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Benghazi Survivors Have Been Told To Be Quiet

From Fox News:

Sen. Graham claims Benghazi survivors ‘told to be quiet’ by administration

By Bret Baier and Catherine Herridge | March 15, 2013

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, in an extensive interview with Fox News, alleged that the injured survivors of the Benghazi terror attack have been "told to be quiet" and feel they can’t come forward to tell their stories — as he urged the House to subpoena the administration for details if necessary.

The South Carolina senator said he’s “had contact” with some of the survivors, calling their story “chilling.” He told Fox News that "the bottom line is they feel that they can’t come forth, they’ve been told to be quiet."

This story actually grows more bizarre every passing day. Why should the White House basically have these survivors on ‘lock down’?

And why haven’t our watchdogs in the news media tried to speak to any of them? Aren’t they interested in the worst attack on the US since the first 9/11?

The White House is denying any attempt to exert pressure on the surviving victims.

"I’m sure that the White House is not preventing anyone from speaking," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, when asked about the survivors.

Is this the same Mr. Carney who claims the White House made the decision on the White House tours?

But Graham said he thinks the administration is “trying to cover it up,” citing the valuable information the survivors hold.

“The best evidence of what happened in Benghazi is not a bunch of politicians in Washington trying to cover their political ass,” Graham said. “This is the people who lived through the debacle, and I’m going to do all I can to get them before the Congress and American people.”

He continued: "We cannot let this administration or any other administration get away with hiding from the American people and Congress, people who were there in real time to tell the story.” …

At the very least it is peculiar that our watchdog news media have not sought out these survivors. It’s almost as if they don’t want to hear from them.

[Graham also] had pointed words for the House Republican leadership, as he urged them to issue subpoenas if the administration does not release the names of the survivors.

“To our leadership in the House, you’re gonna have to up your game on Benghazi,” he said.

Really, all we have gotten from both Houses of Congress are empty threats. It’s time for some real action on this.

For his part, Graham vowed to “make life difficult in the Senate” in order to get the information he wants, suggesting that would involve holding up nominations.

“(The public needs) to hear from people who were on the ground, their desperate situation. They need to understand from people who were there for months how bad it was getting and how frustrated they were that nobody would listen to them and provide aid when they were requested,” Graham said. “This is a story of an administration deaf and blind to the reality of what people were living with every day in Libya.”

He said they should be able to “tell their story without fear,” accusing the administration of “hiding from the American people and Congress the primary source of truth in Benghazi – people who lived through it.” …

It’s becoming more and more clear that the Obama administration is covering up something. But what could it be? And why is the news media helping them?

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5 Responses to “Benghazi Survivors Have Been Told To Be Quiet”

  1. USSFreedom says:

    A rare Alzheimer’s like symptom will consume the survivors memory of that and every day should they not adhere to the warnings of “you’ll regret this” if you speak truth of that event being a deal with the brotherhood to obtain even more arms for their cadre at work in Syria. We know the whereabouts of your relatives and they are being tracked as we speak. Now give us an MMM MMM MMM.

  2. canary says:

    Hell yeah their scared to speak. Look what happened to shut Ambassador Stevens up after months of increased warning that Al-Qaeda was taking over Libya.

    They owe it to the two former Navy Seals that were murdered in trying to save them and get them out of there to speak out.

    Do they not realize by being quiet, a few years from how with no one looking, no one remembering Benghazi they may end up dead in a strange accident or an apparent suicide.

    Obama and the Democrats bragging there were few left right before the election.

    And in spite of the International invasion into Mali, it has not slowed the traffic of Al-Qaeda coming.

    They have taken over the Syria revolution, just as they took over Egypt and Libya.

    The best thing they can do is join together, stick together, and get the truth out.

  3. untrainable says:

    We’ll never hear the truth about Benghazi. It happened under Hitlery Clinton’s watch at the State Dept. And we all know what happens to anyone who threatens a Clinton’s political career. They die, suddenly, quietly, and there is never an investigation.

    Clinton Body Count : http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/BODIES.html

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What befuddles me is how Graham can be so steadfast on this while being such a used cotton swab on illegal aliens. He must have the hots for Latinas.

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