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Benghazi Indictment Debunks Obama’s ‘Video’ Excuses

From the Washington Times:

Indictment of suspect in Benghazi attack debunks the Obama tale

By Rowan Scarborough | July 1, 2014

The Obama administration’s just-released criminal complaint against the alleged mastermind of the Benghazi terrorist attacks provides a final contradiction to its own evolving explanations for what happened that day.

The Justice Department’s indictment spells out a calculated conspiracy by Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates to attack the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex, which killed four Americans. The indictment might be viewed as a death knell for a theory that the attack resulted from a spontaneous protest against a U.S.-produced video.

Not if Mr. Khatallah can prove the charge is untrue. Which the government might quietly help him do. (Stranger things have happened.)

Now in custody, Khatallah was a commander of Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi, a U.S.-designated terrorist group, and is himself deemed a global terrorist by the State Department…

The unsealed June 26 indictment, coinciding with Khatallah’s U.S. District Court appearance in Washington, states that the grand jury does not know when the conspiracy began. It says Khatallah “did knowingly and intentionally conspire and agree with other conspirators, known and unknown to provide material support and resources to terrorists, that is personnel including himself and others.”

The indictment says Khatallah intended the material support and resources “to be used in preparation for and in carrying out” the attacks that killed the ambassador, his aide and two ex-Navy SEALs protecting a CIA base that came under precision mortar attack…

Well, he probably just knew that an ‘anti-Muslim’ video would be made some day. And he just wanted to be prepared.

Retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, once the Pentagon’s No. 2 intelligence chief, said the administration had to finally nab Khatallah because the video story fell apart.

“The administration has known where this guy was since the end of September 2012,” Gen. Boykin said. “I have spoken to special operations people, who were telling me that they could go after him and others any time the administration was ready to do so. It took so long because the administration had to see how the video story was going to play out and how big the whole Benghazi issue was going to be.” …

What a cynical outlook.

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