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Bankrupt Solar Co. Must Bury Hazardous Panels

From the Denver Post:

Colorado orders Abound Solar to clean up hazardous waste at four sites

By Mark Jaffe | 02/26/2013

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says Abound Solar is responsible for thousands of "unsellable" solar panels containing cadmium in warehouses. Barrels of toxic liquid also were found.

Colorado health and environment officials have ordered Loveland-based Abound Solar, the bankrupt solar-panel maker, to clean up hazardous waste at four Front Range locations.

Don’t worry, it’s ‘green’ hazardous waste.

The Abound facilities are storing thousands of "unsellable" solar panels and thousands of gallons of toxic liquids, according to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reports.

"The Department views these 2,000 pallets of solar panels as a characteristic hazardous waste for cadmium," a report on a Denver warehouse said…

So the Obama administration is trying to force us to put "hazardous waste" on our roofs? And we thought ‘Cash For Clunkers’ was an environmental nightmare. (And it was.)

The cost of the cleanup is estimated by the trustee to be $2.2 million…

Don’t worry. The US taxpayer will end up paying for it.

Abound made solar panels by applying a thin film of cadmium telluride to a sheet of glass. Cadmium is classified as a toxic substance and is a known carcinogen, according to federal health agencies…

Abound… spent $70 million of a $400 million federal loan guarantee that will leave taxpayers with a bill of $40 million to $60 million, once the bankruptcy is settled…

Which is real ‘hazardous waste.’ But notice that Obama’s name never appears once in the entire piece. Why is that?

By the way, as the Heritage Foundation points out:

Cadmium’s toxicity has led to a host of regulations, including a new set of guidelines issued in December 2012 by the EPA. The Occupational Safety Health Association’s listing on cadmium notes the danger posed by the metal: "Cadmium and its compounds are highly toxic and exposure to this metal is known to cause cancer and targets the body’s cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory systems."

Heritage also points out that:

An Associated Press story earlier in February detailed the problem faced by solar companies in handling and disposing of hazardous waste and toxic chemicals within the industry. As much as 46.5 million pounds of contaminated materials and water was produced by solar manufacturers in California alone between 2007 and 2011, including cadmium-contaminated water from the now-bankrupt Solyndra…

Where is the outrage from the so-called environmentalists? If this had happened under Bush…

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