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Beach Cleaners Only Skimming Surface Oil

From a semi-outraged Associated Press:

Deepwater Horizon responders evaluate the effectiveness of a beach cleaner along the shoreline of Grand Isle, Louisiana, June 12, 2010.

Beach cleaners only skimming oil off surface sand

By Jay Reeves, Associated Press Writer 

July 8, 2010 

GULF SHORES, Ala. – A problem lurks under the sand on the Gulf Coast, but some argue the best thing to do is — nothing.

Walk to a seemingly pristine patch of sand, plop down in a chair and start digging with your bare feet and chances are you’ll walk away with gooey tar between your toes. So far, workers hired by BP to clean oil off beaches have skimmed only the surface, using shovels or sifting machines.

The oil underneath is sometimes buried by the tides before workers can get to it. Now the company is planning a deeper cleaning program that could include washing or incinerating sand once the blown-out oil undersea well is plugged and the gusher stopped off the coast of Louisiana

As we said a few weeks ago, it is far easier to get the oil out of the water than it is to get it out of the sand or soil once it reaches the shoreline. Which just amplifies how absolutely criminal Mr. Obama’s glacially slow response to this spill has been.

Here we are at day 80 since the rig explosion, and the Coast Guard is still testing skimmers.

As for cleaning the beaches, some experts question whether it’s better to just let nature run its course, in part because oil that weathers on beaches isn’t considered as much of a health hazard as fresh crude. Some environmentalists and local officials fret about harm to the ecosystem and tourism

George Crozier, a marine scientist and director of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, said tourism’s the only real reason to dig up the buried oil.

"Buried is buried. It will get carved up by a hurricane at some point, but I see no particular advantage to digging it up," he said. "It’s a human environmental hazard only because people don’t want to go to the beach if it’s got tar balls on it."

Judy Haner, a marine scientist with The Nature Conservancy, favors deep-cleaning because the sand is home to small creatures like sand fleas, which form the base of the coastal food chain…

Some creatures could be removed from dirty sand by sifting the material before washing, but others would undoubtedly be killed…

DeVries, the BP executive, said there is time to develop a plan because the leak isn’t expected to be stopped before August. Oil could be hitting the coast through mid-fall. Possible options include washing sand chemically or even heating it in an incinerator to burn off the oil, he said.

The eventual solution could look like what’s going on at Grand Isle, La., where officials want to use sand-washers like those already used extensively in Canada to cull tar from vast deposits.

Sand will be collected by sifting machines dubbed "Sandbonis," a reference to the Zamboni machines used to resurface ice rinks. The sand will be dumped into a container, sifted again, and washed with 110-degree water, then mild detergent. It will be tested before eventually being replaced on the beach

Again, we can’t help but wonder why Mr. Obama isn’t using this crisis to fund a government research initiative to come up with better ways to clean up after the inevitable oil spills – both at sea and on land.

Wouldn’t that be a real stimulus? Wouldn’t it create real green jobs?

Or doesn’t the SEIU represent the kind of people who would do this work?

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9 Responses to “Beach Cleaners Only Skimming Surface Oil”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Where’s Billy Mays When You Need Him?

    • Right of the People says:

      Maybe if they buy a sh*tload of Sham Wows and spread them out on the beach?

      And, they’re reusable too.

    • proreason says:

      There’s a company in Minnesotta, I think, that manufactures wool fabrics that has created a fabric that attracks oil. They put it in tanks with a few gallons of oil on the sufface and the fabric appears to suck about 98% of the stuff up. I haven’t heard whether it has any effectiveness in choppy water or sea water.

      It proves your sham wow idea is pretty credible.

  2. canary says:

    Here’s a theory. Maybe the world is experimenting on making underwater bombs that take out an entire country to replace nuclear bombs.

    Fact: Obama & Indonesia are causing volcanoes 6000 feet deep in the sea by injecting sulpher (used for fertilizer and bombs like the okc building), which is causing methane & other inflamable gases to poor into the sea.
    All those ships, subs, & robots they are using.

    There is a growth of new made in China 4th of July fireworkers that blow up in the water. They say use on ground but kids call them water dynamite.

    Example: Mighty Cracker (made in Hong Kong) shows a yellow colored circled emblem. In the center is a blue world globe, and on that is the U.S. flag. (pics of giant fire-crackers exploding around emblem) At top of emblem over U.S. flag it says World-Class Fireworks. a gold banner below the U.S. flag say “On top of the World”.

    The other underwater firecracker “Little Dynamite” has the Black Cat trademark at top. Entire box is a scene of a tropical island blue ocean, sandy beach, then green palm trees, and a giant wrap of firecrackers lit & sparking ready to blow up the entire island into oblivion in the sea.

    N Korea torpedoed a S. Korean sub.

    Obama said in big speeches, which ever country comes up with environmental friendlieness, will rule the world. So, nothing Obama says makes since, because Obama allowing the mess to get this bad was intentional as he is creating a mess in another part of sea on purpose.

