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AZ Candidate: Cut Power To Illegal Aliens

We almost missed this bit of outside the box thinking from an outraged Arizona Republic:

Arizona’s illegal immigrants should have utilities cut, candidate says

Corp. Comm. hopeful touts lower power bills

by Ryan Randazzo – Jun. 30, 2010

Many illegal immigrants could have a hard time getting power, water, natural-gas or phone service at their homes in Arizona if a political candidate gets his way.

Barry Wong, a Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, told The Arizona Republic on Tuesday that, if elected, he would require regulated utilities to check the immigration status of customers, a move he says would keep costs down for other customers.

One immigrant advocate quickly cast the statement as political posturing, a bid for votes in an election season already charged by the immigration issue. But Wong insisted he has a financial motivation.

"There is a cost ratepayers shouldn’t have to bear because of the illegal-immigrant population," Wong said

[I]f Wong were elected, it would take only his request to begin a study of the idea and put the issue before the commission. And it would take two other votes on the five-member board to implement such a proposal.

Wong, a lawyer and four-term member of the state House of Representatives, was appointed to a temporary spot on the commission in 2006.

Corporation Commission members have constitutional authority to regulate utilities like Arizona Public Service Co., Tucson Electric Power Co. and private water companies. Two of the statewide seats are up for election this year, and six candidates are running.

Wong said that utilities would have to spend money to check immigration but that he believes the cost of such a program would be outweighed by the savings on power infrastructure. And he thinks the issue deserves further study.

Serving a growing number of people with power, he said, raises utility rates because it requires building new power plants. He said asking utilities not to serve illegal immigrants could protect other ratepayers from utility hikes.

"The question is: Is it the right thing to do in terms of rates?" he said.

Wong said he suggests checking only the immigration status of residential customers, not businesses…

"I’m sure there will be criticism about human-rights violations," Wong said of his utility proposal. "Is power or natural gas or any type of utility we regulate, is that a right that people have? It is not a right. It is a service."

The other two Republicans in the race and all three Democrats said that asking utilities to check customers’ immigration status is inappropriate.

"That’s not an argument I think we’ll involve ourselves in," said Pierce, a Republican and former majority whip in the state House.

Democrat David Bradley, a Tucson representative in the state House now running for the commission, said that even if the regulators have the authority, enforcing immigration rules at utilities would not solve the state’s immigration problems

The very same people who will screaming in feigned outrage at Mr. Wong’s suggestion will be the same people who insist that it is physically impossible to get illegal aliens to leave our country.

They will also be the same people who have no problem with the government deciding how much electricity we can use and when and for what, when it is done in the name of ‘the environment.’

By the way, it will be interesting to see if Mr. Wong’s Asian ethnicity will protect him from being branded a racist.

Probably not, since Republicans of all hues and persuasions can be racists, according to our media masters.

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4 Responses to “AZ Candidate: Cut Power To Illegal Aliens”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “enforcing immigration rules at utilities would not solve the state’s immigration problems…”

    Possibly, since the utility companies may find one person who “lives in” about 250 different residences who is here legally. But then, that could be investigated and dealt with as well.

    I think it’s a good idea. For, without water/gas/electricity, it’s really hard to live somewhere. I mean, you can do it, but it’s hard. Then, there will be those landlords who MUST check for valid citizenship before letting someone lease their property.

    Some landlords offer “free water” or “free electricity” at some of their rentals….but that would have to stop.

    Mr Wong’s plan is very doable. Utilities are not a right.

  2. swee says:

    If utilities are a service, not a right…then the ACLU wouldn’t/.couldn’t step in?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The ACLU would attack it from a purely racial standpoint. Inasmuch as ‘mexican’ isn’t a race (it’s a culture), reasonable, thinking people would see that the argument would have no merit. However, that won’t stop them. We have crossed a very big bridge here in the US where just saying something by the left seems to make it so.

      Again, I liken it to the conversations I witnessed between hippie teenagers and their parents back in the 60’s and 70’s where the parents would present a logical, well-formed argument as to why they didn’t want their kid doing thus-and-so and the kid would respond with an ad-hominem “argument” or talk in such ethereal terms as to be incomprehensible.

