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Obama’s Socialist Vision For America

From the March-April, 2000 newsletter of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America:

Chicago DSA Recommendations for the March Primary Election

by Robert Roman

For Congressman of the 1st Congressional District, the Executive Committee was faced with two very good candidates. As we are not making endorsements but merely recommendations, we felt no conflict in recommending both Bobby Rush and Barak [sic]Obama…

Barak [sic] Obama is serving only his second term in the Illinois State Senate so he might be fairly charged with ambition, but the same might have be said of Bobby Rush when he ran against Congressman Charles Hayes. Obama also has put in time at the grass roots, working for five years as a community organizer in Harlem [sic] and in Chicago. When Obama participated in a 1996 [University Of Chicago’s Young Democratic Socialists] Townhall Meeting on Economic Insecurity, much of what he had to say was well within the mainstream of European social democracy.

A report from the March-April 1996 newsletter of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America describes the aforementioned event:

A Town Meeting on Economic Insecurity: Employment and Survival in Urban America

By Bob Roman

Over three hundred people attended the first of two Town Meetings on Economic Insecurity on February 25 in Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago. Entitled “Employment and Survival in Urban America”, the meeting was sponsored by the UofC DSA Youth Section, Chicago DSA and University Democrats. The panelists were Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman of Chicago’s 4th Ward; Barack Obama, candidate for the 13th Illinois Senate District; Professor William Julius Wilson, Center for the Study of Urban Inequality at the University of Chicago; Professor Michael Dawson, University of Chicago; and Professor Joseph Schwartz, Temple University and a member of DSA’s National Political Committee.

The meeting demonstrated that economic insecurity is an issue not exclusive to Buchanan Republicans. It is a vital issue for the left as well. More than that, it illustrated that, unlike the Right, the democratic left has a number of potential solutions that go beyond mere demagoguery…

Barack Obama observed that Martin Luther King’s March on Washington in the 1960s wasn’t simply about civil rights but demanded jobs as well. Now the issue is again coming to the front, but he wished the issue was on the Democratic agenda not just on Buchanan’s.

One of the themes that has emerged in Barack Obama’s campaign is “what does it take to create productive communities”, not just consumptive communities. It is an issue that joins some of the best instincts of the conservatives with the better instincts of the left. He felt the state government has three constructive roles to play.

The first is “human capital development”. By this he meant public education, welfare reform, and a “workforce preparation strategy”. Public education requires equality in funding. It’s not that money is the only solution to public education’s problems but it’s a start toward a solution. The current proposals for welfare reform are intended to eliminate welfare but it’s also true that the status quo is not tenable. A true welfare system would provide for medical care, child care and job training. While Barack Obama did not use this term, it sounded very much like the “social wage” approach used by many social democratic labor parties. By “workforce preparation strategy”, Barack Obama simply meant a coordinated, purposeful program of job training instead of the ad hoc, fragmented approach used by the State of Illinois today.

The state government can also play a role in redistribution, the allocation of wages and jobs. As Barack Obama noted, when someone gets paid $10 million to eliminate 4,000 jobs, the voters in his district know this is an issue of power not economics. The government can use as tools labor law reform, public works and contracts.

Finally, Illinois needs an industrial strategy. How do we create more jobs for everyone? Illinois has no strategy for encouraging high wage, high productivity jobs

DSA member Joe Schwartz brought the presentations to a rousing close. He observed that any politics of the democratic left needs to confront racism. There is no way we can finesse the issue by simply organizing around universal programs; we need to build a new politics of social solidarity. He concluded by pointing out that all of the proposals given tonight, even the most modest, will be red-baited. We must grow up and be forthright about how social democracy / democratic socialism has made the life of working people better the world over.

Which is exactly our point.

It is revealing to see what Mr. Obama was saying back in 1996, especially since it is pretty much what he is still saying today:

A true welfare system would provide for medical care, child care and job training.

The state government can also play a role in redistribution, the allocation of wages and jobs.

Finally, Illinois needs an industrial strategy.

A cradle to grave welfare state. And a planned economy.

No wonder he is such a fan of Red China.

Speaking of which, here are some of the things Discover The Networks has to say about the DSA:


Describing itself as “the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International,” the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. “We are socialists,” reads the organization’s boilerplate, “because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.” “To achieve a more just society,” adds DSA, “many structures of our government and economy must be radically transformed. … Democracy and socialism go hand in hand. All over the world, wherever the idea of democracy has taken root, the vision of socialism has taken root as well—everywhere but in the United States.”

Formed in 1983 during the Cold War by merging splinter factions of the Socialist movement, DSA brought together what it calls “former Socialists and Communists, former old leftists and new leftists, and many who had never been leftists at all.” In its early years, DSA supported the Soviet-backed nuclear freeze program that would have consolidated Soviet nuclear superiority in Europe – under the banner of promoting “peace.”

DSA summarizes its philosophy as follows: “Today … [r]esources are used to make money for capitalists rather than to meet human needs. We believe that the workers and consumers who are affected by economic institutions should own and control them. Social ownership could take many forms, such as worker-owned cooperatives or publicly owned enterprises managed by workers and consumer representatives. Democratic Socialists favor as much decentralization as possible. … While we believe that democratic planning can shape major social investments like mass transit, housing, and energy, market mechanisms are needed to determine the demand for many consumer goods.”

DSA seeks to increase its political influence not by establishing its own party, but rather by working closely with the Democratic Party to promote leftist agendas…

In the wake of 9/11, DSA characterized the terror attacks as acts of retaliation for American-perpetrated global injustices. “We live in a world,” said DSA, “organized so that the greatest benefits go to a small fraction of the world’s population while the vast majority experiences injustice, poverty, and often hopelessness. Only by eliminating the political, social, and economic conditions that lead people to these small extremist groups can we be truly secure.”

