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Beeswax – A Cockatiel Sings To Her Baby

Another installment of the new weekend feature here at S&L, which aims to raise our spirits in these times of tribulation.

From YouTube:

A cockatiel singing to a baby cockatiel

As always, if you see any likely gently humorous clips that would make good candidates for future threads, please send them along using the contact form.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, February 14th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Beeswax – A Cockatiel Sings To Her Baby”

  1. GuppyNblue says:

    I think she’s freaking out because she hatched a porcupine.

  2. rightrules says:

    It kind of reminds me of this funny clip of a dancing bird……


  3. eaglewingz08 says:

    Cute and we don’t have to listen to the bird tell us to close down GITMO in between acts.

  4. ahhhh, that’ adorable. I have two cockatiels…they are very smart birds….Mine scream and yell as soon as we come home to be taken out of their cage…and they tend not to shut up until they are on our shoulders doing what we do…they literally go everywhere we do.

    Smart birds.

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