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Barack Milhous Obama Has An Enemies List

From the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal:

The President Has a List

April 26, 2012

Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check.

Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name. His campaign brands you a Romney donor, shames you for "betting against America," and accuses you of having a "less-than-reputable" record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money

Richard Nixon’s "enemies list" appalled the country for the simple reason that presidents hold a unique trust. Unlike senators or congressmen, presidents alone represent all Americans. Their powers—to jail, to fine, to bankrupt—are also so vast as to require restraint. Any president who targets a private citizen for his politics is de facto engaged in government intimidation and threats…

This past week, one of his campaign websites posted an item entitled "Behind the curtain: A brief history of Romney’s donors." In the post, the Obama campaign named and shamed eight private citizens who had donated to his opponent. Describing the givers as all having "less-than-reputable records," the post went on to make the extraordinary accusations that "quite a few" have also been "on the wrong side of the law" and profiting at "the expense of so many Americans."

These are people like Paul Schorr and Sam and Jeffrey Fox, investors who the site outed for the crime of having "outsourced" jobs. T. Martin Fiorentino is scored for his work for a firm that forecloses on homes. Louis Bacon (a hedge-fund manager), Kent Burton (a "lobbyist") and Thomas O’Malley (an energy CEO) stand accused of profiting from oil. Frank VanderSloot, the CEO of a home-products firm, is slimed as a "bitter foe of the gay rights movement."

These are wealthy individuals, to be sure, but private citizens nonetheless. Not one holds elected office. Not one is a criminal. Not one has the barest fraction of the position or the power of the U.S. leader who is publicly assaulting them.

"We don’t tolerate presidents or people of high power to do these things," says Theodore Olson, the former U.S. solicitor general. "When you have the power of the presidency—the power of the IRS, the INS, the Justice Department, the DEA, the SEC—what you have effectively done is put these guys’ names up on ‘Wanted’ posters in government offices."

And who can doubt that was the intention? After all, this is the other side ‘pay to play,’ under the Chicago Way of politics. ‘If you play for the wrong team, there will be hell to pay.’

The Obama campaign has justified any action on the grounds that it has a right to "hold the eventual Republican nominee accountable," but this is a dodge. Politics is rough, but a president has obligations that transcend those of a candidate. He swore an oath to protect and defend a Constitution that gives every American the right to partake in democracy, free of fear of government intimidation or disfavored treatment. If Mr. Obama isn’t going to act like a president, he bolsters the argument that he doesn’t deserve to be one.

That argument has been bolstered like all get out.

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7 Responses to “Barack Milhous Obama Has An Enemies List”

  1. Chrispbass says:

    Wow. Disgusting politics. This needs to be answered…hopefully someone will :-/

    • untrainable says:

      If you think this is bad, wait for the October suprise. Oblameless is not going to go gentle into that good night. You’re going to see the most evil campaign ever waged. When this gets into it’s stride, a law that lets you screw your dead wife for 6 hours after death will seem tame by comparison.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Darn Skippy. I refuse to believe that eve nthis guy is oblivious to how bad his record looks and his chances at winning in a clean, fair, legal election. So why the almost uncanny lack of concern and high degree of confidence he displays? It could all be just incumbent posturing to keep the loyal fans from gettng nervous, but a more cynical part of me feels like he knows something we don’t, and is relying on it to help immensely in his re-election bid. October surprise? Brace yourself.

  2. Petronius says:

    As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,
    I’ve got a little list –– I’ve got a little list
    Of society offenders who might well be underground,
    And who never would be missed –– who never would be missed!

    song of KoKo, the Lord High Executioner, from The Mikado by Gilbert & Sullivan


  3. Right of the People says:

    I can hear Nixon now, “I’m not a crook.”

    Compared to the O-hole Tricky Dick was a choirboy. He is maybe the most evil, maniacal effin’ bastard to walk the face of the Earth since Hitler or Stalin.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Such vitirol coarsens our dialogue {and will not be tolerated]. It even very likely has negative health effects on you [so will soon be illegal to engage in]. I think if you sat down to a plate of roast dog and a cold beer with the guy you might be surprised.

    • artboyusa says:

      Even now, I can’t exactly dislike President Sauron in a personal kind of way. I never had any expectations of him, as I did for Bush, so he can’t disappoint me like Bush did. What surprises me about Obama is how conventionally liberal he is; everything is received information, right out of the standard lib playbook. Government good, business bad. Taxes good, welfare good, armed services bad. Humility good, patriotism bad. Foreign people good and Americans mostly bad, except for people like me, Lord Sauron, and need continual observation and careful control in case thay do or think something inappropriate.

      For someone who thinks he’s so bright, he shows a typical liberal’s incapacity for growth and reflection, for hope and change. That anyone ever expected ‘change’ from this guy just shows that they misunderstand liberalism. Liberals are about fear, control and stasis.

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