Strongly opposed to the U.S. War on Terror and America’s post-9/11 military engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, DSA is a member organization of the United For Peace and Justice anti-war coalition led by Leslie Cagan, a longtime committed socialist who aligns her politics with those of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba.

DSA publishes a quarterly journal titled Democratic Left, which discusses issues of concern to the organization and its constituents. The Founding Editor of this publication was Michael Harrington. DSA has also created a youth association called Young Democratic Socialists…

Once again, all of this sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it?

Isn’t this really Obama’s platform?

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12 Responses to “Obama’s Socialist Vision For America”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    OH BOY….Mein Kampht for the sheep of Amerika!!

  2. Steve says:

    “OH BOY….Mein Kampht for the sheep of Amerika!!”

    That’s very politically incorrect of you.

    They prefer to call it “European social democracy.”

  3. gipper says:

    “Barack Obama observed that Martin Luther King’s March on Washington in the 1960s wasn’t simply about civil rights but demanded jobs as well.”

    To paraphrase MLK: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the fruits of their labor. I have a dream today.”

    No special treatment, no affirmative action. Truly that is the most equal and the most fair.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    -‘because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo’- But to advance our power and pocketbook – well it is quite alright and actually the only way.

    What a crock – like Ayers and his education of freedom crap that is just a way to hobble the masses so that he and his ilk (in the form of the empty suit Obama) can garner all the power and money (yes, Mr. go after the Rich – back in the day) for their own.

    These people are dangerous – We The People need to Stop Him Now.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Wow over at American Thinker


    in an article entitled Dirty Tricks comes this quote which is appropriate for Obama (and of course his co-conspirator – Ayers):

    -‘”There is a science whereby we can stretch the boundaries of our conscience and rectify the evil of our deeds by the purity of our intentions”‘- Moliere’s Tartuffe

  6. JinnyB says:

    McCain doesn’t seem to care, the media is happily spewing propaganda. misquotes, creative edits, and outright inventing lies. Obama refuses to even prove that he’s a US CItizen – which is in the process of setting up an unprecedented Constitutional crisis – a candidate for the office of President that disrespects this country so much that he refuses to produce his birth certificate, and brings in teams of lawyers to fight against doing it – that will literally shred what’s left of the Constitution.

    Obama and his bunch can break laws with impunity, the media looks the other way, and even if caught, their liberal judge buddies would make certain they walk away, and that nothing goes public.

    I don’t see any way to pull back from the brink. It can’t happen here? Nie Wieider?

    Sorry – it appears to have already happened. It already appears to be too late. If Obama wins in 2008, there won’t be elections in 2012. It only took Hitler four years to rise from being an unknown speaker, consolidate his power, grab everyone’s guns, start the holocaust, and trigger WW-II. And he didn’t even start with the organization, like dKos and Mooveon.org that have already organized things down to the street and block level, that Soros has been funding and building up for 8 years now, or with a bunch of judges or the media in his pocket yet.

    This time it will happen in “internet time”.

    Next step – have liberal judges stop foreclosure proceedings and claim the government now owns or controls those properties – that makes all those sub-primers dependent on the Democrats, destroys the concept of private property, and nearly 1/8 of the property in the US has suddenly become nationalized. Following the NDSAP playbook, something like that would be the next step, followed by publicized protests by the “poor unfortunates” who are being discriminated against. Haven’t even felt the knives going into our collective backs, have we? Seems to have been pretty painless so far, and I’d guess we’re nearly 50% of the way there. Well, it shouldn’t take too many more economic problems, market downturns, and the media screaming “depression, 1939 all over again” to topple everything the rest of the way.

    The operative expression isn’t “Nei Wieder”, but “Zu spät kommen”. Where’s an Oliver North when you REALLY need one???

    Where in HELL is the Republican candidate for POTUS, and the RNC? I’ve been thinking that all of this lack of action from McCain is some grand Rovian-like strategy, but I’m starting to believe it’s just STUPIDITY – the base out here is starting to despair. How about getting Sarah the VP out there to fight – she’s trying to carry everything herself. Hell – she’s the best candidate for POTUS in the race.

  7. Eilsel says:

    Well put, Gipper. I think MLK is rolling in his grave.

    I wonder what Malcolm X would have said about Senator Obama…Even near the end of his life, when he had tempered his message a bit…
    It’s interesting to ponder that…

  8. DEZ says:

    Gipper did get it right Eilsel, No doubt about that.

    JinnyB :
    Can I call you Jin?
    The Obama birth certificate is a dead issue, or should be.
    Little Green Footballs, and many other sites have shown that this should be put on a back burner, or outright ignored.
    You may have info that could make it an issue, and if you do please share it, but from what I have seen he is a citizen, a walking talking anus for sure, and an enemy from within.
    Other than that, your spot on.
    And just found this, Obama took a Viagra over the weekend, and all he ended up with was a stiff neck.

  9. JohnMG says:

    DEZ; …..”And just found this, Obama took a Viagra over the weekend, and all he ended up with was a stiff neck……”

    Why is it everything is beginning to remind me of a joke? Like the one about why lawyers always wear neckties. You know this one, too, DEZ

    PS. JinnyB…….You’ve just been baptized “Jin” by DEZ ;-}

  10. DEZ says:

    “You know this one, too, DEZ”
    Yes, To keep the foreskin from riding up!
    Oh, Oh!
    MG, Can you take a joke about Harleys?

  11. JohnMG says:

    Does it have to do with dirt bags? Or picking up chicks? Or………

    Yeah, no sweat, bring it on. ;-}

  12. Liberals Demise says:

    SG…….My bad! Didn’t think I had to dust off my PC manual that I had under my little red book of Mao!! LOL !!!

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