    The ACLU wouldn’t even let us put prisoners in green underwear cleaning up this mess, never mind illegals out of work, even if OSHA’s present policy is clean-up workers can only work 10-20 minutes per hour.

    It’s important to remember that Obama loyality is only to himself individually 1st. and those that help him succeed in his self-idolatry.

    Glen Beck showed that black panther video (his attorney) and showed a web that connects him, that Gates from Harvard’s attorney, some Ogletree, Angela Davis, Holder, black panthers, the SEIU assistant, video’s.

  3. canary says:

    The Jakarta Post: US, Indonesia explore uncharted deep sea

    A deep-sea expedition by the United States and Indonesia sets off this week to explore one of the world’s last frontiers,,,. and wrap up in early August, is the maiden voyage for
    a high-tech U.S. science ship
    and the first joint deep-sea exploration by Indonesia and the United States.

    “….there are few greater mysteries than this area in Indonesia that we’re going to be exploring,”
    Craig McLean, the official responsible for the execution of ocean exploration at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said in an interview.

    …dozen men have been to the moon and back,
    only two have explored the deepest ocean and returned to tell the tale…

    Probing the ocean’s depths is a costly, and potentially dangerous, affair, with only a relatively small number of countries and research centers investing in the effort. NOAA ….

    Indonesia’s Minister for Marine Affairs and Fisheries
    Fadel Muhammad said scientists also want to explore,,,

    Oceans cover about 70 percent of the earth’s surface,
    but little is known about the sea floor.

    And not just remote parts of the Pacific; U.S. officials say they’ve only mapped a small part of the
    exclusive economic zone that extends into waters off the American shore.

    “There actually is a reasonable degree of artistic fiction
    …”, McLean said. “Our job, among many, is to fill in those blanks.”

    Scientists from both sides say this venture is mostly about exploration, ..
    they will allow their curiosity to guide them.

    The United States will send scientists and a converted U.S. Navy ship, the Okeanos Explorer, to Indonesian waters. Indonesia’s contribution is a research vessel, the Baruna Jaya IV,

    It also has a remote-controlled robotic vehicle,…

    *capable of operating at depths more than twice the mile-deep (one-and-a-half-kilometer-deep) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico….*

    asking the pilot on the ship steering the robotic vehicle to pursue whatever strikes their fancy.

    “The real objective here is to find something of interest…”


    Obama and his ongoing costly selfish desires, dreams and fairy tales.

    Latest is Obama’s Indonesia trip is canceled til November! :) Surely, after the elections. Instead of 4000 Indonesian troops they’ll need 10,000 to guard his sorry a** from getting kicked.

  4. BigOil says:

    I was able to witness first-hand the oil clean up on Pensacola Beach two weeks ago. It was a sight to behold.

    Imagine at least a thousand people, 90% of whom are under tents stretched down the beach as far as the eye can see. Now picture heavy equipment – frontend loaders and graders moving up and down the beach.

    What were they all doing? The 10% of the people that were working had shovels and they were scooping about half a shovel full of sand with a few drops of oil mixed in, into a large plastic bag and then sealing the bag. The frontend loaders would then roll by and pick up a pile of these plastic bags, which a single person could have been carrying. With the minuscule amount of oil washing up, a days worth of this massive exercise would barely equate to removing a barrel of oil.

    Watching this ‘work’ was rather depressing. Not because drops of oil were staining the beach, but I felt like I was witnessing a great country that has lost its way. What did Boehner say about Obama that got him in trouble “killing an ant with nuclear bomb”.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And people are wondering why they aren’t seeing this in the news. Even the hacks in the alphabet media know the most glaring display of ineptitude ever seen. By all accounts it should be on that show where you watch people do stupid things.

      I have some questions I’d like to ax them.

      1)How much do you get paid?
      2)Are you a trusty?
      3)Who’s in charge of this operation?
      4)Why all the protective clothing when it’s a bazillion degrees out here?
      5)Are you otherwise unemployed?
      6)Do you do this 40 hours a week, or what, exactly is your schedule?
      7)Do you think you’re actually making a difference?

    • canary says:

      Big Oil,
      Yes, every photo we see is people standing and mingling. A group walking down the beach and someone picks something up and puts in a bag. Probably a dime.

      It’s OSHA’s work only 10-20 minute an hour law. Big round hale bales (they are about say 5′ diameter. Roll them back as they absorb, haul them to the border. Illegals try and cross over them? strike a match.

      As far as the 50,000 counting “abandoned oil wells” under sea.
      Check them for leaks.
      If one is leaking, drill the replenished oil.

      Or start drilling in a perimeter around the spill spot and catch it before
      it gets to the leak.

    • proreason says:

      It sounds like they designed the work process so the Obamy voters can do it.

      I’ll bet they all get a+’s on their report cards.

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