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Bachmann’s TV Blunder Not A Blunder

Discreetly tucked away on CNN’s Political Ticker blog:

Bachmann’s camera blunder?

By Alexander Mooney and Leslie Bentz
January 26, 2011

Washington (CNN) – Was Rep. Michele Bachmann looking at the wrong camera during her Tea Party-sponsored rebuttal to President Obama Tuesday night?

Not exactly.

While it may have appeared that way to viewers watching on CNN, Bachmann was actually addressing the camera of the Tea Party Express, the group that had invited the congresswoman to deliver a response to the State of the Union. The feed from that camera was used to stream her remarks live on the organization’s web site.

Still it’s likely many more saw Bachmann’s remarks on CNN, where it appeared the three-term Minnesota Republican was looking slightly off screen. The camera CNN took to air was actually supplied by Fox, who shot the event on behalf of all the news networks as part of the rotating network pool coverage. Fox ran Bachmann’s speech at a later point Tuesday night on tape delay.

Which begs the question, why didn’t CNN use the feed from the Tea Party Express instead?

Bachmann’s delivery was subsequently mocked by a number of left leaning commentators and no less than David Axelrod, a top adviser to President Barack Obama, who afterwards in an interview with MSNBC said, "Am I looking at the right camera?"

And by "left leaning commentators" they mean most of the news media who reported on Ms. Bachmann’s remarks.

Still, wasn’t it thoughtful of CNN to let the misrepresentations stand for so long?

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4 Responses to “Bachmann’s TV Blunder Not A Blunder”

  1. untrainable says:

    Still it’s likely many more saw Bachmann’s remarks on CNN…
    I think it’s probably more likely that the Tea Party website has more viewers than CNN.

  2. proreason says:

    Bachmann should be happy.

    At least she wasn’t accused of murdering 6 people.

  3. BillK says:

    More to the point, CNN’s arrogance is amazing here.

    Given CNN’s ratings lately, I wouldn’t bet that “it’s likely many more saw Bachmann’s remarks on CNN.”

    Also, many other news services, notably Tribune stations, played Bachmann’s remarks from the Tea Party HD feed.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      All 13 (a bakers (D)ozen) of them, BillK.
      CNN licks the top share above MSNBcee you later!

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