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Baathist Terrorists Criticize Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda

From a dismayed Al Jazeera:

The Islamic Army in Iraq on a training exercise.

Sunni group condemns Iraq al-Qaeda

An influential Iraqi Sunni armed group has called on al-Qaeda in Iraq to “review” its behaviour in the country.

The Islamic Army in Iraq, believed to be the largest group of former Baathists and army officers fighting Iraqi and US forces, called on Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, to take more responsibility for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

“Killing Sunnis has become a legitimate target for them, especially rich ones. Either they pay them what they want or they kill them,” a statement from the group said.

“They would kill any critic or whoever tries to show them their mistakes.”

The group said it had dealt with al-Qaeda with “patience and wisdom” to keep a united “resistance front”.

“But this was not fruitful,” the group said.

Sunni Arab officials have also urged what they call “the real resistance” to disown al-Qaeda and engage in talks with the government to end violence which has driven the country closer to an all-out civil war.

“We also call … on every Qaeda member in the Land of Mesopotamia to review themselves and their positions … and for those who committed wrongful acts to repent quickly,” the statement said…

Funny how there has been no mention of this by our watchdog media.

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