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Beeswax – (Bouncing) Baby Loves Banjo

Another installment of the weekend feature here at S&L, which aims to raise our spirits in these times of tribulation.

From YouTube:

For music lovers of all ages.

As always, if you see any gently humorous clips that would make good candidates for future threads, please send them along using the contact form.

(Thanks to Weasel for the heads up.)

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3 Responses to “Beeswax – (Bouncing) Baby Loves Banjo”

  1. catie says:

    Too cute.

  2. ThreeBus says:


  3. silver charm says:

    awwww too cute.

    One of my favorite tunes……….wildwood flower.

    If I remember correctly the words went something like this……

    “I will twine with my mingles of raven black hair
    the roses so red and the lillies so fair.
    the myrtle so bright with its emerald hue,
    the pale and leader and eyes look so blue..

    He promised to love me and called me his flower,
    to hold him and cheer him through lifes weary hour.
    How my poor heart is wond’rin no (something) can tell
    for he’s gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower.

    Gad, it’s been years. Oh crap I really am getting old. I haven’t sung that tune in 50 years.
    help me out here……………..does anyone remember the real words?

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