…..”

      And he is becoming more of a sore loser, as by his wanting to kick some as*s.

  7. GL0120 says:

    But we aren’t Venezuela quite yet.
    What do you mean? This strategy’s worked for the Democrats a few years back in New Jersey when they substituted a candidate well after the last date for submission.
    It worked well again when they got the media to declare Florida for Gore hours before voting ended in the panhandle and it worked well when they convinced the addled old farts that they were too stupid to use the Butterfly ballot.

  8. pamypo says:

    I am surprised how any democrat wins, probably a lot of dead people voted for him. That is your normal method is it not.

  9. misanthropicus says:

    […] Obama and his victory last Tuesday has raised questions about who backed his candidacy. And it turns out that he’s facing a felony charge. […] He says it’s a big mystery how Obama won. […]

    My god! Gretchen, the Birthers are again out, trying to undo a legitimate election! We cannot let this happen! Progress is in danger! Call the friends, the neighbors!

  10. Gila Monster says:

    “South Carolina Democrats chose a political unknown, 32-year-old Alvin Greene, to run against Republican Sen. Jim DeMint this fall.”

    Sounds vaguely familiar, does it not?
    It’s coming back to me now, something about a “boy king” I believe.
    I’ll remember it in a minute or two……… damn, it’s hell getting old. ;o)

  11. BigOil says:

    What’s the problem Axelrod? Greene appears to be clean and articulate breathing.

    • proreason says:

      Alvin already has a key part of the act down. He talks slow.

      With a little work on the baritone, the lying, the straw men debate technique, the back story, purging the document trail, eliminating the acquaintances, and buying off the msm. Alvin could turn into a magic negro himself.

      Axelrod may just be thinning the herd before the young bull gets his blood up.

  12. JohnMG says:

    Word on the street is the democrats are saying the electronic voting machines were compromised (i.e. faulty, tampered with, etc.) so the balloting should be voided. Is this just a precursor of the November election results whereby they contest every election that doesn’t go their way?

    Or worse, use it as a reason to suspend the elections altogether until a “panel” can be convened to assure nothing is amiss.

    We’re dealing with brazen criminals here. The past few weeks have shown they don’t even bother to hide their intentions. They are that bold. We need to rid ourselves of this crew as rapidly as possible!

  13. TwilightZoned says:

    “South Carolina Democrats chose a political unknown, 32-year-old Alvin Greene, to run against Republican Sen. Jim DeMint this fall.”

    I have a feeling we’re about to see many unknowns cropping up between 2010 – 2012. Not that Greene is the type of unknown the vast majority of knowledgeable voters would want however, those same voters are tired of seeing career politicians.

  14. Mithrandir says:

    Isn’t this the SAME THING OBAMA DID IN CHICAGO?~ Find a way to wipe the ballot clean so he could run unopposed? Now, they are just wiping the ballot clean until they get a candidate they want.

    And wasn’t Marion Berry a felon as well? And he didn’t have a hard time running for re-election in D.C. did he?

    Either way, this is a win-win strategy for them:
    1. They may get a new candidate.
    2. They can persuade enough people to vote against the Republican for this perceived ‘dirty trick.’

    Ah the Founding Fathers would be proud of our micromanaging smear-style, lawyer-state politics.

  15. Tater Salad says:

    Here is a video which reveals Obama’s end game to Marxism:


    Sound familiar on what is going on right now int he United States?

  16. Reality Bytes says:

    They got their way in NJ. Remember Bob Torrecelli (aka Roberto “these allegations are an outrage” Torrecelli).

  17. AmericanIPA says:

    I heard what could loosely be called an interview with Greene on the Mark Levin Show this evening. I have to wonder how the guy got elected too. He’s reluctant to even talk, let alone toot his own horn (not that he really has one but neither did our current president for that matter) and he sounded like he was there to discuss something completely mysterious to him. It was the oddest interview I’ve ever listened to. Levin had to drag words out if this guy’s mouth to keep from giving the audience total silence.

    A politician that can’t speak up is not going far. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was an error, although I highly doubt any republican “operative”–as the MSM likes to call anyone they don’t agree with–would do such a thing. Especially when the republican (Demint) is practically a shoo-in. But then again…so was Nixon when the Watergate break-in occurred. I hate when I make counterpoints to myself!

    • proreason says:

      We have lots of super fast talker politicians, including one of the slickest liars of all time in the White House.

      If Greene was the candidate against any Democrat, I’d vote for him, no questions asked.

      He can’t possibly be as dangerous as any Democrat in congress today.

      He’s probably not smart enough to set Fannie Mae up to destroy the economy of the world.

      He’s probably not smart enough to let Iran have nuclear weapons.

      He’s probably not smart enough to pass a 2500 page bill to radically change the best health care system in the world.

      I wish Mr. Greene was president instead of Obamy. He would listen to people who know something about how the world works.

      Finally, if your only choices were Mr. Greene, and his professional Democratic politician opponent, which one would you pick? Before answering, think about all of the Democrat politicians you know. It’s no contest.

  18. JulieJ says:

    The People have spoken! I want a do over of the 2008 election. Please, Mr. Axelrod, please! The Greene guy won because he is a non-politician. I heard that black churches also did get out the vote for him.

  19. Perdido says:

    I don’t understand Clyburns dismay. This guy, Greene would be easy to convince on any vote of the Black Caucus’s interest.

    What this does prove is that it’s not (D) or (R) but (E). We could be in for a real ‘House-cleaning’.

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