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Fantasist Obama: Palin Makes Stuff Up

From Australia’s Herald Sun:

Barack Obama says Sarah Palin makes stuff up

Stefanie Balogh

September 08, 200

DEMOCRAT Barack Obama yesterday accused Sarah Palin of “making stuff up” and ridiculed Republicans for trying to co-opt his message of change.

Senator Obama,  in saying he expected Govenor Palin wanted to be “treated like one of the guys”, accused her of a backflip on “earmarks” (pork-barrelling).

“When you’ve been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient, and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person, that is not change.

“Words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up,” he said

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds accused Senator Obama of seeking $US1 million in earmark spending.

He said Senator McCain had never asked for an earmark and Governor Palin had vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in government spending…

What a laff riot.

“Words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up,” he said.

So sayeth the Anointed One, using the very words Mr. Axelrod had written for several of his previous political clients.

And apart from the obvious mendacity pointed out by Mr. Bounds in the article, let’s just look at two of the numerous claims that Mr. Obama has made up out of whole cloth.

First from a Jake Tapper article for ABC News back in March 2007:

The Obama Myth: Factual Discrepancies to the Selma Claim

03/05/07 – Selma, AL

by Jake Tapper, ABC News

Sunday’s march in Selma, Ala., may have been a sacred commemoration of the “Bloody Sunday” civil rights march of 1965, but beneath it all lurked raw politics, with Sens. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., competing fiercely for black voters…

“Don’t tell me I’m not coming home when I come to Selma, Ala. I’m here because somebody marched for our freedom. I’m here because y’all sacrificed for me,” Obama told a crowd. ..

[Obama] credited the “Bloody Sunday” civil rights marchers of 1965 with the fact that his parents — a black African father and white Kansas mother — were empowered to fall in love and got married.

“They looked at each other and they decided, ‘We know that in the world, as it has been, it might not be possible for us to get together and have a child, but something is stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Ala., because some folks are willing to march across the bridge.’ And so they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Ala.!”

Obama was born in 1961; the Selma march was four years later

And here is another fabrication about his history-making inception a year later from the Washington Post:

Obama Overstates Kennedys’ Role in Helping His Father

By Michael Dobbs
Sunday, March 30, 2008; Page A01

… In his speech commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the Selma civil rights march, Sen. Obama linked his father’s arrival in the United States with the turmoil of the civil rights movement. Although the airlift occurred before John F. Kennedy became president, Obama said that “folks in the White House” around President Kennedy were looking for ways to counter charges of hypocrisy and “win hearts and minds all across the world” at a time when America was “battling communism.”

“So the Kennedys decided ‘we’re going to do an airlift,’ ” Obama continued. “‘We’re going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is.’ This young man named Barack Obama got one of those tickets and came over to this country. He met this woman whose great-great-great-great-grandfather had owned slaves. . . . So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born.”

A more accurate version of the story would begin not with the Kennedys but with a Kenyan nationalist leader named Tom Mboya, who traveled to the United States in 1959 and 1960 to persuade thousands of Americans to support his efforts to educate a new African elite. Mboya did not approach the Kennedys for financial support until Obama Sr. was already studying in Hawaii….

So much for words having meaning.

But isn’t it telling how Mr. Obama has lied about his “coming to be.” His stories smack of the “lo, the earth did tremble and shake on the day I was born” self-mythology so endemic among hopeless braggarts.

Mind you, this is from the “author “of two autobiographies which everyone acknowledges are an artful blending of fact and fiction.

Not to mention that this same moral paragon has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks to his political mentors Jones, Rezko, Wright and Ayres, his wife’s employer and even his VP pick.

And that he has flip-flopped public financing so that he can wallow in untold contributions from lobbyists and Allah knows who else.

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