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B-2 Stealth Expert Sold Secrets To Chinese

From a deeply saddened (that he got caught) Associated Press:

Stealth expert guilty of selling secrets to China

August 10, 2010

HONOLULU — A former B-2 bomber engineer who marketed and sold his stealth expertise to China is facing life in a federal prison following his conviction for bartering U.S. military secrets.

Noshir Gowadia, 66, was found guilty Monday on charges that he designed a cruise missile component for China and pocketed at least $110,000, which he allegedly used to help pay a $15,000-a-month mortgage on a multimillion-dollar oceanview home he built on Maui’s north shore

This beachfront house on Maui should have been a tip-off to someone that Mr. Gowadia was doing extra-curricular activities.

Gowadia’s defense attorneys argued during the nearly four-month trial that while it’s true he gave China the design for the cruise missile part, he based his work on unclassified, publicly available information.

Why would the Chinese have paid "at least" $110,000 for information that was "publicly available"?

Also, where did Mr. Gowadia get the money for the rest of his "multimillion-dollar oceanview home"? Donations?

For some reason the AP seems to be playing down the amount of money Mr. Gowadia received from the Chinese, which according to other reports, totaled about $2 million dollars.

Gowadia plans to appeal.

"Mr. Gowadia is obviously disappointed with the verdict. He felt that he hadn’t committed a crime," said his attorney, Birney Bervar.

Gowadia, who has been in federal custody since October 2005, was convicted on 14 of 17 counts, including conspiracy, violating the arms export control act, tax evasion and money laundering. He was acquitted on charges of knowingly communicating national defense information.

No, it’s clear that he didn’t know what he was doing. He had no idea.

He will be sentenced in November. The decision came after more than six days of deliberations at a federal court in Honolulu.

"Mr. Gowadia provided some of our country’s most sensitive weapons-related designs to the Chinese government for money. Today, he is being held accountable for his actions," said Assistant Attorney General David Kris. "This prosecution should serve as a warning to others who would compromise our nation’s military secrets for profit."

Gowadia helped design the propulsion system for the B-2 bomber when he worked at Northrop Corp., now known as Northrop Grumman Corp., between 1968 and 1986.

Prosecutors argued Gowadia helped China design a cruise missile exhaust nozzle that would give off less heat, allowing the cruise missile to evade infrared radar detection and U.S. heat-seeking missiles.

They said Gowadia traveled to China between 2003 and 2005 while designing the cruise missile and used e-mail to arrange payment for his work.

Prosecutors also charged Gowadia with attempting to sell classified stealth technology to the Swiss government and businesses in Israel and Germany.

Born in India, Gowadia moved to the U.S. for postgraduate work in the 1960s and became a U.S. citizen about a decade later. He retired from Northrop for health reasons in 1986, two years before the B-2 made its public debut. He moved to Maui in 1999…

So Mr. Gowadia has been living the high life for at least six years before his arrest in 2005? How many secrets was he able to sell during that time?

For the record, Mr. Gowadia’s trial was postponed several times in order to access if Gowadia was fit to stand trial on mental health grounds.

His defense counsel tried to establish that Mr. Gowadia suffers from ‘narcissistic personality disorder,’ but the judge ruled that the testimony of their two defense witnesses was not credible.

A trial was eventually held in 2010. The jurors sat through 39 days of testimony that lasted over three months.

The case is one of a series of major prosecutions targeting alleged Chinese spying on the U.S.

In March, Chinese-born engineer Dongfan "Greg" Chung was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison after he was convicted of six counts of economic espionage and other federal charges.

Investigators learned about Chung while probing Chi Mak, a defense contractor engineer convicted in 2007 of conspiracy to export U.S. defense technology to China. Mak was sentenced to 24 years in prison in 2008.

And yet we are supposed to believe that China is our friend.

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14 Responses to “B-2 Stealth Expert Sold Secrets To Chinese”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    What would Lincoln do?

    (hint … the smell of gunpowder)

  2. Enthalpy says:

    This narcissist should be executed. It’s simple, really.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Does this mean Obama will be restating the trade imbalance?

  4. oldpuppydixie says:

    What a dummy! Doesn’t he know that only democrat presidents can get away with treason and espionage??!!

  5. NoNeoCommies says:

    So, this is another Clinton era feed to the Chi-Coms?

  6. jobeth says:

    Anyone remember waaaay back when Gore was playing hand-clapping games with China? And right before Clinton left office he went on a commie nation tour? (most likely to assure the commies that even though Gore unexpectedly lost…they had a new kid they were grooming)

    I couldn’t get over it at the time. It seemed so outrageous to me that our leaders were so cozy with our enemies.

    It all makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it? Look where we are…after all in a little over 9 years…We are a “Socialist” nation on her way to becoming a commie nation…with all the commies coming out of the woodwork to lead us down that yellow (or should I say red) brick road.

    What just seemed impossible 10 years ago, are now everyday, common place events.

    Ummm, ummm, ummm.

    The interesting part would be when the commies find out they climbed into bed with a tiger and not a kitten…by cuddling up with the muslims. How long do you think the muslims will allow the commies with all their liberal ideas such as homosexual behavior and sexual freedoms to roam?

    Once the commies THINK they have it all under control…how soon will it be before the heads begin to be lopped off all the atheist’s heads? The sex “crimes”?

