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Bai: Get Used To Obama-Care And Make It Work

From Yahoo! News:

What really matters on health care: Making it work

By Matt Bai | March 27, 2014

You’ve got to give it up for the political media: Somehow, through sheer force of will, we’ve actually managed to turn the most complex and consequential piece of legislation in decades into Washington’s version of March Madness — just another step for American politics down the ruinous Road to Sports Center.

This piece has been featured as the top article at the Yahoo! News portal all morning, under the headline: ‘Matt Bai: Health Care Law Is Here; Get Used To It And Make It Work.’

For the record, Matt Bai is the national political columnist for Yahoo! News. Prior to that, he was the chief political correspondent for the New York Times Magazine, where he covered both the 2004 and 2008 Presidential campaigns. — So you can bet that this is the prevailing mindset of most of the ‘journalists’ in the mainstream media.

No longer is the health care law about the uninsured or “bending the cost curve,” or any of that boring stuff. Now it’s all about beating the spread.

If Obama-Care is about insuring the uninsured or bending down the cost curve, it has been a miserable failure. And is has, since it does neither of those things. At most it has insured only 700,000 previously uninsured people. And it has driven the cost of health insurance through the roof.

Can the Obama administration get to 6 million by the original enrollment deadline next week, or even after the extension into next month? Is it a victory if the president comes within 500,000 of the goal, or a crushing defeat? Maybe we can break it down in a chart.

The truth is that whether it takes six weeks or six months to meet the next arbitrary benchmark, the health care law is now embedded in the society, and it’s not going anywhere. So the only important, longer-term question, and the one that almost no one is talking about, is whether our ailing political system can actually function well enough to make it work

So it is up to our ‘ailing political system’ to make Obama-Care work? Even though Obama-Care was rammed through Congress on a party line vote, against the will of the people, in the dead of night, on Christmas Eve, using an illegal gimmick. (That is, ‘budget reconciliation,’ which was never intended to be used for policy legislation.)

And even though it was predicted from the start that it would fail exactly as it is failing now. But now we are told, "We aren’t going to let you get rid of it, so you had better get used to it." This kind of arrogance shows exactly how out of touch our politicians and their media minions are.

And how ignorant they are of history. After all, slavery was once the law of the land, too.

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2 Responses to “Bai: Get Used To Obama-Care And Make It Work”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Make Matt Bai ride a tricycle on the 405 every day to Yahoo’s offices so he can be responsibly green.

  2. canary says:

    Since Yahoo was a campaign bundler for Obama 2012 do you suppose they put those daily ads for Obama without using campaign money?

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