      But it’s even simpler than that. If they can get enough people to actually believe any law/procedure/policy is racially motivated, regardless of facts and truth, then it will be a set up for a take down.

      Of course, this is why black comedians can flame whitey for two hours and never get a sour look; Why so many whites feel guilty about their own race and even don’t completely understand what “race” means.

      As for the argument where “it’s always the white males” who are the “oppressors”, I have to start with one white male, Abraham Lincoln who signed it into law that slavery is illegal, and, winding the hands of history back, not hundreds, but thousands of years, and even in modern times, Africa has had a long standing history of slavery among its own people. This tribe decimated another tribe and then enslaved whoever was left. The Egyptians enslaved the Jews, etc.

      To think that oppression and slavery are “new phenomena” is to ignore history completely. But perhaps that’s what they teach in what passes for “school” nowadays, that only whites enslave other races/peoples.

      In the days prior to WWII, Japanese and Chinese regularly enslaved each other over countless centuries.

      And by the way, Haiti still has a HUGE slave trade unacknowledged by Jesse “the jewel” Jackson and Al, “the troll” Sharpton. No….you gotta git while the gittin’s good. Therefore the place with the most cash to offer and which has also been beaten into submission is the USA. There’s not any money to be made talking down slavery in Haiti. Nope, you have to go pick at the scab in the one nation that can actually afford to apologize with money…..repeatedly: The US.

      Obama is not only our problem; He is the symptom of how a republic can fail. We are not “failing”, no. We failed some years ago. And I dare say it was all intentional. The left, who has the rubberized minds of the masses convinced that anything “right” or “conservative” is “nazi” and yet, they cannot see their own actions and position as having anything to do with state-control and policing people into submission, for, they don’t see themselves as being policed or controlled. They think the government going after conservative talk radio as a good thing while missing the point entirely that the government will then control ALL radio and speech.

      They don’t get that you can only control “some” of it. Which, of course would be just the part that they hate. But, then, the discussion goes philosophical and addresses the right to say pretty much whatever you want. But lefties think it’s wrong to have conflicting ideas. You’ll note, that nobody on the right has ever said, “I think they should censor Olberman or any commentator who says they think Arizona’s law is racist”. Nope, you hear talk of censorship solely from the left.

      And, everyone on the left seems to be in agreement that guns, speech and how you live your life should be controlled. Note I said, how you live your life because they never think it would also happen to them.

      Critical thinking is, as I’ve said, a skill that befuddles the masses. The ability to examine a thing from not just two, but many sides; to anticipate pitfalls and problems before they occur and to weigh them all and decide on the best course of action.

      You cannot censor others without you, yourself becoming censored. You cannot allow criminals into your country without you, yourself becoming a victim of those criminals. They cannot or will not see it. Perhaps due to the excess of “utopiaosterone” in their system. Then the elected power-brokers feed on that and use it to get programs pushed through that will give them more power, money and control.

      Megalomania has been examined repeatedly throughout history as well. From as far back as the bible itself, through Roman times, the rulers of the middle east, renaissance Europe, etc. Yet a society is still hard-pressed to identify it AS IT HAPPENS. Like, right now.

      We, the conservatives, are being tried in the court of public opinion. Call it “the cool kids against the nerds” if you want…and everyone wants to be thought of as “cool” in order to fit in. For me, my independent streak has left me at odds with groups and crowds for so long, it’s easy for me to see the problems. For others, I forget that belonging trumps their own need to think clearly.

      Mr Wong is absolutely right. But, perhaps the error in his plan is finding the people who will support his ideas because, in the interest of keeping up rental income, a person or persons may be socially intimidated through “groupthink” that they will choose the easier of the two paths and that will be to succumb to the ridiculous notion that keeping illegal aliens out is racist.

      But they will find it to be far more expensive in the long run.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    In most (if not all) of the States, you must have running water and power to inhabit a house.
    I agree with Rusty that this is very doable and easily verified.
    (look out Pennsylvania)

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