    The so called joke will be on the commies. If it wasn’t so horribly, horribly tragic.

    • proreason says:

      I hear you Jobeth, but commies don’t really have a lot of problems with Muslims. They shoot them.

      China is the best example, but even Russia, for all it’s other problems, has the threat of radical Islam pretty well contained, particularly considering that Russia has Muslim provinces and satellite countries that pose a far greater threat than we face in the US.

      The secret is that the leaders appear to think that nutcakes who threaten their national security shouldn’t be tolerated unless the mischief the nutters make is directed at enemies instead of at the leader’s countries.

      It’s one of the reasons that Russia, despite its many internal problems, will soon again be dominating Europe. The Ruskies may have a plodding government, but they aren’t stupid enough to think that a successful strategy is placating a religion that broadcasts its intent to conquer the world.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    No Way Jobeth. You have it backwards. Communist regimes support Islam for a very good reason; to use them against the west in the hopes we will succombe to their ongoing attacks. And, should that happen, just when Islamists cheer the great satan has been defeated – THEY – WILL – BE – NUKED by the Chicoms.

    That’s the plan at least Me? I’m hopin’ somebody with balls in America like I don’t know Sarah Palin & an army of others will stand up Praise the Lord, put God back in the class room, balance the budget & PASS THE AMMUNITION.

    If not? Then well, like I’ve said, sooner or later Jesus comes back & straigtens every body out. And This Time – No – More – Mister – Nice Guy!

  8. jobeth says:

    Sorry guys, I disagree with you both.

    Commies can be brutal…agreed

    Iran probably already has the nuke and is not encumbered with the problem of fear of mutual annihilation.

    Muslims WANT to die in battle…it assures their entrance in heaven. They WILL use it where ever they think it will kill the “infidels” and if other muslims die…the koran says its ok.

    Besides pro…as you said…and was probably accurate in…the old muslim men have plenty of young mush head men to get rid of.:-D

    And now the final comment in RBs comment. The last battle will be with the muslims as the star player with the Jews. Russia and China are expected be major players, but it is the muslims who will be at the final showing and calling the shots.

    Soooo, since even the commies have some vague sense of self preservation, it will be the muslims who don’t give a d**n and use every evil trick satan has in his bag.

    Pro…I understand you may not fully agree with the end time scenario so you may be coming from this from a different angle.

    The commies are young by comparison to the muslims. They may force their people to live in the stone age but they’ve managed to outlive most societies…

    However…we can disagree…It’s all going to develop how it does anyway. :-D

    If it wasn’t so scary it would be fascinating

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Disagree if you like but put your seatbelt on just the same.

    • proreason says:

      I can’t see the moose limbs defeating the west.

      They don’t have the technological ability. All of their military capabilities are dependent on other countries. When you get right down to it, the only nations on the planet that have the combination of size and techno savvy are the US, Russia, and China. The western european countries are too small, and they couldn’t ever form a working alliance. Germany and Japan could get there quickly, but it’s hard to imagine such an event occuring after WWII. India might have the capability some day, but India isn’t very militaristic, and they have their hands full trying to bootstrap a billion+ people into the modern world.

      That isn’t to say that Iran, as one example, is incapable of serious mischief, up to and including setting civilization back centuries. But unless the US, Russia or China was to surrender to the nutters for some lunatic reason, the nutter alliance would be wiped off the face of the earth and Islam would be permanently eradicated.

      The bigger threat to humanity is if Russia or China plays with fire and uses the moose limbs in some stupid way to get an edge on the west. But why would the chicoms do that when they are doing so well with their current strategy of swamping us economically and playing the Moron like a dancing bear?. I could just barely see Russia trying it, but we now have a long history with the Rooskies, and the closest they have come to the flame is Cuba nearly 50 years ago. They seem to enjoy living.

      Israel, god love em, is a pawn in the game, and a white pawn, not a black one. If they take Iran out, and I hope they do, despite all of the saber rattling around the world, nothing will happen. Why would anybody, including China and Russia object? They would see it as a great opportunity to sieze Iran’s oil and make belligerant noises. Maybe they would pretend that they were upset about an “ally”. Nobody would believe it.

    • jobeth says:

      Well guys…I sure hope you all know that I fully agree that the commies are our first priority. Perhaps I expressed myself poorly. That is going to be the case for a long time to come, even if we conservatives regain control and bring sanity back to America.

      The commies will always be trying…especially since they’ve had so long to brain wash our kids.

      My point, though probably not expressed clearly, is that in the end the commies are going to be shocked at just who they crawled in bed with.

      Muslims can not be controlled in any civilized way. They are unable to think like any normal civilized civilization. There will never be peace possible with them. They don’t care if the commies kill them…Its just part of the sham they call a religion.

      As to the comments you, Pro, just made…I agree with you especially about Israel taking care of business with Iran.

  9. Reality Bytes says:

    Amazing Grace…As Jackie Gleason would say….

    Well, it’s about 3:55 in but he says it better.


    As good as the June Taylor dancers were, I’m bettin’ Jesus’ opening act on D Day will be really somethin’!

    • jobeth says:

      RB…I believe our discussion above is all academic anyway.

      I have my hope in Jesus and you are so right that nothing is going to top what He does in the end.

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