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Bergdahl Returned To Active Duty After 3 Weeks Therapy

From the New York Times:

Bergdahl Is Set to Resume Life on Active Duty

By ERIC SCHMITT | July 13, 2014

WASHINGTON — Six weeks after being released from five years in Taliban captivity, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is expected to return to life as a regular Army soldier as early as Monday, Defense Department officials said late Sunday.

Sergeant Bergdahl has finished undergoing therapy and counseling at an Army hospital in San Antonio, and will assume a job at the Army North headquarters at the same base, Fort Sam Houston, the officials said.

Wow. His counseling was quicker than a typical Kennedy substance abuse program.

He is also expected to meet with Maj. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl, the officer who is investigating the circumstances of Sergeant Bergdahl’s disappearance from his outpost in Afghanistan in 2009.

In other words, Sgt. Bergdahl is being allowed back to active duty without ever having been questioned once about his past bizarre and dangerous actions. What could possibly go wrong?

Sergeant Bergdahl’s transfer from the therapy phase to a regular soldier’s job is part of his reintegration into Army life, officials said. He will live in barracks and have two other soldiers help him readjust.

Hopefully, they will be able to prevent the onset of any ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome.’

The sergeant has been an outpatient at the hospital for about three weeks, during which time he continued to participate in debriefings about his time as a Taliban prisoner. He was released six weeks ago in exchange for five senior Taliban detainees.

Last Thursday, Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who heads the Armed Services Committee, released letters from each of the Joint Chiefs of Staff supporting the repatriation of Sergeant Bergdahl, a rebuttal to critics who said the swap should not have been made.

Well, if the all-knowing Senator Levin says Sgt. Bergdahl is good to go, then who are we to stand in his way?

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3 Responses to “Bergdahl Returned To Active Duty After 3 Weeks Therapy”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that or Military Command structure is no longer American?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It’s not even that so much as many (most) offciers in today’s military subscribe to the same polticial behavior as everywehre else. It’s been around a long time but in the past, a well-rounded, moral officer knew they had right on their side and thus, could stand their ground and probably be vindicated for their decision(s).

      When I was in I was disgusted with the “pay-to-play” types and the “go along to get along” types as well….and especially those who would never confront any more senior officer when they made a bonehead decision. Such behavior results in dead people and wasted funds.

      But year after year it got worse. Re-inventing the wheel, repeating old mistakes, never learning and all the sycophantic field-graders looking for the next higher rank by kissing patootie.

      Commanders who were not leaders, officers who didn’t know right from wrong or even completely morally corrupt, etc.

      My opinion…take it for what it’s worth but again, it seems “generational” in that the WWII types would never last in today’s military. No courage in facing the difficult and making tough decisions; Just performance reports saying they did.

      Our military is a reflection of our society as a whole but many times I ran into the idealist young troop who wondered why they had to do “X” to please some idiot superior or face discipline for not doing it. It certainly makes for a hotbed of cynicism.

  2. Astravogel says:

    Reversing Rusty’s comment: Our 21st Century ‘officers’ would never have made it in WWII.

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